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In such a disadvantageous situation, to still be able to obtain such a high score, it was all because of Chen Xiang relying on his godly pill refining skills to counter, and once again suppressing the numerous Dan Immortal.

Chen Xiang organized the ingredients, and took a while to organize the 500 sets of ingredients, and he could use this time to recover the huge amount of energy he had lost previously. Right now, he was constantly absorbing the immortal qi, and using his energy to quickly refine it, and at the same time refining the Hunyuan Dan he consumed previously, allowing himself to quickly recover.

Just concocting a hundred batches of pills at the same time had consumed a lot of energy. He had used a lot of Five elements heavenly fire s as well and felt a lot of pressure in the area of Innate Qi.

Regarding Chen Xiang's current identity, many of the big heads could not be sure, because there was no proof that he was Chen Xiang. Although his method of refining pills was very similar to Chen Xiang, but with such a large world, it was not strange for people to have the same method of refining pills.

Although they were not sure, but those Rankers from influential clans had decided to surround Chen Xiang and ask him about it after the competition.

It had already been an hour since Chen Xiang had finished organizing the large pile of medicinal ingredients, and at the same time, Long Peirong had already concocted a batch of high grade Heaven level pills. There were two of them, and they were all of high quality, and even though he had exchanged them for 2,000 points, he was still 1,000 points less than Chen Xiang, and even slower than Chen Xiang by an hour.

Before this, Long Peirong thought that he would definitely get the first place in the competition, but who knew that Chen Xiang would actually use such a miraculous pill refining skill.

"You should be first in the second match. However, in the final match, the rules will certainly be against you. When that happens, it'll be even more difficult." Su Meiyao said.

"We'll talk about it when the time comes. In short, I'll try my best to fight over that divine cauldron." Chen Xiang once again used the Dawan refining method, releasing the hundred Magic method furnace, and began refining the pill.

Although they were only separated by only an hour, seeing Chen Xiang's ultimate move again, everyone was still shocked. They stared intently at the Magic method furnace s as they carefully observed the changes that had occurred inside the furnace.

Right now, it was not Chen Xiang's limit. If he could get more medicinal ingredients, he could refine even more in one go, which was why he had wanted to try and obtain more at once. It was just that He Peiqing did not allow him to.

In only two hours, he had succeeded in condensing the pellet. Like last time, it was still three thousand Five Elements Profound Dan and he already had six thousand points.

"I never thought that Imperial Dragon Clan's little holy dragon would be so powerful. He's now ranked third, and it looks like he's feeling a lot of pressure, afraid that he won't be able to enter the top ten. That's why he's not hiding his strength anymore." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang was very surprised about this, because Li Tianjun and the Bi Xia Dan Immortal were both ranked behind the Holy Dragon, while Shao profoundyun was also a little behind her in ranking, so Du Hai was ahead of her.

"Has there ever been a dragon in your Imperial Dragon Clan that knew how to refine pills? A very strong one." Chen Xiang asked.

"I'm not sure. I don't have any memories of this kind in my memory inheritance, but I think there should be, because we dragons prefer to eat them directly." Long Xueyi said.

After Chen Xiang returned from receiving the medicinal ingredients, he took a look at the small holy dragon. He suddenly realised that this small holy dragon looked similar to the Prince Imperial Dragon that died in his hands.

"Could this guy be a new Prince Imperial Dragon?" Chen Xiang thought: "If that's not the case, then Dragon Emperor would not have come."

He seems to have used some sort of secret method to determine whether or not his son has the potential to become the Dragon Emperor. If the Holy Dragon who is refining pills right now is the crown prince, then there wouldn't be any problems with the Prince Imperial Dragon previously. That Prince Imperial Dragon was just born not too long ago, his strength is very weak.

"The holy dragon sitting here is a Immortal Monarch level holy dragon." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang was concocting pills faster and faster now, which made He Peiqing and the rest secretly grit their teeth. If Chen Xiang finished refining those Five Elements Profound Dan before the end of the competition, then it would definitely be the Relive Dan's turn.

If He Peiqing knew that Chen Xiang had such a heaven-defying refining technique, he would definitely set a rule that would restrict Chen Xiang's abilities. He was already beginning to calculate the rules for the final round.

Chen Xiang arranged the ingredients and started to refine the third batch of pills. But this time was different from the previous two times, he only released fifty Magic method furnace this time, so he could refine ten batches of ingredients in one batch.

If he could control it well, it would save him a lot of strength, and might even be faster.

Seeing Chen Xiang reducing the amount of pills in the furnace, some people could tell that he was trying it out step by step, and had actually improved a little during the competition, which was truly admirable.

Chen Xiang's goal was not only to finish refining the Five Elements Profound Dan, the Relive Dan were also his goal right now. But right now, he had to quickly refine all of the Five Elements Profound Dan's medicinal ingredients so that he could get a high score in the points before he would dare to refine other pills.

Reducing the Magic method furnace to fifty pill furnaces would allow him to control it without releasing too much divine power, allowing him to relax a little. This way, he would be able to release even more stronger Five elements heavenly fire and quickly refine the herbs.

Thus, his current speed was much faster.

"At his current speed, he could probably refine five hundred sets of Five Elements Profound Dan in an hour. If he refines Heaven level Pills at the same speed in the future, then it would be too terrifying." very high Elder was amazed. "I have received inspiration from this kid, so I need to go into closed door cultivation and see if I can create this training method."

Long Huishan laughed: "very high Elder, if this brat is Chen Xiang, I can let him teach you, he is my younger brother."

"That's not necessary. His method might not be suitable. Even if he were to pass it down to me, I might not be able to learn it. It's better to figure it out by himself. Although it's a bit difficult, it's best suited for one's self." The very high Elder shook his head and laughed.

In just an hour, Chen Xiang had completely turned all five hundred sets of medicinal ingredients into pills, and inside each furnace, there were sixty pills. They floated, and they gave off a hazy glow like the stars in the sky.

It had already been eight hours since the start of the competition, yet Chen Xiang was able to refine nine thousand Five Elements Profound Dan. This was probably the shortest amount of time possible for Alchemist s to refine so many pills in the history of the tournament.

Chen Xiang had already scored 9000 points, the participating Dan Immortal felt powerless, and previously, Chen Xiang had also taken first place in a ruthless manner, and now, it was the same, and this second round was actually extremely powerful against Alchemist like them.

In an unfair situation, Chen Xiang was still standing as the top ranker with a high score, causing these Dan Immortal to feel ashamed in their hearts.

Chen Xiang took the batch of pellets that he had just refined and went to collect a new batch of medicinal ingredients. After passing through to Shao profoundyun, he sent her a sound transmission and smiled: "Junior Sister, you have to work hard."

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