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Bands of five-colored rainbows extended in this place, illuminating the tranquil and dark area shortly, making it beautifully bright. Layers of lights blended together into a scene as beautiful as a fairyland.

Zi Yao wore a long, rosy dress, sitting upright on the precious crystal throne while looking far into the distance.

After a long, long time, Devour came with Edgar in the form of a shadow. He stopped by the rainbow band and looked at Zi Yao while speaking coldly. "Do you really want to stop me?"

Zi Yao was surprised. "If it's not to stop you, why would I have to arrange such a great formation? What's interesting in doing that?"

"I heard that you're called Zi Yao now. It's ridiculous that the soul clone could swallow the host soul," Devour smirked coldly. "It's a big joke for everybody that a soul clone could seize the control of an Absolute Beginning body."

"Haha," Zi Yao didn't quarrel with him, sniggering. "Your Devouring Power Upanishad Origin's right behind my back. If you want to get it, you have to pass my challenge."

"Where's he?" Devour looked around.

"I'm here," Shi Yan's voice arose from a band of bright gold light. Afterward, his clone showed up right in front of Devour. "What do you want to find me for?"

Seeing Shi Yan, both Devour and Edgar were startled.

Devour scrutinized Shi Yan for a while, then exhaled discreetly, "Just a clone...Yeah, I know it. If your body was here, you would have obtained the Devouring Power Upanishad Origin right away. You wouldn't just stand here and babble with me…"

Then, Devour moved toward the sky filled with lights.

Edgar's eyes were cold and dark while his green skin exuded a cold, Yin aura. His venomous snake eyes sparkled maliciously. "Shi Yan, your clone will die here."

The green energy rolled in his eyes, turning into a massive drill. The soul energy drill shot out of his eyes, but it looked so real as it was darting toward Shi Yan's clone.

Devour moved and his shadow changed into some alien creature that looked like a giant octopus with green, slimy tentacles. They looked like flood dragons when they hit on Zi Yao's auspicious five-colored protective light.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The five-colored light cage shook hard while Zi Yao's gorgeous face slowly changed amidst the shooting lights. At that moment, a purple light abruptly burst off.


The twelve heavenly snakes appeared with Zi Yao sitting on a snakehead, smiling brightly and charmingly. "Seems like you got some major harvests in the Empty Land and Sea of Annihilation. You've recovered by 80%...You're too annoying!"

The massive snakes crawled around the empty space as electric rainbows weaved together, filling the entire place while creating a sea of divine light. The holy, pure energy expanded torrentially, attempting to cover Devour's real body entirely.

Devour roared, causing eight gory islands similar to Shi Yan's Power Upanishad to rise above his head. The devouring black hole emerged in the middle of the circle created by the eight evil islands while an evil, dark, and cold energy emitted out, dyeing the entire world blood red.

The blood bridges that connected the eight islands to the black hole were built, and the islands and the black hole became one. Together, they emitted the dark, despairing, and destructive auras, as if they wanted to obliterate the entire world; burning every creature into ashes. This kind of a negative and malignant energy fluctuation could eradicate any form of matter!

"If Desolate weren't too powerful that year, the Absolute Beginning Era would have ended earlier in your hands. The meaning of your existence is to kill and destroy everything. You're the embodiment of evil in this world. But you failed…You failed like me. We heard nothing from you for almost another era…"

Zi Yao's face turned cold. While talking, her rainbow bands weaved across the sky, creating a massive net that could seal the space and entrap the cosmos. 

The massive light net slowly lowered, tying down Devour's body. The two creatures who used to swagger in Absolute Beginning Era, and had joined hands to resist Desolate, were facing each other in the new era after so many years. Right now, they were standing on two opposite sides, trying to kill each other.

If this battle happened outside, it would destroy the entire world, killing billions of creatures. It would turn many territories into nothingness.

This place was the most mysterious land in this universe. It didn't have the sky, the earth, or any creatures. It didn't actually have "space." The battle taken place in this empty place wouldn't cause destruction to the real world out there that couldn't be recovered from.

The battle between the two giant creatures would create a lot of formidable energy shockwaves, which would expand fast and far away.

"Your clone will die facing me, and the host body will be weakened if the clone dies. So, I guess I will kill your clone first!" Edgar smirked coldly, urging his power.

Edgar was the expert with the highest realm in the Devouring Clan. He was Pu Tai's father; his Soul Control and Death power Upanishads Qa even more intimidating than Ming Hao and Xuan He's. He was one of the Ten Great Territory Ancestors, one of the strongest existences in this world.


Earth-shaking explosions arose from Edgar's body as the world around him immediately sank into darkness. He urged the Dark power Upanishad to shadow all lights in this area. Zi Yao's divine light couldn't pierce through Edgar's.

With that, Edgar disappeared while the darkness expanded like a sea of black clouds, reaching Shi Yan's clone.

"It's true that the clone has only a part of the host body's strength. But, if the host body's strong enough, the clone can make the enemy kneel in fear!" Shi Yan sneered, spurting a bright sea of stars from his mouth.

It was a galaxy with strange but bright lights, high mountains and long rivers on the planets. Many creatures were moving and working. Spring, summer, autumn, and winter took turns to visit the planets.

It seemed to be a real territory, a world filled with life, a space that could confine any creature!

Darkness arrived, and the realistic territory slowly sank into it. Hiding in his darkness, Edgar was stunned when he observed that world. He saw a lake on a planet with a lot of fishes. Some fishermen were catching the fishes; he could feel thick vitality from those fishermen.

It was real Life energy!

Edgar was terrified.

The territory he was staying in seemed not to be an illusion. Shi Yan had used his power to create it, which made it no different from the world out there in nature.

Since when could Shi Yan's powers create the heaven and earth, the real space? He could even create creatures!

How could someone at the Second Sky of Territory Ancestor Realm reach such level? 

Doubts washed over continuously as Edgar was shaken. He suddenly understood Shi Yan's real realm - Third Sky of Territory Ancestor Realm!

Shi Yan had reached the Third Sky of Territory Ancestor Realm! He had broken through to the realm where he could use his power to create space, and create any creature with only his thought!

Shi Yan was at the Third Sky of Territory Ancestor Realm. Although he was just a clone here, Edgar couldn't look down on him anymore!

He knew why Shi Yan said that!

If the host body were at a certain level, the clone would be so terrifying that it could make the enemy shiver in fear.

"Reap!" However, at this moment, Shi Yan's voice arose across every planet in this vigorous universe.

The heaven and earth changed, and the brilliant lights in the skies retreated.

Dazzling starlights were retrieved into the planets, which shortly turned into dead stars. The entire world had turned cold and deadly silent, without a wisp of living energy!

Edgar was dumbstruck. As he looked over at the lake, there were no fishes swimming any longer, and the fishermen on the lake were now white skeletons. The wind blew past them, and their decayed bones turned into dust, vanishing in the air.

Edgar was shaken hard. He was lost in this world as Shi Yan's power Upanishads had deluded him. His soul was shocked by the world created with Star, Space, Life, Devouring, and the eight evil power Upanishads. His darkness vanished slowly, exposing himself.

He frowned, thinking about the principle in the heaven and earth, and the ultimate ability of Power Upanishads.

When would it be the last moment?

He got lost in Shi Yan's world…

Bands of rainbows moved like seven-colored snakes, entering Devour's swallowing area and attacking the crazy, desperate, and dark world. Devour had a special territory, which was the most horrifying place in this universe.

Because it was too extreme, after creating the Devouring clan, Devour had left them to live and cultivate in the Sea Domain of Nihility rather than let the creatures he had made with his blood and flesh live in his territory.

His territory used devouring, destruction, despair, darkness, corrosion, chaos, and death as the foundation. The Devouring power Upanishad and the eight evil powers were the main themes of that world, making it several times more horrible than the eternal desolation.

That world was the origin of every evil deed in his inner world!

Destroying that territory was also destroying all of Devour's evil powers, which also meant Devour's utter destruction.

Zi Yao was about to use the purest divine light to filter and clean that terrifying territory and destroy Devour's source of evilness, breaking his heart and defeating his realm!

"Right on time!"

At that moment, another Shi Yan appeared, but it was also a clone. After this clone arrived, it smiled and turned into a drop of blood, entering the clone that was fighting Edgar.

Time flew fast; after a while, Shi Yan's host body and clone that got imprinted with the Devouring power Upanishad and the eight evil powers finally arrived.

The host body grinned strangely, waving at the clone that was fighting Edgar. This clone then merged with the host body.

The host body faced the sky and roared, turning into a giant Demogorgon while dashing toward Devour.

The clone that got the Devouring power Upanishad imprint took a deep breath. With a resolute face, he stepped toward the Devouring Power Upanishad Origin.

He wanted to test his idea. He wanted to take the Devouring Power Upanishad Origin and control all evil powers in this world!

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