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Liu Meng'er nodded his head slightly. The Suzaku silk was something that Chen Xiang had helped her obtain, but she did not say it out loud. She also did not mention anything about Chen Xiang possessing a profoundwu diamond armour.

Not only that, she knew that Chen Xiang had the thought of refining a new Suzaku Divine Weapon, that the Suzaku Divine Weapon's plan for number two was in that Divine Book, that she and Dongfang Xinyue had cracked it, that it was a bow that needed the Vermillion Bird's skeleton to refine, and Chen Xiang had it too. These things were definitely earth-shattering, so she and Dongfang Xinyue kept it a secret and never revealed it to anyone else.

"I never thought that the Suzaku silk would be with Meng'er. This is the Suzaku Divine Weapon in the Four Symbols Divine Weapons."

Wang Weiquan was also here. He was Huang Jintian's eldest disciple, and had a very good relationship with Liu Meng'er's parents when he was at Mortal Realm. Even more so now, he wasn't afraid of him finding out about the matters regarding Suzaku Divine Weapon.

"My junior brother has a Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, that's the Azure Dragon Divine Weapon. Because of this, many people have set their sights on him, causing him to ascend in power. He doesn't even dare show his face." Wang Weiquan laughed: "I really want to meet this troublemaker, to be able to stir up so many problems."

Liu Meng'er looked at the quiet arena and said, "Maybe he's already here."

Liu Zongyu said: "Xianxian told me before, he is always sneaky, but if he wants to sneak in right now, I'm afraid it won't be that easy, many guest rooms have enemies on them."

At this time, Wu Canghong walked in and laughed: "Just now, I passed by a VIP room. I heard that He Peiqing's Tianshan holy fruit was taken off by someone, that's why I summoned the divine tripod right now, I think the Dan Immortal that he sent out is under a lot of pressure."

"He sent ten powerful Dan Immortal s. Who knows, this divine cauldron might really fall into his hands."

"What you mean is, the Tianshan holy fruit were stolen, who has that kind of ability?" Liu Zongyu asked in shock.

"It's not that they were robbed, or else they would have definitely started a fight. I heard that they were somehow taken away by someone else. I'm not too sure about the specifics." Wu Canghong laughed: "I would also like to know which expert did this, to be able to make He Peiqing suffer such a loss."

Song Ying frowned: "Looks like this Ten Thousand Pills Main Palace is hiding some kind of extraordinary guy. Someone who can use two kinds of Super Old poison, and also someone who can steal the Tianshan holy fruit. We have to be a little careful."

"Maybe the same person did it." Wang Weiquan said.

Just as they were chatting, they suddenly realised that three Immortal Kings from the Myriad Dan Immortal Country had entered the competition and arrived next to Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang, who was still meditating, immediately opened his eyes when he felt the dangerous aura approaching him.

At this moment, everyone's attention was focused on him. Surrounded by the three Immortal Kings, the person who was able to enjoy such treatment should be a very strong person.

"This is Devil-killing Summit's pill furnace, you are Devil-killing Summit's man." He Peiqing who was standing on the stage flew over and asked with furrowed brows.

Back when Chen Xiang and Huang Jintian snuck into the palace, they had already claimed that they were from Devil-killing Summit, but when Chen Xiang slipped away from the palace, Huang Jintian went missing, so He Peiqing and the rest suspected that it was someone from Devil-killing Summit.

"No." Chen Xiang immediately responded: "I bought this pill furnace from Divine Saber Immortal Palace, here is their proof of it."

Chen Xiang took out the proof. When he bought it back then, he had also predicted that something like this would happen.

At this time, another three Immortal Kings came and surrounded him. This kind of battle array caused many people to be shocked, but hearing that it had to do with the Devil-killing Summit, everyone felt that it was normal, as the Devil-killing Summit's reputation and infamy were known by everyone.

"That pill furnace was indeed sold by our Divine Saber Immortal Palace, don't make it difficult for him." A thunderous shout came from a VIP room.

The water vat like pill furnace had previously become the laughing stock of others, but now that they found out that it belonged to the Devil-killing Summit, no one dared to look down on it. Of course, they admired this person who dared to use the things of the Devil-killing Summit even more, so were they not afraid of being accidentally killed?

Some of the big shots of the big powers had already found out about He Peiqing's loss of a Tianshan holy fruit. Seeing how concerned they were for a Devil-killing Summit, they knew that it was very possible that the Tianshan holy fruit was taken away by the people of the Devil-killing Summit.

At the same time, it also caused many great powers to become cautious, because it had been a long time since the people of Devil-killing Summit had done such a thing.

The Divine Saber Immortal Palace had already said this, so He Peiqing and the others did not make things difficult for Chen Xiang, the Immortal Kings quickly dispersed.

Chen Xiang heaved a sigh of relief. He almost couldn't continue the competition anymore.

"You can be considered a member of the Devil-killing Summit, and now you're using the Devil-killing Summit's pill furnace to participate in the competition, does this count as representing the Devil-killing Summit?" Su Meiyao laughed.

"You can say that, but I don't dare to say it out loud. I'm afraid I'll lose my life." Chen Xiang touched the pill furnace, he liked this pill furnace a little because the Seven Star Sky Fire Formation inside was very powerful. He only needed to put in a little flame and that Seven Star Sky Fire Formation could absorb the star power that was floating in the sky and earth and strengthen the flame inside.

There are ten people on the stage, and each of them has ten different types of Ground level Pills, including low, middle and high rank. And now that the low rank Ground level s have been distributed, after that, the competition will immediately begin.

There were a lot of Alchemist here, so there was definitely a lot of medicinal herbs that were needed, but to Myriad Dan Immortal Country, there was not much pressure. An old man opened a big box, and a large amount of Nine quenching body Dan's medicinal herbs immediately flew out, and under the control of many Immortal Kings, they accurately split the boxes and floated to the sides of the Alchemist.

The three main ingredients for Nine quenching body Dan were Lava Fruit, Vajra Lingzhi and Yellow Jade Lotus Seed. Chen Xiang was extremely familiar with these three main ingredients.

"You guys can take the supplementary medicine first. If you don't have it, you can come and get it from us."

Every Alchemist had a portion of the Nine quenching body Dan's main medicinal ingredient, so of course everyone had the auxiliary medicinal ingredients. Anyone who came to participate in this kind of competition had long been prepared.

"The match begins." Seeing that all the Alchemist were ready, He Peiqing immediately shouted.

After that, many Alchemist started to organize the main ingredients. Everyone frowned, because the quality of these ingredients was not very good.

Many of the Alchemist s present also took out some crappy medicinal herbs for them to refine, and there were quite a few high level Alchemist s, who were able to turn corruption into magic. In this way, in the end, through this method, He Peiqing managed to turn a large amount of dilapidated medicinal ingredients that had been stored in his storage into high quality pills.

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