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Although Chen Xiang was far away from the Star Graveyard, he could still hear waves of muffled booms that were accompanied by the shaking of the earth. It was clear that Wu Cang was smashing apart the black boulders, wanting to see what was hidden inside.

Wu Cang also lost his patience. Previously, he was still probing with the stones, but after more than ten days, he did not discover anything, so he was now floating in the air. He used his powerful strength to destroy a large area, shattering the pieces of the stars.

Chen Xiang was very worried that Wu Cang would discover something, and right now, he had already made progress on the two methods of fusing the Chaos Divine Eye and the Source Spirit Eyes.

He was immersed in the cultivation method combination practice, and two days had passed before he knew it. At this time, the sky had just brightened. He opened his eyes and faintly smiled. "He should have succeeded."

When he was in the forest, he immediately used this newly merged technique to look around him. When he saw the trees, he could clearly see the energy circulating and the water circulating inside the trees.

"I didn't consume too much energy, and now I have directly consumed my Six Realms' Power. Moreover, I have also fused the effects of the Chaos Divine Eye and the Source Spirit Eyes. Other than that, I can see much more clearly than before." Chen Xiang closed his eyes and stopped the technique.

"Let's call it Dao heart Eye." Because when he was looking, not only did he use his eyes to look, he also used his heart to look.

Chen Xiang familiarized himself for a moment, and then activated Dao heart Eye once again. This time, he was not only startled, because when he used his full strength, he could actually see all sorts of different colored things around him.

Some were ribbon-spinning, some were spiraling, some were globes, some were pulsing like flames, some were flowing like a river, flowing in all directions, and some were like a suspended spider web that covered the entire land.

After activating the Dao heart Eye with all of his strength, the entire world had fallen into this multi-colored world. He only felt that when he went to another world, he would be surrounded by all kinds of strange shapes and colors, with floating objects in all four directions.

"This should be the divine energy of the fire attribute." Chen Xiang looked at the small, flickering clusters of flame floating back and forth. It was pitifully few in number here, especially when compared to the large amount of blue mist.

Chen Xiang used his fingertip to absorb a bit of it, and he could feel that it was water-attributed. No wonder Shui Bingyan was so powerful, in this world, water-attributed energy was the strongest.

There were originally only a few types of elemental energy in the world, but over the years, they had undergone various collisions and fuses, resulting in the birth of all sorts of elemental energy.

"If I were to compare them, perhaps they would be able to give birth to a Dao spirit." Chen Xiang saw an extremely glaring flame in the distance. It was a ball of fire type divine spirit Qi that had gathered together and was gradually fusing together, preparing to merge into one.

He kept his Dao heart Eye and then closed his eyes to take a few deep breaths. To be able to see so much energy of this world and this existence made him extremely excited.

"We can leave for that place now. That old fellow probably hasn't found it yet." Chen Xiang could still hear the rumbling sounds, he had not found the thing that was hidden inside the Star Graveyard.

Chen Xiang quietly snuck over and arrived at the Star Graveyard. Originally, there were many gigantic shattered rocks here, but they had all become small now and had already been flattened by more than half of Wu Cang's effort over the past few days.

When Chen Xiang arrived, he immediately used the Dao heart Eye. He split the Dao heart Eye into three layers, and the first layer allowed him to directly see through the things that were moving inside, such as the paths of energy flow inside the plants, while the second layer allowed him to see the Spirit blood s and the like. This was only used when refining pills.

And the third level, was where one could see the natural power of the Great Dao in the world, just like before.

Now that he was using his second layer of strength, he could see things that could be seen on the second layer. Moreover, he needed to see things even more thoroughly than his Source Spirit Eyes, and he felt that it was enough to find the things that were hidden here.

When he used the second stage of the Dao heart Eye's power, he could see that there were many white and light yellow floating clouds. These faint clouds of air were originally made from the power of the stars, and were originally hidden inside the black boulders.

He could clearly see the various large and small black rocks on the ground. The stones seemed to have blood vessels and meridians, and a faint white or yellow energy flowed within them. The "veins" in the rocks would intertwine, so they could circulate within the rocks.

What Chen Xiang found strange was that although these stones had already been broken, there was still a large amount of star power that had yet to flow out from within the stones and continued to circulate.

It was not easy to find things inside stones of all sizes, furthermore he had to avoid being discovered by Wu Cang.

This Star Graveyard was also very large. Wu Cang was currently destroying them on the other side, while Chen Xiang was searching this area. Even though he did not find them, he had discovered some strange phenomena.

For example, the star power inside the stone would not flow out of the stone, unless the stone was completely broken down. For example, the star power inside the stone would not flow out of the stone, unless the stone was completely broken down.

After careful observation, Chen Xiang found another shocking phenomenon. It was that a large amount of star power that was scattered all over the place was revolving at an extremely slow speed, just like the Milky Way.

If he did not use the Dao heart Eye to observe carefully, it would be difficult to discover it just by relying on his senses.

"This should be a circular whirlpool. If that's the case, then the center of the whirlpool must be hiding something, which is why it can cause so many stars to revolve." Chen Xiang was suddenly secretly happy in his heart. If it was really like this, then it was very likely that the thing was not hiding inside the rock. Instead, it was underground, and it was even more likely that it was underground.

It was because the object could produce a weak force to drive the star power to rotate, but the speed of the rotation was extremely slow. It was obvious that the power of the object was obstructed.

After Chen Xiang observed the rotation of the whirlpool, he found a direction and walked towards the center. As long as he got near, he might be able to see the center of the whirlpool.

"It's clear that he is absorbing the star power, but the rate at which he is absorbing it is very slow. Wu Cang is the second in command of the Star Moon Divine Race, so he should be the one cultivating the star power as well, but he did not realize that the power he had obtained was all from the Samsara Sacrifice. This has caused him to gradually lose his most acute perception of the star power." Chen Xiang guessed that when he got closer, he could already see the center.

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