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When the deep and ancient ringing of a bell rang in the living room, Li Tianlan and Wang Yuetong opened their eyes almost at the same time.

"Good morning."

Li Tianlan greeted Wang Yuetong awkwardly.

"Good morning."

Wang Yuetong chuckled. The redness of her pretty eyes seemed to have subsided. Her eyes were sparkling, and the gentleness in them enabled her to look pure and lovely. She blinked and whispered, "Senior brother, how do you feel?"

"Very good."

Li Tianlan tilted his head to the side and replied awkwardly. After receiving Qin Weibai's phone call, Li Tianlan forcibly restrained his emotion that was mingled with desire. He spent a night alone with Wang Yuetong. Although nothing outrageous had happened, that didn't mean the slow kiss before that call didn't exist.

There was no light in the living room last night, but Li Tianlan didn't feel anything particular. But now, with the daylight, when he looked at Wang Yuetong's rosy and beautiful mouth again, he thought it was a little red and swollen. Far from being ugly, it looked more lovely than usual.

Li Tianlan instinctively began to recollect the feeling when they kissed. The more he thought of Wang Yuetong's sweetness and meekness, the more fascinated he became.

Perhaps men's so-called bottom line was so fragile. No matter how firmly they had previously refused, once they took the first step by mistake, everything else seemed to be well-reasoned and they would feel less and less guilty. This was probably what happened when things got out of hand.

Li Tianlan shook his head hard, trying to shake the erotic scene out of his mind. He got up and got off the sofa.

He felt his body seriously and his face grew calmer.

Before he performed that sword move in the Sky Academy, his body was like a deep well full of water. But after that, all his essence, qi, spirit, vitality, and potential were poured out like water from a well.

Tribulation managed to make him withdraw that sword move, and his action was tantamount to leaving some water in the well. But unluckily, the foundation of the well had been completely damaged, and the small amount of water was still leaking out. His strength grew stronger but his body grew weaker. He was fast approaching death every minute.

Li Tianlan did not know what the so-called precious treasure of the Wang family of Beihai was, but he now fully understood its amazing effects. After the bottle of purple liquid entered his stomach, endless vitality began to replenish his completely dry body.

Now his body was still like a nearly dry deep well. However, the bottom of the well, which had been completely destroyed, was built once again and was even more solid than before.

His current physical condition was not so good. At least his strength still shifted between the Thunder-shocking Realm and Qi-controlling Realm. This state still meant that his vitality could not suppress the ever-expanding energy at all. But his vitality was no longer passing, with the support of the mysterious potion.

In other words, under normal circumstances, Li Tianlan was now out of danger.

Although he was unable to enter the Invincible Realm currently, he did not have to despair completely. In the future, if there was a chance to fill up the deep well in his body again, and as more vitality replenished his body to suppress his power, he would be healed.

Li Tianlan took a deep breath and stretched himself. Then he turned to look at Wang Yuetong and said softly, "Thank you."

When Wang Yuetong was engulfed by passion and lust, she spent the night with Li Tianlan on the sofa, meditating. She sat on the sofa with her arms around her knees and looked at him with a pair of clear eyes full of love.

Li Tianlan went to the French window of the villa and looked out quietly.

Eight o'clock in the morning.

The rain was falling from the gloomy sky, and the air was a little cold.

In front of the villa, the potholes caused by Dongcheng Wudi's sword move had not been repaired, so there were puddles in the yard, large or small. In Li Tianlan's line of sight, there were lush green meadows. The Chinese parasol trees with straight trunks were fresh and clean washed by the rain. The sensation of dampness swept over his face. He stood quietly at the window, and his mind was clearer than ever.

He had almost exhausted his life force and potential after performing that sword move and had gained the Imperial Jade Seal, which symbolized great fortune, as well as the intelligence agency named the Curtain. He was out of danger and temporarily hopeless to enter the Invincible Realm.

That was a wonderful day of ups and downs, gains and losses. He didn't think he had gained something until there was a way for him to recover from his injury, but at least, he hadn't lost too much.

Faint footsteps were heard in the dim living room.

Wang Yuetong came to the window. She put her arms around Li Tianlan tightly from behind and put her pretty little face on his back. As she listened to the rain outside the window, she murmured, "I'm sleepy."

Li Tianlan had gone through ups and downs yesterday, so did Wang Yuetong. She had undergone the joys and sorrows of life and her life had never been so rich ever since her birth. Beihai Province was to the north of the northeast. She had traveled seven or eight thousand kilometers from Huating to Beihai Province in one day. Furthermore, she had to deceive the top management of the Wang family of Beihai and also had to hide from the eyes of the Wang family in Huating. She did it all for a man who called her a bitch.

Who could know the grievance and resentment in her heart?

After a night of meditation, Wang Yuetong could no longer suppress her emotions. As she held the man in front of her, a fight broke out between her eyelids. It was someone she liked and who made her feel resentful yet secure.

"Go to rest. There are guest rooms upstairs."

Li Tianlan turned and touched Wang Yuetong's hair. He didn't know how to deal with the relationship with Wang Yuetong now, but he couldn't give her the cold shoulder in any case. Such being the case, he had to let nature take its course.

Speaking of upstairs, he suddenly remembered several assassins belonging to the Curtain organization. All of the nine elites had turned into a heap of black ash, but their blood was still on the wall. Qin Weibai was not here, so he would have to clean up the house.

A trace of a blush crept over Wang Yuetong's face. She looked up and glanced at Li Tianlan with her watery eyes, seemingly a little hesitated.

"What's the matter?"

Li Tianlan asked directly.

Wang Yuetong tightly bit her rosy lower lip, which had been numbed by the swelling, and murmured in a low voice like a mosquito after hesitating for a while, "She... Didn't she say that we could use your bedroom..."

She stood before Li Tianlan, tall and slender, and lowered her head. For a moment, even her white neck was red. "I... You can enjoy me, too."

Li Tianlan felt his mind go blank with a roar.

No one knew how seductive and deadly this implicit and wild invitation could be.

Especially in the morning. When the pure and noble little princess shuddered and said that he could even enjoy her, Li Tianlan's eyes were red in a flash.

Li Tianlan gasped heavily and swallowed the water in his mouth. After that, he said in a hoarse voice, "Come on, I'll show you to the guest room first."

Wang Yuetong, who had mustered her courage to invite Li Tianlan to enjoy her in the master bedroom, was waiting for Li Tianlan's answer or action in fear. Her heart froze again at his words.

"Senior brother, are you still unwilling to have me?"

Wang Yuetong asked softly, "Am I acting like a bitch again? Am I particularly shameless in your eyes?"


Li Tianlan felt a sharp pain in his heart and didn't know how to explain it.

Some words were like knives; they may not be vicious, but they were absolutely sharp. They were sharp enough to cut the heart of an innocent and delicate girl into pieces. They would become a hidden scar in her heart with blood oozing out and it could never be healed.

Li Tianlan did not know whether he should offer Wang Yuetong a lot of apologies. Seeing her delicate face grow paler again, he put his hand on Wang Yuetong's shoulder and forced her to look up at him.

"You're not a bitch. No one will treat a girl who is willing to die with him and who is willing to give up her dignity and pride and make herself humble as a bitch. Understand?"

Li Tianlan looked Wang Yuetong seriously in the eyes and said solemnly.

Wang Yuetong's eyes lit up and her face became rosy again, not because of shyness, but because of excitement.

"As I said, I'm a very selfish person. The reason why I don't want to owe you anything is that I know that no matter what happens in the future, the Wang family of Beihai and I are unlikely to get back together. What if I go against the Wang family of Beihai? What should you do then?"

Li Tianlan said in a self-deprecating way, "I don't want to go through something, while you may not have the courage to bear it."

"There will be a way."

Wang Yuetong mumbled to herself and her voice became lighter and lighter. "There must be a way."

Li Tianlan took a deep look at her and said softly, "Take a break first. We'll discuss it after you wake up."

"I'm waiting for Sixth Sister. I asked her to bring me something, and while you were meditating, I informed her."

"You're not going home?"

Li Tianlan looked blankly at Wang Yuetong and asked.

"I dare not go back, and I cannot."

Wang Yuetong shook her head and said miserably, "Senior brother, let me stay with you during this period."

Li Tianlan remained silent for a long time before nodding slightly.

He knew why Wang Yuetong could not go back. The potion he drank last night was the treasure of the Wang family of Beihai.

What did the treasure of a top influential family mean?

Li Tianlan did not know the exact value of the treasure. However, it could restore his body to this level overnight. It was hard to overstate the value of such a thing.

After all, life is the most precious thing above all.

He did not know how long the potion last night could extend one's life either. But even if it could only extend a short period of time, the value of the potion was inestimable.

Li Tianlan narrowed his eyes and looked determined. At present, he couldn't offer anything comparable to the treasure of the Wang family of Beihai. He didn't want to speak conceited nonsense, but he had made up his mind that he was going to pay it back anyway.

He held Wang Yuetong gently in his arms and touched her slender and flexible waist, keeping silent.

The car horn beeped outside the villa.

Through the clean, bright French Window, he saw a blue Porsche park in the doorway in the rain outside the villa.

The door opened and the Enchantress stepped out, wearing a thin black windbreaker and carrying a box. Then she opened the boot of the car and pulled a draw-bar box out of it again. In Li Tianlan's sight, she held the box in one hand and pulled the draw-bar box with the other hand, and walked directly to the front door of the villa.

The falling rain had evaporated before it reached the Enchantress. She walked lightly and gracefully, looking mature and enchanting.

Li Tianlan let Wang Yuetong go and allowed her to trot to open the door.

The Enchantress handed Wang Yuetong the draw-bar box and walked into the villa with the box in her hand. The box shook slightly in her hand, and it seemed to contain living things.

Li Tianlan glanced at the box and nodded slightly, without saying a word.

The relationship between the two seemed awkward. At least he really could not call her Sixth Sister anymore.

"Have you taken the Immortality Potion?"

The Enchantress looked at Li Tianlan with complicated emotions in her eyes.

Li Tianlan nodded in silence and said nothing. At such times, nothing he said was appropriate.


The Enchantress shook her head and said softly, "His Majesty is furious. Yuetong was out of her mind. Do you have any idea how much she has done for you?"

"There are about two or three potions that you have taken yesterday in Zhongzhou State, one or two potions in Germany, and the rest are all in the Wang family of Beihai, but the Wang family only possesses less than 10 potions. "For hundreds of years, several of the Invincible Realm experts of the Wang family of Beihai would rather die than waste a potion. Even His Majesty has never been so extravagant. However, Yuetong stole it for you. His Majesty was so angry that he almost broke off his relationship with her."

Li Tianlan looked at Wang Yuetong unconsciously. Although he had tried to overestimate the preciousness of this treasure of the Wang family of Beihai, he still felt that he had underestimated it after hearing the Enchantress's words.

The Enchantress continued after hesitating for a while, "Of course, if you would like to join the Wang family of Beihai..."

Before she could finish, Li Tianlan's cell phone suddenly rang.

Li Tianlan took a look at her with a nod. Then he stepped aside and took out his cell phone.

Behind him, the Enchantress placed the box on the tea table and looked at Wang Yuetong, saying softly, "Don't go back for the time being. His Majesty is so angry that Madam dares not plead for you."

Li Tianlan took a deep breath and looked at the Caller Identification. It was a very strange number. He pressed the answer button and said hello.

"Young Master Li, I'm Liu Xiuyuan."

On the phone, a hoarse and dull voice rang out. Li Tianlan could hear the extreme unwillingness the other person harbored against him from his voice alone.

Li Tianlan's face was expressionless and he said coldly, "Say."

The Imperial Jade Seal was in his hand. No matter how much the Liu family hated him, it could only be a good dog now.

On the phone, Liu Xiuyuan took a deep breath humiliatingly and said in a deep voice, "We just got the news that Samsara Palace had launched a massive attack against Night Spirit in Bili State last night and this organization was wiped out. Furthermore, Blue Sky Underworld—one of the 12 Murderous Weapons, has become the weapon of the Samsara Palace Master."

Li Tianlan was taken aback. "What about the casualties of Samsara Palace?"

"Can't be sure for the time being."

Liu Xiuyuan added calmly, "Zhongzhou State has responded to it. He Ping, a member of Huating Standing Committee and Director of Ministry of Politics and Law, has been suspended. Xiucheng failed to be in charge of day-to-day business. It is said that he will take He Ping's place and Tan Qinghua will be transferred out of the Eastern Theater of Operations. Rumor has it that Dongcheng Qiuchi—District Mayor of Wudong New Area, is going to be a secretary."

"It's said that Bai Qingqian is going to be transferred to Guandong to be a secretary."

Liu Xiuwei obediently spoke of the information he had received. The people and things he had mentioned were related to Li Tianlan more or less.

"Bai Qingqian?"

Li Tianlan frowned and asked.

"She's the wife of Marshal Dongcheng and the Eldest Miss of the Bai family. Guandong has long been regarded as the territory of the Academics.

Liu Xiuwei explained.

"Hmm, " said Li Tianlan. After that, he hung up the phone.

Samsara annihilated Night Spirit and possessed the murderous weapon. He Ping was suspended and Tan Qinghua was going to be transferred to somewhere else. Undoubtedly, it was the goodwill released by Zhongzhou State to Samsara.

As for the rest, it may be the collaboration between the Academics and Dongcheng Clan.

He took the mobile phone and subconsciously dialed Qin Weibai's number, only to find that she had turned it off.

Li Tianlan took a deep breath and walked absent-mindedly back to the living room, growing more and more worried.

In the living room, Wang Yuetong was holding a little dog with golden hair and talking with the Enchantress. Seeing Li Tianlan coming, she stood up softly and said smilingly, "Senior brother, Sixth Sister has brought my dog here. Here you are. How about we take it to the Sky Academy?"

With a smile, Li Tianlan nodded and took the little dog from her arms. "It's very cute."

"Yeah, it's called Baby and it's only three months old."

Wang Yuetong touched the dog's head and chuckled.

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