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Chapter 5 Highly Skilled Imposter

Zhou Yu never once thought about using it on commercial purposes. So this warning could be ignored. But a comic that was limited to 300 chapters only, and upon the completion of the task, the building would self-destruct and the artist would also disappear...

Well… What else could he do? It was a cheap knock-off. It was better than nothing.

Speaking of manga artists, Zhou Yu actually thought of one old fucker. It was Yoshihiro Togashi, the author of “HunterxHunter”. He had been reading the series since he was in the elementary school. But the series still hasn't completed. Moreover, it often went on hiatus from time to time. It even created an unbeatable legend - the series that went on hiatus the most frequent. It was also the series that Zhou Yu thought that was most unlikely to be completed in his lifetime.

But it was different now. With the high-quality magical imitation comic studio, at least, he could read 300 chapters in advance! As a hunter fan, there was nothing more enjoyable than this. The only concern was that if this geek of thousands of faces could really do the thing it said. After all, the style could be imitated, but talent this type of thing could not be copied.

Filled with high hope, Zhou Yu asked the geek, “please imitate manga artist Yoshihiro Togashi, and continue ‘hunterxhunter’.”

The geek made a deep bow and then “puff,” a white smoke appeared out of nowhere, covering the geek completely. Until the smoke dissipated, an animated Yoshihiro Togashi appeared in front of Zhou Yu. He scratched his distinctive curly hairs a few times before he walked into the studio to start his job.

Using The Eyes Of Reality to look into the studio, there wasn't anyone inside. The comic studio was only a model that was half a meter tall. The pens on the work desk inside the studio weren't moving at all.

Great, no one would be able to notice it!

Using The Eyes Of ACG World to check the progress, it was shown, “one chapter a day”. With this kind of speed, even the most hardworking manga artist would willingly admit that they were defeated, let alone the procrastination master - Yoshihiro Togashi. Moreover, he could even get today's chapter already. In the future, he could get the next chapter at 0:00 every day.

There was another button on the roof, in addition to the activation switch. By pressing it, he could get the finished chapter. The chapter came in two types. One was the original document, the other one was the digital document that was stored in a pen drive.
Of course, he would need to return the pen drive every time after he used it. Otherwise, he would only receive the original document next time.

‘Let me see what it look like!’

It was indeed “Hunter X Hunter”, and it was also the chapter 361, which had not been released. Looking at the drawing style, it was indeed completely following the original style. However, with just one chapter, it was not enough to show that it was as talented as the original artist. It could only be said that it was very similar. 

With a sudden mischievous mood, Zhou Yu signed into Baidu Hunter X Hunter forum and posted a thread called, “Having risked my life to break into Yoshihiro Togashi's house, I stole the original copy of chapter 361 of Hunter X Hunter.” He then uploaded the copy and especially make a notice that it could not be used for any commercial purposes.


It was the night time at the moment. So the majority of internet users were online. Countless internet users activated their warrior mode and ready for another debate. The number of people that were browsing the Hunter X Hunter forum also began to increase.

It was at this moment, a newbie suddenly posted a thread called, “Having risked my life to break into Yoshihiro Togashi's house, I stole the original copy of chapter 361 of Hunter X Hunter.” in the forum. The title was very intriguing. However, most times, it was just some fan creations. Many people who lurked in the Hunter X Hunter forum already familiar with this kind of clickbait titles.

Having said that, there were still many people, that just couldn't control their curiosities.

Clicking title, opening the thread, the original poster didn't type anything else. There were just some images. Quickly scrolling down to read the manga, many people were shocked. The same style, the similar dialogues, even the story also followed seamlessly from chapter 360. And most importantly, it was already translated into Chinese. Because of the health problem, the series was still on hiatus. The original copy might really be at the original artist's house. But who would have this kind of skill to steal it?

“Oh my spiritual savior, do you have more. Please give me more. It is not enough!”

“This is fake right? Although it looks very similar. OP, come out and explain it. If you have this skill, why don't you start a new series? I'll definitely support you.”

“Brother, please bring me with you next time. I'll throw some generates into his house!”

The number of replies started to increase, there were no signs that this thread was going to disappear any time soon. Many people thought that it was just another clickbait, however, after they saw the content, all of them were stunned. With this many replies, the thread became the hottest thread in the forum. Then many users began to re-post it to other fan sites or anime forums.

“Is it done by a great artist that could compete with Yoshihiro Togashi?” Or “Is it really that someone traveled abroad to steal the original copy?” Many threads like this began to appear in many anime sites, and more and more people began to join the discussion. However, the original poster never replied to any comments once.

After 0:00 midnight, people who needed sleep all left, only night owls were still fighting on the internet. It was at this moment, the ID called “The imprisoned Taoist” who had caused the hottest discussion yesterday, once again, posted a new thread.

“Forcing Yoshihiro Togashi to finish chapter 362 with a knife, don't wait, this is all.”

What the fuck, for real?

Reading through the contents quickly, the style was still the same. Moreover, people began to sense Yoshihiro Togashi's talent from the images more and more. Especially those who were familiar with Hunter X Hunter, their feelings were even stronger.

With those two chapters as reference material, many people were almost certain that they were the real Hunter X Hunter original copies.

It was no wonder that that Taoist went to prison. This type of business was not something that anyone could do!

“Taoist, please beat him however you like, but please leave the hands alone. The rest of my life is still depending on them!”

“Please injure him and spray some salt to it. Please let him taste our pains as well.”

“Can you smuggle him back to China? Let's force him to draw the rest of Hunter together!”

All kinds of punishments were listed out in the replies. But almost all of them agreed to leave the hands of the artist alone.

From this, it was very obvious that all of them 'liked’ Yoshihiro Togashi a lot. Fortunately, Zhou Yu wasn't a real burglar, otherwise, poor Yoshihiro Togashi would be spending the rest of his life to draw HunterXHunter to please his fans.

Zhou Yu was also shocked at how popular the fake Hunter manga was, and most importantly, many people even believed it was real. But then again, if he had not seen how the manga was produced, he would have probably believed that it was real as well.

This was so great. It was 300 chapters in total! And it was one chapter a day. He didn't even need to worry about the manga suddenly go on hiatus. Moreover, if Yoshihiro Togashi continued the publication, he would enjoy the series twice! It was truly a paradise!

Otaku was really easily contented.

A highly skilled imposter already made Zhou Yu feel like he didn't waste his Moe Coin. In terms of the rest, he didn't really care that much.

Two seeds had already been planted, but temporarily he didn't know where he could use Copper ore. The fishing rod was probably for fishing. When it got to tomorrow morning, he would try it on the small river near his house.

After the Farmer's Hut was activated, it came out a two-star animated farmer, which could only be used for 30 days. At most, it could take care of 10 plants of the ACG World. Since the farm took care of the idol flower, its status became “Perfect”

‘Hmm… everything seems to be going very well…”

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