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Huang Jintian and Mao'er who were waiting outside saw that Chen Xiang had not made any movements even after such a long time, so their hearts became a lot more at ease. Because there were no movements, which meant that Chen Xiang's stealth was progressing smoothly.

Chen Xiang's progress could be considered smooth as he had met many heavenly beings in his previous life, and they were all cultivating. Although two of them detected danger, they were still struck by Chen Xiang's Drunk god magical poison, and were ultimately taken into the divine cauldron by Chen Xiang. Now, there was only one more.

Even if this one failed, Chen Xiang didn't think that it would be a problem. Of course, success was for the best, so there was no need to directly clash with Heaven.

What made Chen Xiang disappointed was that there was not a single woman inside, only a few men. And the eight people that were hiding in the cave, were stronger overall, and looked older in appearance. The ones that were guarding the outside were all young men.

The last one was actually a young man.

"This kid should be the weakest, right?" Chen Xiang said, he who had turned into a fly, had already flown in through the gap below the door. Inside, there was a handsome young man sitting on a table, the floor and chairs beside him were filled with dim silver white stones.

"The people who are guarding this place can use these Holy stone without restraint. No wonder people say that only powerful people can come to this place. This is indeed a good place." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang inserted two Intoxication Pills into the youth's nose. Just as he was about to succeed, the youth suddenly opened his eyes, turned his head and avoided the two pills.

"Who is it?" "Poison?" the youth immediately shouted, before looking at the two pills on the ground. He did not immediately recognize them as strange poison.

Chen Xiang secretly cursed in his heart. He was just a bit away from succeeding, he had already expected such a situation to happen, so he had a backup plan.

The youth stood where he was, not moving as he looked around vigilantly. He felt that the thing that had done this to him was within the room.

"Brat, take this."

Chen Xiang secretly laughed in his heart. Using the power of the Ancient Code, he had a large basin of water suddenly fall on top of the youth's head.

That youth was indeed very strong, but he didn't expect the youth to splash him with water. After he was drenched, he activated his martial arts and completely evaporated the water on his body.

Seeing this scene, Chen Xiang's heart blossomed with a smile, because the water contained a large amount of Drunk god powder s and the liquid was refined by him. At this moment, with the addition of the heat from the opponent, the water vapor would become even more poisonous, and all the poison would be absorbed into his body.

He wanted to shout for someone to save him, but he did not expect that he would be so weak that he could not even speak. When he wanted to use his spiritual sense, someone threw him into a dark place, and he felt a dozen or so familiar auras from them. He was suddenly terrified, because they were all people from the heavens who were guarding the mine with him.

After taking care of the Sky Man, the next thing to do was to take care of the nine black eagles in the sky. He took out a piece of jade and sent a message to Huang Jintian to let Cat take care of the black eagles.

Cat had already observed them before, so when he made his move, he only used a sneak attack, just like how Chen Xiang used his sneak attack on the Sky Realm people.

Cat had killed one of the Sacred Claw Eagles before, so if he were to launch a sneak attack now, it would be easier for him to get away with it. He would be killed three at once, and eventually attract the attention of the other six Sacred Claw Eagles.

Huang Jintian took this opportunity to enter the mining area. These days, he had already figured out where the Holy stone were and he easily picked up all the Holy stone s that were dug out by the beasts as soon as he entered.

Long Xueyi released a few divine soul s to search for the Holy stone. According to Long Xueyi's guidance, he picked up dozens of them that were as big as bricks.

The Holy stone here were quite special. When they were dug out, each piece would have a weight of around one Jin.

Chen Xiang quickly picked up more than five hundred Holy stone s. At this time, the fight between the kitten and the six black eagles was extremely intense, with loud sounds coming from their bodies. The ground was shaking and the mountains were trembling.

"What's going on?"

It was actually a woman. What made Chen Xiang and Huang Jintian alarmed was that this person who had just arrived should be a very powerful man in heaven with a strong holy spirit aura around him. Moreover, he should not be restricted by that restriction, he could use holy power.

At this time, Chen Xiang had already picked up more than a thousand pieces, and Huang Jintian was the same. These Holy stone had all been piled on the side for a while, so it was very easy for them to pick them up.

"Hurry up and leave." Huang Jintian shouted in shock at Chen Xiang and was about to rush over to take Chen Xiang away, but who knew that a burst of silver white light would suddenly flash in front of Chen Xiang. A tall lady wearing a yellow skirt held a sword in her hand, which was lowered down to Chen Xiang's throat.

Chen Xiang did not dare to move, because he could feel that the space around him was sealed by the powerful energy released by the woman.

The young woman wore a silver mask that covered the upper half of her face. Judging from her small mouth, it was obvious that she was very beautiful.

"Master, you guys leave first. Don't worry about me." Chen Xiang said: "I will think of a way. If everyone gets dragged into this, it will be even more troublesome."

Huang Jintian sighed in his heart. In this place, he could not use the Innate Qi, so doing anything would be useless.

When Mao'er sensed that a heavenly being had appeared, she immediately got rid of the six black eagles and rushed towards the meeting point set by Huang Jintian.

The lady did not chase after Huang Jintian and Mao'er, because she believed that the Ranker hiding inside the mountain would appear, and that the strong pressure she had just released could wake up the man in the cave.

However, after she waited for a while, no one came out. This made her slightly frown and shout angrily, "Why haven't you come out yet? My father didn't send you here to let you sleep, but to guard this place."

Chen Xiang did not dare move, if not his head would immediately say goodbye to his body, and the Holy Sword hanging on his throat was not a joke, the woman's strength was even more terrifying, and before he had met her, he did not expect that the owner of the mine was a girl, and also very powerful. From her tone, there should be an even more powerful father.

"Come out." The woman angrily shouted. Her voice was still very pleasant to the ears, but it carried a powerful force.

"Bang, bang, bang."

Just a simple shout from the woman caused all the mountains in the mine to explode. Waves after waves of explosions could be heard as huge rocks were shot out one after another.

However, other than the six black eagles in the shape of Saint Claw, there was still no sign of those fifteen people.

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