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Chapter 564 - Humanized Management

The thunder and lightning that were roaring down from the sky were all blocked outside by the Cloud Net Sleeve Skill.

In front of the golden light, a small crack appeared, allowing them to escape.

"Chase after him!"

Dongfang Ying would naturally not let these two people go, she immediately berated the Misty Mount disciples.

These disciples all planned on transforming into light and chasing after him.

But Hua Niang just stood there with a calm smile.

Her Cloud Net Sleeve Skill covered the sky and blocked everyone.

"Hua Niang, get out of my way!"

Dongfang Ying shouted as she pointed her crescent wheel at Hua Niang.

"Sorry, this request was rejected."

Hua Niang imitated Qin Chao's tone and said indifferently.

"Damn it!" You are courting death! "

Dongfang Ying was so angry that he jumped up and down. Who cares about Taoist Zhulong's fiancee or what, this little serpent demon really took him seriously!

"Alright, alright, alright. Since you are acting this way, I will not be polite!"

Dongfang Ying said as he took out his own crescent wheel and floated on top of his head.

"Purple Qi from the East, help me with the power of the Heavens!"

The thunder clouds in the sky flickered, and the power was once again borrowed by Dongfang Ying.

She raised her hands high up in the air, dragging her own crescent wheel as she prepared to absorb the power of the lightning and launch an all-out attack.

The heavenly thunders continued to descend from the sky as one force was stronger than the other.

But no matter how strong the heavenly lightning was, it was unable to break through the barrier of the Piaomiao Could Net Sleeve Method.

They crashed into it and dispersed.

"How is this possible?"

He realised that his lightning could not break through the Piaomiao Could Net Sleeve Method that the Beitang family had taught him. Dongfang Ying was unable to accept this.

"Since you want to try, I'll give you a chance."

Hua Niang said, her hand shook, and the two sleeves that covered the sky were immediately pulled back, returning to normal in the blink of an eye.

The disciples took a look and all of them accepted.

Their figures moved and were about to turn into light to chase.

However, Hua Niang smiled sweetly and swung her right sleeve.

"Fellow disciples, it has been hard on you all. Let's rest for a while."

As she spoke, her sleeve moved swiftly across the disciples like a dragon.

With each stroke, a small piece of sleeve would remain, wrapping around them like a cocoon, preventing them from casting any spells.

"Good, good!" Dongfang Ying gnashed his teeth in anger, "Hua Niang, you did well! "You're very good!"

Hua Niang also did not say anything, but stood there quietly like a guardian, not allowing anyone to pass.

"In that case, prepare to receive the punishment!"

As he spoke, he raised his hands again, preparing to absorb the power of the heavens.

The crescent moon spun unceasingly, and the lightning in the sky also unceasingly descended, striking the crescent moon.


The bluish-purple lightning grew stronger and stronger. It was unknown how much of the power of the lightning it had absorbed, but it was dazzling in an instant like a bluish-white sun.

"It appeared!"

"This is the absolute killing move of the Dongfang family!"

Although some disciples had their bodies bound, their mouths couldn't help but praise.

"This is the Great Thunderbolt Amethyst Heaven Tribulation!" Then Hua Niang will definitely die this time. "

"Especially since Elder Dong Fang is already an expert of the Nascent Soul Late-stage, with this move, even if Hua Niang is also a Nascent Soul Late-stage, he won't be able to resist!"

The reason why the Five Thunder Righteous Method of the Dongfang family was so powerful was because they borrowed the might of the heavens. Their own strength might be 1, but they could borrow 10% of the heavenly thunder's power to kill experts that were many times stronger than themselves.

And the Ximen family trained valiant body techniques. What they were more adept at was melee combat. If they were allowed to approach the Dongfang family, they would be at the mercy of others.

As for the Nangong Family, they were concocting pills. Because of the Samadhi True Fire, alchemy was much more convenient. Therefore, the Nangong Family had the smallest power in the Misty Mount, but they were also the most important faction.

And lastly, the strongest clan in the past, the Beitang Family. The ultimate technique of the Beitang Family was the Piaomiao Could Net Sleeve Method. But because the Immortal Ksitigarbha didn't like to fight for power, he was pushed down by the Dongfang family later on.

This move, the Great Thunder Might Purple Sky Tribulation, was the Dongfang family's ultimate killing technique.

They absorbed the power of the divine lightning and suppressed it within their magic tools. In the end, they attacked the enemy together with their magic tools. This feeling was like losing a grenade.

When the light on the crescent moon was dazzling to the extreme, the faces of the young disciples below all changed, and they all had the desire to escape.

This was thunder! Even if it wasn't directed at them, most people wouldn't be able to withstand the might of the thunder!

Especially cultivators; they were scared to death of thunder.

However, Hua Niang, who was in the middle of the arena, did not have a single hint of fear on his face. It was as if the heavenly thunder was not aimed at her, but someone else.

"Elder Dongfang, have you thought about it?"

Hua Niang continued to persuade him, "In the end, I am still Taoist Zhulong's concubine. If you kill me, how will you explain this to him?"

"This is my problem, I don't need you to worry about me!"

Dongfang Ying's expression became stern, and when the moon above his head slowly lost control, he finally raised his hand and threw it out.

"Bang, bang, bang!"

That moon wheel carried a series of explosive sounds as it exploded in the air.

Without the restriction of Dongfang Ying's power, the lightning had already begun to fly out from the wheel of the moon, flying all around. One of the young disciples was extremely unlucky. He had been careless, and had been struck by the bolt of lightning and turned into charcoal.

"Sigh, it's all sin."

Hua Niang sighed, she looked at the disciple who was struck by lightning, and her eyes were filled with pity.

At this moment, all the disciples were stunned.

At that moment, what they saw did not seem like a Devil Snake, but rather a merciful female Bodhisattva.

Many disciples couldn't help but kneel down and worship him.

As for Hua Niang, he waved his hand and revealed his two balls of Cloud Net Sleeve Skill.

The Cloud Net Sleeve Skill rolled back, and pushed itself onto the Moon Wheel.

The crescent moon seemed to have hit a wall, crazily spinning. The lightning and thunder were like swords and sabers, constantly cutting at the surface of the Cloud Net Sleeve Skill.

The Misty Mount disciples who were hoping for Hua Niang to be hacked to death a moment ago, were now all starting to worry for her.

But Hua Niang was not the least bit afraid, not even in the least bit. In the end, she even laughed.

"Elder Dongfang, although your strength is tyrannical, if you are not careful, it is easy for you to harm yourself."

With that, she moved her arm and rolled up her sleeves.

"Cloud's Back Scroll."

With a roll of his sleeves, the ferocious beast, Yue Lun, immediately flew back naked towards Dongfang Ying.


Before he could even get close, Dongfang Ying was already scared pale by the lightning on the crescent moon wheel.

It was a move he had thrown himself, but once it was out of his hands, he could no longer control it. This feeling was like throwing a shot put.

If he were to be touched by the full moon wheel, he would also be electrocuted into charred coal.

There were no cultivators who were not afraid of the heavenly thunder tribulation, and the Dongfang family was no exception!

It was at this moment that a Cloud Net Sleeve Skill suddenly flew up, grabbed Moon Wheel, and threw it to the side.

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A bluish-purple streak of lightning exploded on a nearby tree, shooting straight into the clouds.

The ground shook as well, and a few of the young disciples fell to the ground from the impact.

Looking at Hua Niang, she stood there calmly with her hands behind her back, as if the disturbance just now had nothing to do with her.

Dongfang Ying stood there, gasping for breath, his entire face changing color.

"You, you are already a Golden Body Stage?"

She said this, but could not believe it.

"That's right." Hua Niang nodded, and immediately made Dongfang Ying feel like he had fallen into hell.

Why did I have to cultivate so hard, consume so many immortal pills and divine medicines, and end up with the Nascent Soul Late-stage?

And this loathsome Snake Demon, was already a Golden Body Stage?

What does having an expert from the Golden Body Stage mean to the Misty Mount?

I am afraid that the four Floating Mist Pavilion Masters will once again evaluate Hua Niang's value.


However, Dongfang Ying was not convinced, she snorted, "Hua Niang, so what if you are the Golden Body Stage! If you can protect those two for a moment, can you protect them for a lifetime!? Let me tell you, they are now the enemies of the entire cultivation world! As long as they are alive, there will not be a day where they will be safe! "

"I know." Hua Niang's expression was a little dejected, but she still smiled slowly, "But I believe that there is someone that can help them."

"Hahaha!" "Even the Sect Leader of Mount Shu would not be able to help them!"

Dongfang Ying laughed, "Because, what they have to face, is the entire cultivation world! In the entire cultivation world, do you know anyone who dares to make an enemy out of the cultivation world? "

"Yes, I do." Hua Niang looked at the sky in the distance, and was in deep thought.

"In that place. "Indeed, there's such a person …"


Qin Chao sneezed loudly. He rubbed his nose and looked at the cold woman in front of him.

"Damn it, someone must have missed me …" "Ah, it's definitely not a girl. It must be a boy, a boy."

"You're done?"

The beautiful lady with a white collar, who was sitting opposite to Qin Chao, merely looked at him for a moment before she returned her gaze to the documents on the table.

"After you're done, please leave. You are not welcome here."

"boss Su!"

Qin Chao felt that something was amiss, and immediately bounced his body over, almost sticking close to Su Fei's face.

"Just where did I make you angry? Can you tell me!? This makes me feel very unnatural and uncomfortable! "


Even Qin Chao could feel his breath when he was so close to Qin Chao, causing him to panic in his heart.

But when he saw the pretty woman behind him, he couldn't hold back his anger anymore and was immediately filled with it. He leaned his body back and said.

"How would my little Su Fei dare to be angry at your Mr. Qin? How was it? Did you have a good time in the hospital? It's fine if you can do it, but now you brought a girl to show off, right? This girl, I haven't seen her in the hospital before, is she your new lover? "

"boss Su, what are you saying?"

Qin Chao was especially helpless. He didn't know why, but Little White hadn't liked hiding itself so much recently, and had always been by Qin Chao's side.

"Miss Su, I'm afraid you misunderstood."

Although Lil 'White was a hitman, she was also a girl. Thus, she could immediately tell that this white-collar lady in front of her actually liked Qin Chao.

However, one of them tried his best to conceal his identity, while the other did not think about it.

"I am Mr. Qin's assistant, helping him with his work, so I have to stay by his side. I'm not his new love, so please don't misunderstand. "

"Oh?" When Su Fei heard this, he could not help but raise his eyebrows. The assistant manager of the Tianying Company, was he treated so well now? All the assistants would be assigned an assistant, and they would even be paired with the opposite sex. It really was like that. A man and a woman matching each other, even if it was hard work, it still wouldn't be tiring. "With such humanistic management, isn't it time for our company to learn about it?"

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