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Liu Meng'er and Xue Xianxian both saw that a strong shield had suddenly appeared around Luo Yitao's body. Luo Yitao was much stronger than him, so it would be difficult for Chen Xiang to break through his defense, unless he used the divine blade.

However, when Chen Xiang's fist came close to him, Luo Yitao's expression suddenly changed, because Chen Xiang's fist suddenly released a very strong force, this force did not seem to be human, as for how it was, Luo Yitao could not explain it clearly, but that was very terrifying.

Luo Yitao anxiously dodged, but Chen Xiang's fist suddenly became faster, so fast that Luo Yitao did not expect it.


Chen Xiang's fist was like lightning as it struck Luo Yitao's face. The wave of air that erupted caused the surrounding ground to shake and split open, and the floor tiles were blown up by the wild and violent wind wave, blowing everywhere.

Luo Yitao's fist was extremely terrifying, even some of the Immortal King Elders in Divine Sword Palace couldn't help but shiver, because Chen Xiang's current cultivation was only at the Worldly Immortal Stage.

The furious Chen Xiang still wanted to attack, but the elder of the Divine Sword Palace had already come over.

"Hmph, you with the surname Luo, don't let me meet you again." Chen Xiang snorted, then used the spatial teleportation technique and left.

If not because she did not want to cause too much trouble for Liu Meng'er, Chen Xiang would have killed Luo Yitao with a single slash just now. However, if that happened, not only Liu Meng'er would be in trouble, her parents would probably become enemies with the Luo Family.

Right now, Liu Meng'er's strength was still too much. Even though he was already a Immortal Monarch, it was far from enough.

Chen Xiang and Xue Xianxian had also returned to the Divine Sword Palace. They were very surprised with Chen Xiang's power just now, they never thought that Chen Xiang's body would contain such a terrifying power.

Half of his face had already been smashed into smithereens, and blood was constantly being spat out from his mouth. Adding to the fact that his face was twisted by anger, it made him look extremely ferocious and terrifying.

"Just who is he?" Luo Yitao roared in his heart, he was extremely regretful that he did not bring some powerful clan elders with him, if not he would not have suffered such a loss today.

Chen Xiang returned to the small house, waiting for Duan Ming to return. At this moment, his arm was in pain, and Long Xueyi's power had increased by a lot, causing him to feel sore after he finished borrowing power.

… …. After knowing that something had happened in Divine Sword Palace, Liu Zongyu and Song Ying anxiously rushed over to understand the situation. Because it was Liu Meng'er who had asked them to come, and Heaven Sword City's Luo Family had immediately sent people over.

Under the treatment of the high levelled immortal pills, Luo Yitao did not suffer from any major injuries, but he received a huge blow, which even to this day, did not dissipate his anger.

Liu Zongyu and Song Ying were both in the Divine Sword Palace's living room, while Liu Meng'er and Xue Xianxian were both standing behind them.

Luo Yitao sat together with two elders from the Heaven Sword City.

After understanding the situation, Liu Zongyu frowned: "We did not send anyone to look for Meng'er, but that person also has our jade tablet."

"This person wasn't sent by my aunt and uncle." Luo Yitao was rather courteous in front of Liu Zongyu and Song Ying, because Liu Zongyu and Song Ying were both considered descendants of the Divine Artisan Clan, thus Liu Meng'er was the same.

In the Nine Heavens, no one would ever want to offend a Divine Artisan. Even the Divine Sword Palace and the Sword Divine Palace didn't dare to do anything to them.

Luo Yitao looked at Liu Meng'er, and said coldly: "Who is that person?"

Xue Xianxian snorted: "That's my husband, it's normal that he came to find me, but you captured him for no reason, and even forced him to ask, anyone would get angry."

"Serves you right." Xue Xianxian said in a low voice.

Luo Yitao was startled, that person was actually Chen Xiang, he scolded in his heart, if he knew that it was Chen Xiang, he would not have acted so recklessly with Chen Xiang.

"Even if it's Chen Xiang, he beat up members of our Luo Family because he's having trouble with our Luo Family. If you see your husband, tell him to be careful." He really wanted to draw the enmity between him and Chen Xiang. This way, they would have a reason to snatch the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword from him.

Don't worry, he already said before, let the geniuses of your Luo Family not appear in front of him, and don't even need me to tell them their auras, you can be like Imperial Dragon Clan, Devil-suppressing Divine Palace and Fire Divine Palace and place bounty everywhere, pasting his portrait all over the street, your Luo Family shouldn't be lacking in Spiritual crystal. First, it was Luo Yitao who was in the wrong, but now, it was them who were being courteous to him.

"Xianxian." Song Ying called out softly.

"They're just looking for an excuse to rob my husband." Xue Xianxian snorted.

"This matter shall be settled then. I have no objections to Chen Xiang, but don't involve Meng Er and Xianxian." said in a low voice. He was extremely angry at Luo Yitao's power, especially after he heard what Liu Meng'er had to say.

Song Ying had already realized that the engagement he had with Liu Meng'er all those years ago, was not suitable in his eyes now. Luo Yitao and Liu Meng'er would not have any good results together, the couple could only wait for an early opportunity to tell the Luo Family about it.

… …. Chen Xiang's arm was originally in pain, but it quickly spread to his entire body. While he was channeling his power to remove the pain, he unknowingly fell asleep.

"Kid, how did your body become like this? Who injected such a terrifying power into your body?" Duan Ming came back and kicked his leg.

Chen Xiang was lying on the ground, his entire body was in a mess. After he sat up, he sighed: "Don't say anymore, you went to follow the Xie Clan.

"The Xie Clan went to Long Tian, and I also heard that many great powers have prepared millions of dragons to go to the same place as us, but their goal is different. Those great powers are going to that place to find some genius treasures, and we are going to find the Evil Emperor's mausoleum." Duan Ming said.

"Evil Emperor's mausoleum. Are you sure that the place the Heavenly evil sword is guiding us to is Evil Emperor's mausoleum?" Chen Xiang said in surprise. This Duan Ming was a member of the Duan Clan, she could be considered a tomb robber's ancestor.

"This is my intuition. Speaking of it, who injected such a powerful power into your body? This power is very special and strong, I seem to have seen it somewhere before." Duan Ming stroked his beard and thought, then exclaimed: "I know."

Chen Xiang still had some of the power aura that Long Xueyi had lent him left in his body. When Duan Ming returned, he merely touched it lightly and he could clearly feel it.

"What do you understand?" Chen Xiang asked, he did not know what was going on with Long Xueyi's power, because that was not the Dragon Power.

"That power... It is the power of an Ancestral Dragon, how can you have such a terrifying power? It is said that when the world was nurturing dragons, the fused power was very different from that of the Dragon Power. " Duan Ming said.

This was the first time Chen Xiang had heard of the power of an Ancestral Dragon, and he felt more and more that Long Xueyi had many unspeakable secrets.

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