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Chapter 536 Get me a bag

"Fuck you!"

Yu Lu rolled his eyes, "Do you think this is a public bus? And sit down and take another two laps! "

"Heh heh …" Qin Chao rubbed his nose, "I just want to accompany you for a bit more."


Yu Lu was not one to appreciate it, "You think I'm that easy to fool? You come back to see me twice and you have everything. At this time, why are you being so courteous? "

"This... "Heh heh …"

Qin Chao was embarrassed by what he had said.

What Yu Lu said was right, usually, Qin Chao did not even say that he wanted to come back and take a look at the two girls.

Although the distance between the Sunan city s was quite far, Qin Chao's Sword Kinesis Flight only took the time to blink an eye.

If he had used the Nine You Poisonous Spider s' Possession, he would have been able to complete a long-distance love affair even faster.

However, he did not have that kind of thought, because in Sunan city, there were many women that required his attention to take care of.

After arriving at the island, he got to know Huizi, Chiyo, and even Zhao Jingjing.

Even in America across the ocean, there was still a girl that Qin Chao needed to take care of the most, and that was Su Ji.

He had an agreement with Su Ji all along, and that was five million.

Both of them were working hard for this. Qin Chao went through a lot of hardships and went on a mission to the island in order to earn this money.

Right now, as long as he settled the situation with Dongchuan city, Qin Chao would immediately go find Su Xianqin and bring his Su Ji back!

"Forget it, I knew you wouldn't remember Shasha and I!"

Yu Lu rolled her beautiful eyes once again, and said to Qin Chao, "You have no conscience, it's unknown when we sisters met someone who was a sinner to have met someone like you. Shasha too, everyday you have been thinking about it and thinking about it till now. His entire being is devilish, he is not like the young miss of the past at all. "

"Hehe, then my Lulu precious, did you think I would cry out?"

Qin Chao's hands mischievously covered Yu Lu's bottom, and asked with a mischievous smile hanging from the corner of his mouth.

"Why did you cry when you thought about it?" Yu Lu snappily snorted, "Sorry, you're overthinking it. Every single day, there are many people who are chasing after my Yu Lu, they don't even need a person like you! "

"Who dares to chase after my woman!" Qin Chao immediately raised his eyebrows, and said arrogantly, "I want to see who has the guts to do so!"

As he was speaking, the elevator door suddenly opened.

Then, a young man walked over from far away.

"Lulu, so you're here. You made it easy for me to find you!"

The man saw Yu Lu and shouted in surprise.

This "Lu Lu" scared the hell out of Qin Chao.

He hurriedly looked at the beautiful CEO beside him. Only when he saw that she was frowning slightly and her face had a hint of annoyance did he feel at ease.

So it turns out that Yu Lu did not have any intentions towards him, causing her to jump in fright!

"Mathews, I am sorry, this is a company, please call me Mr. Yu, or call me by my name, that is fine."

"Oh, my apologies, Mr. Yu." The young man shrugged. "I thought you'd be happier if I called you that. In France, everyone calls me by my name, even my boss. "

Qin Chao looked carefully. Although the young man had an eastern face, his eyes were green, and his skin white and handsome.

It looked like he was a half-breed. Judging from his tone, he seemed to be a mixed blood.

"I don't care what you are called abroad, but this is China, I hope you will respect the rules here."

Yu Lu said without a trace of politeness.

"Oh, Mr. Yu, don't be like this." The young man said with a puzzled expression, "I think we are actually friends, why do we have to be so official? Mr. Yu, can I invite you to have coffee after work later? I know a French coffee shop. The mocha coffee there is very pure. Come and have a taste with me. "

"Sorry, I don't have time today." Yu Lu naturally rejected this mixed youth's invitation with certainty. "I have something important to accompany you with today, so I won't be able to accompany you for coffee. It's better if you invite some other girls."

With that said, Yu Lu even took Qin Chao's arm and pressed his chest onto Qin Chao's arm without a care.

This scene caused the mixed youth to be so shocked that his eyeballs nearly popped out. Furthermore, when he looked at Qin Chao, he was like a raging bull, filled with jealousy and hate.

"Eliza, who is he! Tell me, who is he! "

Mathews immediately shouted out.

"Eliza?" Qin Chao could not help but look at Yu Lu, and think to himself.

"This is the foreign name I used when I was studying in France."

Yu Lu shrugged his shoulders, and then rubbed Qin Chao's arm against his chest, causing his lower abdomen to feel a little hot.

"Alright, let me make the introductions."

As Yu Lu said that, he extended his right hand and pointed at the young mixed youth, Mathews, and said to him.

"This is Mathews, a university classmate of mine from France who studied abroad. He studied advanced economic management and was good at the board. "That's why I poached him from a big foreign company and asked him to work at our company."

As Yu Lu said this, he retracted his hand, and revealed a ring on his ring finger, and said, "Mathews, didn't you always ask who my husband was? Now I can tell you, this is my husband, his name is Qin Chao, and he is also the chairman of Dafa Group. "

"I don't believe it!"

Mathews immediately took off his pretty white hat and threw it on the ground, "Eliza, you must be lying to me! I always thought you liked me! That's why I came to you from the top 100 international Red Riding Hood companies! "You're playing with me!"

"Mathews, what do you mean by that!"

Yu Lu's face became ugly, her body regained the aura of a strong lady, and she spoke to Mathews in a condescending manner, "When I hired you, I spent three times the price of a red hat. Furthermore, I told you very clearly that I invited you here for a job, not to pick a girl! If you have that kind of attitude, you can leave. "

"You want to chase me away?" Mathews was a little surprised, "You should know that I am the most outstanding manipulator in all of France. If you lose me, your company will definitely suffer a great loss! "

"This what …" What friend? " Qin Chao stopped Yu Lu who wanted to say something, and spoke first, "I'm really sorry for interrupting. My wife and I have not seen each other for a long time, and we still have some very private things to do. Continue to work here if you like, and I'm willing to pay you. If you are unhappy, you can also leave our company. I think Red Riding Hood will accept you. Of course, your salary might drop a lot, but that's not something I should worry about, is it? "

With that, Qin Chao wrapped his arms around Yu Lu's waist and said, "Let's go darling, it's been a while since we last met, your husband will love you dearly today."

"Fuck you!"

Yu Lu rolled her eyes at him, "You make it sound so disgusting, you don't have any sense of propriety at all."

"Hehe, didn't you like my dishonest look!"

Qin Chao laughed sinisterly.

Mathews's face turned white.

He really wanted to throw his face away and leave in such a carefree manner. However, thinking about his high expenditure now, if he were to leave the Dafa Group and return to the Red Hat, he would definitely be ostracized.

In terms of salary, it would also be reduced by a lot.

After all, not everyone was willing to pay such a high price to hire him.

Another reason why Mathews liked money so much was because he was actually a "drug addict".

Only with a high salary would he be able to pay for his huge investment in drugs.

Therefore, he could only grind his teeth and stare at the two's backs as they left. After a while, he bitterly left as well.

"How was it? Did you see that?"

Yu Lu walked around the corner and said proudly to Qin Chao, "It's not like I don't have people who want it! Look at that Mathews, what a handsome young lad! "Hmph hmph, I'm much stronger than you!"

"Come on, it's not like you're looking for a pretty boy." Qin Chao patted Yu Lu's perky butt, and said: "One look at him and I can tell that his body is weak, his eyes do not have any luster. If I'm not wrong, he should be addicted to drugs and have his body emptied. "

"Ah?" "What?" Yu Lu was shocked, and immediately asked: "Are you serious?"

"Of course." Qin Chao nodded, "I can tell at a glance whether a person's health is good or bad. For example, have you not been insomniac these days, and sometimes have headaches? "

"Ah, how do you know?" Yu Lu was a little surprised.

"You'll know at a glance." Qin Chao said helplessly, "Back then, I threw such a large company to you, it was really hard on you. It's all my fault, I'll make it up to you. "

Qin Chao said as he placed his hand on Yu Lu's shoulder.

The Essence in his body was continuously being injected, repairing the Qi and blood that Yu Lu had been busy with.

"Don't be so tired in the future. You just need to find more people to help you manage the company. You can just be a shopkeeper and leave."

Qin Chao suggested.

Yu Lu comfortably snorted, and then wrapped his arm around Qin Chao's waist and said.

"How can that be? Do you think that everyone is like you? Not caring about anything." With such a large corporation, how could I be at ease if you asked me to hand it over to someone else? Even if I do it myself, Tang Ao that guy found an opening. Let me tell you, the matter with Wu Xin, is definitely related to him. "

"Tang Ao?" A cold light flashed across Qin Chao's eyes, as though he had already placed that person on the death list, "Speaking of which, I also find it strange. Under my orders, Wu Xin entered and left, obviously being protected by Murong Jiang's people. Why did Tang Ao still make use of this loophole? And, even the Mandala was burnt! "Who did this?"

"We need to investigate this matter more thoroughly." Yu Lu was still reasonable, and said to Qin Chao: "When we get to my office later, we can talk slowly. I need to go to the bathroom and wait for me. "

With that, Yu Lu let go of Qin Chao's waist and walked to the washroom.

"Hehe, what do you mean shameful? Let's go together."

"Fuck you!" Yu Lu rolled his eyes, "If the employees of the company saw this, how would I be able to do it! Just wait for me to come out! Get me my bag! "

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