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Chapter 2049: The Fifth Prince's Arrival

The clamorous garden immediately quietened down slightly. Many people stared at Jian Chen, who stood in the barrier of energy. He was bloodied and covered in horrific wounds, but he still gave off a surprising presence. Their feelings were mixed.

Many of them looked at him with gazes of hatred.

Clearly, Jian Chen's threat had managed to form a certain level of deterrence, making many of the Godkings around show fear.

He was a supreme Overgod who had easily defeated Mo Cheng. He had killed early Godkings while he was still a late Overgod. Many of the Godkings in the Divine Medicinal Garden shivered when they thought of such great battle prowess.

Now that Jian Chen had reached the level of Godkings, no one knew just how great Jian Chen's battle prowess had advanced to when they thought about the battle prowess he had possessed as an Overgod.

"Don't be afraid, everyone. He has only made a breakthrough in comprehension. His cultivation hasn't advanced, and he's heavily wounded, so he can't last much longer. His presence right now is completely faked. He's actually about to collapse. Don't be tricked by him."

"A single late Godking is enough to easily kill him."

"The Spiritual Root of Heavenly Ways has just been consumed, so it shouldn't have been digested completely yet. Let's get through the formation immediately and kill that woman. Maybe we can retrieve the Spiritual Root of Heavenly Ways."

Jian Chen's threats did not frighten everyone. There were still a small fraction of people who had not given up on the Spiritual Root of Heavenly Ways, and they looked down on Jian Chen. They fanned the flames in an attempt to get everyone to band together and continue with their previous actions.

Jian Chen snorted coldly. Killing intent surged from his body as his gaze locked onto a mid Godking who was urging everyone on. He directly charged out of the barrier and used the Taiyi Sword Technique. He turned into a sword as he shot through the air as a resplendent streak of light towards the mid Godking.

After Jian Chen's comprehension of the Laws of the Sword had reached the major achievement of Sword Spirit, not only did his strength increase, but the power of his various sword techniques had strengthened several times over as well.

The mid Godking sensed that Jian Chen was attacking him, so his face immediately changed. His laws condensed as he struck out with the power of his cultivation as well.

He comprehended the Laws of Water, one of the five elements.

In terms of offence, the laws of the five elements were not as great as the Laws of the Sword, the Laws of Destruction, and so on. After all, those were the laws with the greatest offensive power.

Moreover, the Laws of Water possessed some of the weakest offensive power among the five elements, so when the mid Godking's strike collided with Jian Chen, his attack directly exploded. Meanwhile, Jian Chen, who had become a sword, continued onwards without slowing down, cutting off the mid Godking's head.

The mid Godking's face changed drastically as surprise filled his eyes. Immediately, he abandoned his body and controlled his head to fly up. He made his way towards the entrance of the garden as he opened his mouth wide during that time. He seemed to be shrieking out while fear filled his face.

However, as his head had separated from his body, he was unable to produce any sounds at all. His face was completely warped from excruciating pain.

Suddenly, the top of his head exploded, and a soul fled from there. It emitted a series of mental pulses, allowing everyone in the garden to hear the painful screams the soul gave out.

A strand of sword Qi had already invaded his soul, rapidly wreaking havoc. It made him go through hellish pain.

In just a few seconds, the Godking's soul was completely destroyed under everyone's gazes, making it completely disperse.

As for Jian Chen, he had already returned to the barrier of energy as he stared at everyone emotionlessly.

He said nothing. Instead, his silent coldness and powerful battle intent pressured the Godkings in the garden drastically. Many of them looked at him differently now.

At this moment, Jian Chen seemed like an undefeatable god of war in everyone's eyes. He seemed like an undying devil. He was clearly unimaginably injured, yet his battle prowess was still surprising. It made many people shiver.

At the same time, a group of people charged up the winding path that led to the garden. The group consisted of around fifty people, and they were all Godkings. In fact, the majority of them were late Godkings.

They were the people who followed the fifth prince of the Sky Empire from the Profound Thunder Plane. The nine Godkings of the Yun family were also with them.

"Daolai!" The Godkings immediately discovered the heavily injured Yun Daolai as soon as they entered the Divine Medicinal Garden. With a flash, they arrived before him.

The ten surviving Godkings of the Yun family were reunited now.

However, none of them were in the same shape as before. Every single one of them was soaked in blood as they suffered from injuries of various levels. They were extremely depressed.

"You're Yun Daolai. Do you have the Spiritual Root of Heavenly Ways?" The fifth prince of the Sky Empire arrived before Yun Daolai. His eyes stared at Yun Daolai closely as burning desire and urgency filled his gaze.

He was ready to do anything to obtain the Spiritual Root of Heavenly Ways now because it would directly connect to his future accomplishments.

Yun Daolai's expression was extremely mixed. He did not say anything. Instead, he glanced nearby.

All the people in the garden were gathered there, forming a huge encirclement. All that could be seen from outside through the gaps between the people was a barrier of energy.

The fifth prince followed Yun Daolai's gaze and frowned slightly, "The Divine Medicinal Garden is covered with formations, so it's impossible to escape through the sky. Mister Shu, please clear a path."

The scholarly, middle-aged man beside the fifth prince nodded slightly. Then a fan appeared in his hand.

Immediately, the fan emitted a terrifying pulse of energy, causing all the origin energy in the entire garden to fall into disorder. Vaguely, the laws of the world there seemed to be affected to a certain degree as well.

The fan in mister Shu's hand caused all of this.

Mister Shu held the fan. As he poured in his origin energy, the fan immediately shone with a blinding light. In the next moment, the fan was like a slumbering ancient beast awakening, emitting a force enough to shake up the world.

Everyone in the garden was startled. Their faces changed, and they all stared in mister Shu's direction.

It was also at this moment that mister Shu's fan opened slightly as he directly swung it at the people before him.

With that, the entire world seemed to be flipped upside down. It obscured the light from the blazing sun in the sky, causing the world to darken.

A dark whirlwind swept towards the Godkings in the Divine Medicinal Garden as it whistled. Everyone struggled to remain still when the wind appeared, causing them to stagger about uncontrollably. Even late Godkings were affected.

Many Overgods and early Godkings were directly blown into the air, striking the rocks nearby. They all became disoriented.

In the blink of an eye, the Overgods and Godkings that numbered over a thousand in the surroundings were all forced back by several hundred meters from mister Shu's fan.

Everyone who stood in the energy barrier was naturally exposed before the fifth prince.

The Godkings of the Yun family all stared at mister Shu in shock. Disbelief filled their faces. Mister Shu's strength had shocked them deeply.

"God artifact!" Yun Weifeng stared at the fan in mister Shu's hand as he cried out.

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