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Pan Lin and Li Yibo didn't spare any effort on the praise, giving them all to Blue Rain's current assault. The first wave of Chaotic Grenades had perfectly neutralized by Happy's teamwork, but the pincer attack from the two Blade Masters that followed had Happy struggling to cope.

They had slipped up!

The more observant viewers realized that Happy's formation had scattered somewhat. If it was just against Huang Shaotian and Lu Hanwen's two Blade Masters then, no matter how amazing their teamwork was, a 2v5 was practically impossible to win. However, Blue Rain didn't just have just those two. Swoksaar, a Warlock with powerful CC abilities, stood in a windy area. Bullet Rain, a Sharpshooter with high DPS AoE attacks, could inflict all sorts of CC too. These two classes weren't classes whose assaults you could deal with just by relying on a healer for support. The two stood in the windy area, throwing their attacks cheerfully.

Happy was downwind. They wouldn't be able to get any advantage from charging into and fighting in the windy area. If they sent ranged attacks from outside of the windy area, then the attacks would be hindered by the wind and their power would be decreased. As a result, even though they were charging into a five character formation, the two Blade Masters weren't feeling too much pressure. Instead, with the support and CC from the ranged characters in the windy area, the assault went smoothly.

"Happy's in a bit of a mess!" Li Yibo exclaimed.

This was the first time the two sides had really clashed, but Happy seemed to be sliding down a slippery slope already. Their original formation had shattered, their players not cooperating, all of them fighting as individuals… This was a one-sided slaughter!

Was this battle going to be decided so soon?

Swoosh swoosh swoosh….

The sword light from Blue Rain's Blade Master duo shimmered brightly, their swords becoming one deadly system, striking their enemies down.

"Scared yet? Scared yet!" Huang Shaotian was even spamming the chat. Mockery wouldn't affect his performance or judgment, but it didn't mean he didn't mind it. He minded it very much, but the more he did, the more calm he would be, using his actions to express himself. Once his plans had succeeded, then trash talk was easily within reach. In the blink of an eye, forty-seven "scared yet"s appeared on the screen.

"Not at all."

Naturally, it was Ye Xiu who was able to reply at such a time. Huang Shaotian glanced towards Lord Grim, but he suppressed the urge to immediately charge over and stab him. He was trying to determine whether going up to teach this guy a lesson was the best choice he had right now.

It seemed like a good idea.

Huang Shaotian swept his gaze over the battlefield. Happy's five characters were scattered, and Huang Shaotian and Lu Hanwen didn't have the ability to pursue them all at once, so they needed to lock onto a target. As for Ye Xiu's Lord Grim? He was right on the edge of the gale wind area. If they pursued, they could force him into the gale and then using their upwind advantage...

Wait a moment!

At this point, Huang Shaotian realized something.

If they pressed Lord Grim into the gale from this position, then the upwind advantage would be something only Swoksaar and Bullet Rain had. On the other hand, Troubling Rain and Flowing Cloud would be downwind just like Lord Grim...

Trying to be clever?

Huang Shaotian immediately reorganized his thought processes, sneering. Ye Xiu was the heart and soul of Happy. If they could wipe him from the game, then it would probably be even more effective than taking out their healer. However, it wasn't the right opportunity. What about their healer? Huang Shaotian turned to look at Little Cold Hands, but the other was a little too far...

Happy, in the end, understood the importance of healers. Even scattered, they remembered to make sure to protect their healer. An Wenyi's Little Cold Hands had run off. If they went in pursuit, it would take some effort. Plus… Huang Shaotian looked over the battlefield and noticed something else.

Had Happy fallen into chaos? Yes, but there was a method to their chaos.

Ye Xiu's Lord Grim was bait. If Huang Shaotian and and Lu Hanwen teamed up against him, and pushed him into the windy zone, then using his tailwind advantage, he could suppress them. The others in Happy would probably use this chance to rearrange themselves and take an advantageous position. Thus, they definitely couldn't go after Lord Grim.

What about Little Cold Hands?

He was a little far, but if Happy really had been thrown into chaos, it wouldn't be too hard to close in on their healer. However, it might look like Happy was scattered, but they all stayed in range of Little Cold Hands' position. Little Cold Hands was yet another trap. If Huang Shaotian and Lu Hanwen attacked him, Happy might surround the two of them.

How crafty!

Huang Shaotian saw through two of their tricks in one go and couldn't help but be surprised.. At this point, many people probably thought that Happy was done for. Those who thought that way were underestimating Happy too much.

"Steamed Bun!"

That was when, in the Blue Rain party chat, Captain Yu Wenzhou gave them a clear attack target.

From afar, Yu Wenzhou had a better view of the overall situation.

His thoughts matched Huang Shaotian's. Happy was in chaos, but there was a method to it. They still had tricks up their sleeve. For example, Lord Grim as bait, Little Cold Hands' trap. For someone who hadn't noticed anything wrong, they would probably choose one of these two crucial members of Happy as their primary attack target. However, Huang Shaotian noticed, and so did Yu Wenzhou.

These two characters were temporarily off limits. Happy still had three other characters. Su Mucheng's Dancing Rain was a ranged unit. As soon as the battle erupted, she pulled away as far as possible. Right now, not even Swoksaar nor Bullet Rain could hit her, so what were Huang Shaotian and Lu Hanwen going to be able to do?

Then there was Fang Rui. He was a slippery, hard to catch fellow, and his Boundless Sea would flee from trouble without hesitation. If Yu Wenzhou and Zheng Xuan wanted to effectively attack him, then they would have to move forwards. The further forwards they moved, the less protection they would get from the windy zone, and the less the windy zone would buff their attacks. Who knew if this Fang Rui was yet another bait?

Then, there only remained Steamed Bun Invasion.

Was this too a trap? Yu Wenzhou had, naturally, considered this. However, he tossed the idea aside after careful consideration. Steamed Bun Invasion was Happy's most unpredictable and out-of-whack member.

He was, after all, a rookie, and a rookie that would occasionally roll straight off the tracks, Yu Wenzhou thought to himself.
Speaking of which, their team, Blue Rain, could integrate all sorts of strange players, but what about this Steamed Bun? Would they be able to integrate him into their strategic system? This was something Yu Wenzhou had considered before, in his spare time. It was clear that he never underestimated Steamed Bun.

Yet after thinking it over, Yu Wenzhou hadn't thought of any way to integrate Steamed Bun into Blue Rain's strategic system.

Like Ye Xiu, Yu Wenzhou had no way of completely understanding and predicting Steamed Bun's behavior on the field. Blue Rain's style revolved around making up for one another's faults to create a stronger whole. For any two members of Blue Rain, they could form a complete whole. However, this Steamed Bun, his crazy moments weren't something anyone else could get any warning of. How would they form any synergy like that? How would they form a strategic whole with that?

Perhaps, Yu Wenzhou thought, Steamed Bun wasn't a team competition kind of player. Yet, today, he saw Happy arrange for Steamed Bun in their team competition lineup. To Yu Wenzhou, this was a daring and risky move.

It was hard to say if Steamed Bun's unpredictability would be more of a hindrance to his enemies or his teammates. In the playoffs, where a single mistake could lose them everything, no team would dare arrange for a ticking time bomb like that to play.

But Happy dared, and it wasn't as if they had no other choice. That player called Qiao Yifan was much more stable than Steamed Bun, much more reliable. There was also Wei Chen. It wouldn't be impossible for him to set alight his passions and give another spectacular performance. Or what about that Luo Ji? He wasn't as skilled, but his style was very detailed and methodical. A player like that would be much safer as a part of the tactical system than Steamed Bun, no? There was also Mo Fan. Though his style was too individualized, but with training and practice, he would be able to adjust and play a solid part of the strategy.

It was only Steamed Bun, whose unpredictability wouldn't be able to compensated for with tactics. However, it was Steamed Bun who was chosen for this team competition.

Well, since this was how things were, then why not go for it? Yu Wenzhou didn't think any further. Steamed Bun couldn't be predicted, so he told everyone to be on their guard and focus, so that they would be able to react appropriately no matter if this guy acted as a god-like opponent, or a pig-like teammate.

So far, Steamed Bun had yet to become godlike, and was out of tune with the rest of Happy, thus he became Blue Rain's breakthrough point. Yu Wenzhou didn't hesitate. After he made this judgment, he immediately told the entirety of Blue Rain to target Steamed Bun Invasion.

Collapsing Mountain!

Lu Hanwen charged fearlessly, throwing out a Collapsing Mountain at its longest range. This use of Collapsing Mountain let him leap further and created a greater impact, but it was slow to act and had a longer ending lag. Pro players rarely ever used it to initiate a fight.

But right now, Lu Hanwen had Huang Shaotian cover for him. Huang Shaotian's Troubling Rain would be the follow up to this rarely used form of Collapsing Mountain.

No one knew if Steamed Bun had noticed such a deeply thought out cooperative arrangement. Either way, he didn't receive this Collapsing Mountain. With two consecutive back jumps, he dashed out of range. He could tell that Blue Rain was going to concentrate their fire on him from what he saw of their actions.

"Holy crap, so many people ganging up on me!" Steamed Bun exclaimed in the match chat. The tone that bellied these words, it was almost like he couldn't comprehend why a team would do something so common to team competitions.

"1v1 me! Do you dare to fight me 1v1?" Steamed Bun yelled.

Blue Rain thought he was trash talking. They naturally ignored him, going in for the kill.

"Where's that Leo? Come and fight me! Didn't you cry and scream about wanting to fight me 1v1 back then?" Steamed Bun continued.

Everyone exchanged looks.

What on earth was going on? Leo? That was referring to Huang Shaotian, right? Team Blue Rain's hardcore fans were naturally familiar with their ace's star sign.

But… Huang Shaotian screaming and crying about wanting to fight Steamed Bun 1v1?

Everyone was suddenly very interested in this piece of gossip.

"What the hell are you going on about!!" Huang Shaotian immediately bristled. He had wanted to fight, but it wasn't directed at Steamed Bun! And screaming and crying? Not even in your dreams.

"I'm giving you a chance now." Steamed Bun was still going on.

"KILL HIM!!!" Huang Shaotian yelled. At this point, the target of his anger and their team's attack target overlapped perfectly.

This… they could feel real killing intent here! Everyone thought to themselves.

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