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"Should we have a good talk now?" Wei Suo indifferently said as he glanced at the shaking Taoist Tianxin.

"What do you want?" Sage Tiantong calmed himself down and said with an extremely ugly expression.

"I think we should talk about some things in private." Wei Suo glanced at the white robed middle-aged cultivator and the Treasure Pavilion before saying meaningfully, "When I'm talking with you, I don't want anyone from the other sects around."

"Alright!" After a moment of indecision, the Heavenly Ginseng Daoist Master nodded his head as if he had made up his mind. He then looked at the white robed middle-aged man and said, "Have all of you leave the Treasure Pavilion."

The middle-aged cultivator's body trembled, but he didn't dare to say a single word. He didn't even look at Wei Suo before turning around and dashing into the Treasure Pavilion. A moment later, he and dozens of shop assistants walked out of the Treasure Pavilion, their heads lowered as they prepared to leave.


Wei Suo flew down from the sky and landed not far away from the group of people. He said indifferently, "I told you to leave, but none of the things in the Treasure Pavilion were taken away by you. "Aside from carrying clothes, leave behind the rest of the treasures, magic tools, and other items. If you dare to hide anything, don't blame me for being impolite."

Hearing Wei Suo's words, the faces of the white robed middle-aged man and the others became even paler. However, these people didn't dare to say anything unnecessary and didn't dare to show any displeased expressions. They all silently took out all of their belongings and left the Treasure Pavilion as quickly as possible.

"Daoist Master Tian Can, please."

After putting away all the things that these people had taken out, Wei Suo said a few words to Daoist Tian Can before walking into the Treasure Pavilion.

After hesitating for a moment, Sage Tianshen grit his teeth and walked into the great hall of the Treasure Pavilion with an ugly expression on his face.

"Since Dao Master Tian Can is so cooperative, then let's get to the point." Seeing the ugly face of Sage Tianshen walk in and standing still, Wei Suo stood beside Ji Ya and Han Weiwei. After saying a few words to Ji Ya and Han Weiwei, he looked at Sage Tianshen and said, "Now, Heaven has two choices. One is to continue to be enemies with us at Dongyao resort." "The other option is to distance ourselves from Dongyao Resort. That way, we might be able to turn our hostility into friendship."

"You really are an Aurous Core stage cultivator. Under the siege of Dongyao Resort and Star Condensation Sect, you even killed dozens of cultivators that were besieging you, severely injuring Daoist Long Feng?" At this time, Daoist Master Tianshen seemed to have calmed down a bit. He didn't answer Wei Suo's question, but instead asked this question.

Wei Suo did not say anything. He stretched out his hand and directly condensed the Lingzhi shaped Archaic Fierce Flame. At the same time, he released his Spiritual Sense with all his might and pressed down towards the Heavenly Ginseng Daoist Master.

He opened his mouth, but was unable to say anything for a moment. After a moment, a trace of a wry smile appeared on the face of Sage Tiantong, "If my answer today is not satisfactory to Fellow Daoist, then I'm afraid that Fellow Daoist will definitely not let me return to the Heavenly Sect alive?"

"Of course." Wei Suo nodded his head and said without hesitation, "If the Heaven Sect wants to make an enemy out of me and you are here, I will of course think of a way to get rid of an Aurous Core stage cultivator first."

Daoist Tian Can bitterly smiled and said, "Since Fellow Daoist is so strong and has put it this way, I can only accept Fellow Daoist's proposal to put aside our relationship with Dongyao Resort. It's just Fellow Daoist's conditions, I presume, that won't be so simple?"

"I want the Treasure Pavilion's income for the past three years. From now on, I'll leave this Treasure Pavilion in charge of the sect. However, the head storekeeper is still Ji Ya, and we'll take 80% of all the spirit stones he earns." Wei Suo glanced at him, "This condition of mine shouldn't be considered excessive?"

"Naturally, there is no problem with this condition." "But the Treasure Pavilion is mainly dealing with alchemy. Previously, Li Shaohua was skilled in alchemy, and he had a batch of alchemist disciples under his command, but we don't have many alchemists in the Sky Sect. If the Treasure Pavilion is given to us to manage, we are afraid that we won't be able to match up to him."

"You don't have to worry about that. Ji Ya will take out a set of pill formulas, and you can choose a few talented disciples for Ji Ya to teach."

"If that is the case, then naturally, we, the Heavenly Sect, cannot reject your suggestion." However, to make us admit that the Treasure Pavilion's plot has a huge impact on the entire Sky Sect, we must at least keep it a secret. " After thinking for a while, Sage Tianshen helplessly said.

"As long as Heaven Sect disregards their relationship with Dongyao Resort, this can all be blamed on Dongyao Resort. You can pretend that you don't know anything."

"Alright!" Hearing Wei Suo's words, Daoist Master Tianshen gritted his teeth and seemed to have made up his mind. He said, "I agree to this condition on behalf of Heaven Sect."

"In that case, this Treasure Pavilion will be given to you to take over first. After a few days, we'll naturally come to find you again. " Wei Suo did not waste any time on idle chatter. After saying this, he brought Ji Ya, Han Weiwei, and the simple-minded duo with him and flew out of Spirit Mountain City.

Seeing that Daoist Master Tian Can had followed the four of them out of the Treasure Pavilion and was circling around the Treasure Pavilion, even the cultivators of Heaven's Gate did not dare to stop them. They could only allow Wei Suo and the others to leave.

Seeing that Wei Suo and the others had completely disappeared from his line of sight, Sage Tian Can could only helplessly smile and shake his head. After mumbling something to himself, he turned around and flew back to the gates of Heaven's Gate.

… ….

"Sovereign, what's the decision on this matter?"

Fifteen cultivators were seated cross-legged within an extraordinarily magnificent hall, seemingly carved from pure silver and inlaid with many white crystals.

The cultivator seated at the very top looked to be around thirty years old and had an extremely handsome face. He wore a silver magic robe that seemed to be formed from countless stars; it was the Sect Master of the Star Condensation Sect, Han Wuya.

At this moment, the one who spoke was a long-faced old man wearing a red-colored magic treasure that was engraved with a square hole that looked like a copper coin. The old man's gaze was like lightning, and his gaze was constantly flashing; it was the Grand Elder of the Star Condensation Sect, Song Yang.

The other thirteen cultivators were also the most powerful elders of the Star Condensation Sect.

The Star Condensation Sect was similar to many other sects in that they respected cultivation. Other than being the Sect Master, who had observed it for a long time, tested it, and set it early, the other cultivators would automatically become Elders and enjoy the Elder's salary as long as they reached the Perception Reaching Realm. And once one reached the fourth level of the Fragmentation Realm, he would be promoted to the level of Elder Headmaster. Together with the Sect Leader, he could decide on important matters.

The Star Condensation Sect currently didn't have any Aurous Core stage cultivators, but they had fifteen fourth level or higher cultivators of the Fragmentation Realm. In addition, they had the Fallen Star God Bow and other magical equipment that could threaten the life of any Aurous Core stage cultivator.

Now that all of the Elders and Elders had gathered, it was clear that they were here to discuss what would happen today.

The Star Condensation Sect was outside of the Seven Stars City, but it had also been killed by Wei Suo over twenty cultivators. Moreover, they had also killed quite a few Spirit Severing Elders. This was something that had never happened in the Star Condensation Sect in the past hundred years.

However, the extremely scheming Han Wuya did not say anything. His finger gently tapped the armrest of the silver treasure chair he was seated on, appearing to be pondering, but also appearing to be waiting for something.

Suddenly, a respectful voice rang out from outside this exceptionally beautiful silver great hall, "Sect Master, Elders, Dongyao Sachet Elder Bai Xuanji wishes to seek an audience."

"Very good, I'm finally here."

Hearing this, Han Wuya's finger suddenly stopped moving on the silver armrest. A trace of a cold smile appeared on his face. "You brought Elder Bai directly here."

"Yes, disciple." The Star Condensation disciple immediately responded respectfully.

"Master, you're not going to make any decision, are you? Are you waiting for this Bai Xuansui?" The Star Condensation Sect's Great Elder Song Yang frowned and couldn't help but ask, "Could it be that the Sect Master has already made an agreement with Dongyao Resort to deal with that person together?"

"That cultivator's sacred art is at least comparable to that of a cultivator at the second level of the Aurous Core stage. Why would I make such a decision? " Han Wuya waved his hand at Song Yang, signalling him not to be impatient, and coldly said, "I naturally want to deal with this person, otherwise, after killing so many of our cultivators, the two great sects will not be able to deal with a single rogue cultivator. If word got out, the Star Condensation Sect would lose all face, and perhaps there won't be any talented cultivators willing to join our Star Condensation Sect. But just based on our Star Condensation Sect alone, we might not have the confidence to deal with him. However, since Dongyao Resort is even more shameful and wants to deal with this cultivator, they will definitely come to discuss this with us. As for whether or not he was going to deal with this person, that would depend on whether or not Dongyao had any trump cards. If they do not have the strength to convince us, it will take ten years for a gentleman to take revenge.

"The grand master is right." Great Elder Song Yang and the surrounding elders looked at each other and nodded. After that, they did not say anything else.

In less than half an incense stick of time, "Elder Bai has arrived." The respectful and respectful voice of the Star Condensation Sect disciple rang out, and after which, wearing a white robe, with his long hair in a braid, Bai Xuanji walked in from the entrance of the hall.

"Elder Bai, something big has happened. Why isn't Sect Head Dong coming over personally?"

Han Wuya's finger tapped the silver handrail when he saw Bai Xuanji walk in. He asked directly with an expressionless face.

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