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Amongst the dense crowd of cultivators that followed Feng Xiao Ran, there was a white streak that was at least two to three times faster than the rest of the light. Its power was extremely shocking.

If one looked closely, this white streak was a white sword radiance. From Qing Lingzi and Feng Xiaoran's expressions, the cultivator carrying this sword radiance was not only a famous sword cultivator, but also an Aurous Core stage cultivator with a cultivation base lower than theirs.

As he turned his head to look at the sword light, he didn't dare to stop moving.

After placing the hundreds of white ice shards on the ground, waves of primeval essence rushed out from his hands and poured into the white ice shards.

After each of the icicles had endured the concentration of true essence for about ten breaths of time, they suddenly lit up like candles, and the entire surface of the icicles began to emit a dazzling white light while exuding an extremely cold and icy aura.

As the last icicle was "lit up", Daoist Master Skysilk, Qing Lingzi, also consumed a great deal of his true essence. He gasped for breath and immediately took out several pills to recover his true essence and swallowed them.

The white frost energy from these ice pillars connected into a single entity, forming a white screen of light thousands of meters in front of Qing Ling Zi and Feng Xiao Ran. The white ice pillars were completely invisible to the white screen of light.

After swallowing a few pills that could recover his true essence, Daoist Master Skysilk immediately drew a spell with his hands. Dozens of snowflake like white lights appeared in front of him and fell into the white light below.

The white light screen below immediately emitted layers of transparent crystal-like brilliance. Upon closer inspection, countless transparent threads of ice began to condense within it.

By the time he finished this step, the horde of demonic beasts had already arrived, and they were less than six hundred meters away from the two Aurous Core stage cultivators.

"Senior Qing Lingzi!" "Senior Feng!" At the same time, there were sixty to seventy cultivators who flew quickly behind the two Aurous Core stage cultivators. After greeting the two Aurous Core stage cultivators, they each took out their magic tools as if they were facing a great enemy.

"This Ice Soul Glowing Light Array of mine isn't afraid of the bombardment of ice magic, but its defense against lightning magic is very weak." If any lightning-type demon beasts are to launch an attack against this formation later, I hope that you all will give priority to intercepting it. " Qing Lingzi looked to the front and quickly explained.

While he was speaking, a middle-aged cultivator in a blue robe behind him activated many array flags and set up a formation. It formed a blue light barrier that covered a hundred zhang and protected all the sixty-seven cultivators that had rushed over.

In just a blink of an eye, quite a few cultivators had arrived. They either used Qing Lingzi's Cold Ice Formation as the first line of defense or set up all kinds of magic tools behind them, or set up formations and restrictions on the two sides of the Cold Ice Formation.

Just when the group of demonic beasts were about three hundred feet away from the Ice Soul Glowing Light Array, Qing Lingzi pressed his hands down, and two beams of white light shot out from his hands, striking the white light screen below. Immediately after, countless transparent threads of ice emerged from the white light screen and cut towards the front densely.

At least thirty or so demon beasts were instantly sliced into pieces by the transparent threads of ice. Not even a single drop of blood was able to flow out of the fragments. All of them were frozen by a thick layer of ice and snow.

With a boom, the dwarf Daoist Feng Xiao Ran simultaneously activated the icy-blue jade talisman in his hand. As the jade talisman turned to ash, countless icy-blue lights surged up into the sky, forming a large, strange icy-blue cloud in the sky. One after another, two feet long icicles rained down from the clouds.

"Clang!" At the same time, Feng Xiao Ran opened his mouth and spat out a ball of purple light that hit the small white bell that was already floating in front of him.

This small bell was the magic treasure that Qing Lingzi had lent him earlier. Looking at its current state, this small white bell was very unique. It seemed to require the power of the aurous core to activate. Only great Aurous Core stage cultivators could use it.

And at this moment, when it was activated, a bell chime that sounded like a dragon's roar but also like other ancient flood dragons rang out, causing layers of sound waves that were visible to the naked eye to vibrate at an astonishing speed.

When at least half of the densely packed demonic beasts flying over heard this sound, their bodies stiffened and they became extremely sluggish. There were many lower level demonic beasts that directly lost control and fell from the sky.

"Chi!" "Chi!" "Swish!"

The horde of beasts that swarmed over was not weak either. They instantly exploded into hundreds of different kinds of flames.

The battle between the Heavenly Nurturing City and the mass influx of demonic beasts officially began.

"Fellow Daoists, be careful. This Seven Fiends Fire Phoenix and Soul Devouring Ape will be dealt with by Fellow Qing Qing. You will be in charge of dealing with the other demonic beasts."

The Dwarf Daoist Feng Xiao's clear cry rang out amidst the explosive sounds of various techniques.

The fist-sized green bead in front of him emitted waves of azure light, forming a cyan light barrier. As the small white bell continued to vibrate and chant, an illusory, flickering red light appeared in front of him.

After making this sound, the dwarf Daoist Priest's figure flashed and shot upward. He suddenly shot into a large cluster of rolling black Qi.

Explosions and thunderous roars came from the black gas one after another.

At the same time, Qing Lingzi's eyes also flashed with a fierce light. The countless transparent threads of ice that had emerged from the Ice Soul Glowing Light Array all gathered together, forming a three-foot-long ice sword. They all shot towards the blazing red light in front of them.

Within the blazing red light was the ten-meter-long demonic beast, the Seven Fiends Fire Phoenix.

Seeing the ice swords being unleashed by Qing Lingzi, the Seven Fiends Fire Phoenix raised its head and immediately took out its Demonic Core.

The beast's beast core was also very terrifying. It was actually the size of a human head and covered in black and red patterns. It looked like a ball made of magma. As soon as this Demonic Core was taken out, streams of hot, oily, crimson red elixir immediately gushed out.

"Pa Pa Pa Pa!"

As soon as it came into contact with the liquid, the ice sword in the Frozen Soul Glowing Light Formation immediately exploded, turning into balls of white gas.

Instantly, waves of white mist spread out to cover a radius of several kilometers.

Within the white gas, there were layers upon layers of shadows, all of which were flashing with radiance. At this moment, there were at least a thousand cultivators fighting against the demonic beasts.

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After about ten breaths, a loud, earth-shattering sound came from within the several hundred feet long black fog that covered the sky. The dwarf Daoist Feng Xiao Ran seemed to be no match for him as the green light barrier around his body was filled with cracks and he was sent flying out of the black fog. The black ape, whose figure was many times larger than him, revealed a sinister figure amidst the rolling black gas.

However, there was no trace of shock on the face of the dwarf Daoist Feng Xiaoran.

At this very moment, an astonishing white streak of light suddenly appeared without any warning from the left and slashed at the black ape. It immediately cut off one of its arms.

Immediately, a red light shot out from Feng Xiao Ran's hand, blocking the black brilliance emitted by the black ape demon core. The giant black ape had just turned around and was trying to escape. That shocking white and green rainbow, whose power was not inferior to the white continuously chopped at its neck.


With a bone cracking sound, this astonishingly powerful demon beast let out a blood-curdling screech. Half of its head had been chopped off, and its head was lying on the ground. Its huge body swayed for a moment before it fell to the ground.

A cultivator wearing a snow-white robe appeared behind the left side of the demonic beast.

This cultivator looked spotless, and the white spirit energy emanating from his body formed a willow leaf shape. He looked to be around forty years old, and his face was rather handsome, but he had an unsmiling, prideful look.

The white streak was a white flying sword with many cloud runes on its blade. It was about seven feet long, while the green streak was a green, snake-shaped short sword that was only a foot long.

At this moment, the white flying sword was under the cultivator's feet while the green short sword was circling around him nonstop. It was obvious that this cultivator also had some sort of technique for cultivating the Double Flying Sword. His offensive and defensive abilities were all much better than ordinary sword cultivators.

After his figure appeared, the white robed, old-fashioned cultivator said the two words "split equally" to Feng Xiaoran, before putting the black ape back into his storage pouch.

From the looks of it, this cultivator did not like to talk much, not only did he have an old-fashioned face, he also spoke less than usual.

Feng Xiao Ran didn't say anything and simply nodded his head. Afterwards, the two cultivators shot towards the blazing red light in front of them.

However, at this moment, the two cultivators paused abruptly. Their faces revealed expressions of shock as a yellow cloud suddenly appeared in the sky behind the Seven Fiends Fire Phoenix that was locked in a fight with Qing Lingzi.

This yellow cloud gave off a strong stench and as it moved forward, all of the cultivators around it began to desperately retreat. The cultivators that weren't fast enough to escape were immediately silenced by this yellow cloud.

"Fellow Bai!" Fellow Daoist Feng! "What do we do, once this Corrupt Corpse Star Python arrives, even if the three of us join hands we won't be able to block it, this place will definitely not be able to hold on." At this moment, Qing Lingzi, who was using all his strength to activate the Ice Soul Glowing Light Array, also let out a cry of shock.

Feng Xiao Ran's eyes flashed intensely as he said, "We will wait here for a moment and let the rest of the cultivators begin to return to the Heavenly Spirit City …"

"There's no need, Senior Yun." However, the white robed cultivator suddenly interrupted Feng Xiao Ran's words, and said these five words in an extremely simple manner.

To others, these five words might sound like nonsense, but as Feng Xiao Ran and Qing Ling Zi turned their heads to look, their spirits were immediately lifted.

At this moment, a group of green, red, and white colored lights flew over from the direction of the Sky Nurturing City.

… ….

"Old man, the famous Taoist Miao Dan that you mentioned back then should be here right?"

Just when the explosion that could have been the largest battle between cultivators and demon beasts on the Profound Sky Continent in the past thirty years, most of the other cities in the Profound Sky Continent did not know anything at all. At this moment, Wei Suo was standing in the air above a few stone mountains that were covered in weeds. He was curiously sizing up these stone mountains.

"What, could it be that I'm lying to you?" The green-robed elder's voice immediately rang out.

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