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"He's here!"

Hearing the system beep, Long Fei was a little excited.

What would the special reward be?

This was what he had always been hoping for.


"Congratulations to player Long Fei for obtaining any woman's intimacy + 1"


Long Fei was a little confused, he did not understand and opened the system to look, reading each word, then becoming even more confused, "Any woman's intimacy + 1"

"Women in the whole world can obtain one point of intimacy just by seeing each other?"

"This …"

"What's the use of that? The System is f * * king good, but I'm just messing around with it, right?" Long Fei was immediately depressed, he had thought that he could get something good.

I'm so disappointed.

The intimacy was full at 100 points, so what stage was one point of intimacy?

Ordinary stage!

It was useless at all. More importantly, not only would his intimacy increase, it would decrease as well. In terms of language, any behavior that a woman did not like would decrease.

Thus …

even one point of intimacy was useless.

"That's not right!"

Just then, Long Fei felt that he was a little motionless.

Because after the special reward, the way Yuan Ling looked at him became different.

View now.

Discovering … His and Yuan Ling's intimacy had already reached ninety, which means to say... He had entered the stage where he could do whatever he wanted.

Do whatever you want!


Then …

Long Fei looked at Yuan Ling and thought, "It's about time for me to get rid of my virgin self, right?"

"F * ck!"

"What time is it? I'm still thinking about this?" Long Fei scolded himself.

Yuan Ling also shouted loudly, "Be careful!"

Long Fei carried Yuan Ling and stood up, picking up the dragon salyer on the ground, then looked at Yuan Ling and said: "Wait for me here for a moment, it's settled very quickly."

Yuan Ling lightly nodded like a blissful little woman.

Long Fei watched and laughed, then retreated, dragging the dragon salyer with him as he chopped down, splitting a disciple into two halves.

He stood there heavily, like a war god, firmly protecting Yuan Ling behind him.

"Zhou Yuanhe, where's my brother Yuan Ba?"

Long Fei looked at Zhou Yuanhe, and said coldly: "Are you going to make me kneel again this time?"

Zhou Yuanhe gritted his teeth until it made a cracking sound, "Long Fei, are you trying to find that dog, Yuan Ba?"

"If you want to look for it, I won't allow you to!"

"Kill them all! He won't be able to hold on for long!" Zhou Yuanhe retreated a little, but he had already swallowed the Blood Corpse Rushing King. The king of blood corpse would still need a little more time to control him.

They would also be able to arouse the power within Yuan Ba's body.

He needed to wait.

Wait a minute.

Facing Clan Leader Zhou Yuanhe, the Zhou Family disciples did not dare disobey, and rushed towards Xiang Longfei.

Long Fei laughed coldly, "You touched my brother and hurt my woman. In your Zhou family, your father's actions today have been overturned!"

The dragon salyer withdrew.

He moved his arms.

His consumption of true qi was too fast, and he could no longer use it as he wished. He needed the true qi, so he could use the power of his own realm to kill all of these people.


Releasing the power of a war chief level 6, he sent a person flying with a punch.

"Bang, bang, bang …"

Relying on his superiority in levels, as well as his rich combat experience, combined with his coquettish positioning in the game, Long Fei's punch landed on flesh.

He continued to kill some of the disciples.

It was carefree and carefree.

In less than ten minutes, dozens of disciples fell to the ground and remained motionless.

The entire Zhou Family was left with only a few people by Zhou Yuanhe's side.

Zhou Yuanhe could not believe it, what kind of person was Long Fei?

No matter who he was facing, no matter how strong or weak, he would strike with his full strength. If he could kill someone, he definitely wouldn't be crippled.


He was completely a madman.

Zhou Yuanhe's heart felt a wave of fear. He was also a war master ream cultivator, but he was afraid now, because he was not confident!

"Block him! Quick, block him!" Zhou Yuanhe shouted.

The other Zhou family disciples did not dare to step forward and continuously retreat.

One of them immediately ran away, "I'm not a member of the Zhou family, I'm just a nobody. Don't kill me, don't kill me …"

He ran out like a madman.

The people around Zhou Yuanhe lessened, and he grew more and more afraid.

At this moment.

"Rumble …"

A loud explosion resounded.

A disciple was sent flying with an urn in his hand.


The urn shattered, and black blood flowed all over the floor. The disciple's chest had been penetrated by an incomparably powerful Supreme Force.

Pure strength.


The secret room collapsed.

A three-meter-tall, rugged man stood there. From afar, he looked like a giant.

A trace of blood-red light flashed across his eyes. His body was releasing such a demonic aura. The aura released from his body was extremely oppressive.

Even Long Fei could not take it!

An incomparably powerful, pure, and overwhelming power.

Zhou Yuanhe's eyes turned sinister as he started laughing excitedly, "Long Fei, the Yuan Ba you want is here, hahaha …"

"Yuan Ba."

"Kill him for me!"

Get an order.

Yuan Ba took a step, "Bang, bang, bang …"

Every step he took caused the entire Zhou Mansion to shake. It was like a small earthquake.

He rushed to Long Fei's front and stared at Long Fei, without any hesitation, he punched at Long Fei.

Long Fei blocked the incoming punch with his two fists.


Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

He was directly sent flying dozens of meters away, crashing into a wall and causing the entire wall to collapse.

The corner of Long Fei's mouth was stained with blood and his hands were numb. Looking at Yuan Ba who was rushing towards him like a bulldozer, Long Fei's heart sank.

At the same time.

Long Fei shouted loudly: "Yuan Ba, it's me, I'm Long Fei, don't you remember me?"

"Long Fei?"

These two words were reflected in Yuan Ba's mind and he stopped for half a second.

It was also at this moment.

Zhou Yuanhe bellowed, "You dog, I told you to kill him. Did you not hear me?"

Command passed down.

Yuan Ba punched towards Long Fei again.

He couldn't carry it anymore.

Yuan Ba's power was too strong, even Long Fei was a little unable to withstand it, "Teleportation!"

He instantly teleported to another location.

Long Fei stared at Zhou Yuanhe and asked: "Zhou Yuanhe, what exactly did you do for him?"

Zhou Yuanhe laughed coldly, "It's nothing, it's just a king of blood corpse. Right now, he only listens to my words, and he's even more obedient than dogs. Hahaha …"

"Yuan Ba, what are you waiting for?" Floating Life: [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] No windows? a + +

"Kill him!"

had seen the blood corpse before when he killed Luo Xiu, and he had heard of it before, but … This was the first time he had heard of the Blood Corpse King.

At this moment.

Yan Huang ancestor's voice came out, "Blood Corpse King bugs, you need a long time to nurture them and you need all kinds of blood essence. Once the Blood Corpse King bugs enter your body, I'm afraid …. It can never be saved again. "

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