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Facing the fierce Black Killer, Zhang Yunyan fell into a desperate situation of death. She was unable to escape and had no ability to fight against.

The reality was too cruel. She could not change it and had nowhere to escape, but had to face it and bear all the terrible consequences.

It was pure luck to escape from death last time, but she would not be that lucky this time. At this moment, she had no retreat, but to risk her life to fight against him. No matter life or death, she could not care that much.

When Zhang Yunyan saw that Black Killer was taking a kid away, she felt sorry for this poor kid.

This was a boy at around 5 or 6 years old and was crying and struggling.

Yunyan knew that there would not be good results for this kid arrested by Black Bear Demon, but she had no ability to save him, which made her more painful.

In the wilderness, there were no birds flying, but only the monster's screaming and kid's crying left. It was shocking and horrible.

Horror, misery, tension, despair... The terrible atmosphere instantly raised and engulfed all the creatures.

There used to be a quiet place, but changed into hell for a second. Monsters were raging, which was horrible and terrifying.

Facing the fierce Black Killer, Zhang Yunyan was very nervous and scared. She was worried about the terrible consequences.

At this moment, she had no time to take care of her own life and death. Since she could not escape, she was desperate for a stroke and hoped to save that kid.

Yunyan knew Black Bear Demon hated her deeply and his lust was altered. She would not only be killed by this monster but also abused by him ruthlessly. It was as hard as reaching heaven for her to escape from death.

Last time, she encountered Black Killer for the first time at Yulong Lake of her hometown. She could only survive when the white evil dragon appeared.

At this moment, Zhang Yunyan encountered this horrible Black Bear Demon again. She would not be that lucky. She had to try her best to fight against before she died.

She made up her mind that since she was definitely going to die, she had to accept, but she could not be raped by this monster. It could be called luck if she could keep her chastity.

Though Zhang Yunyan's life was at stake, she could not wait to die. She clenched her teeth and stabilized her nervousness, preparing for fighting against Black Killer.

Black Bear Demon's expression was horrible and he also felt pleased when met his enemy in the past. "Bitch, I did not expect that you really had a precious treasure. It owns great power. You nearly trapped me last time. How could you call out that white dragon? What kind of treasure could transform into it?"

"Monster, I have plenty of treasures. The white dragon is just one of them and is not the best one. If I take out the most powerful treasure, even a tougher expert could be eliminated from this world instantly, so are you, such a trivial monster."

Zhang Yunyan was nervous and incapable of fighting the monster. Finding that Black Killer mistook the white dragon as one of her treasure, she worked out some confusing words to cheat the monster and hoped to frighten him away.

She knew how fierce this monster would be. He even hoped to swallow her up and tortured her and would not be that easy to be frightened away.

She behaved bravely enough to threaten the Black Bear Demon, which might only be a way to vent her angry emotion and smooth her nervousness. She was preparing to fight to the death.

When Black Killer encountered the white dragon by Yulong Lake, he experienced a tough and horrible situation. He would still be scared when thinking of that scene.

At this moment, he was more shocked by Zhang Yunyan's words. He nervously stared at his enemy, preventing that horrible treasure showed up again.

He believed that everything could be lost except for his life. He would escape away when things changed.

Zhang Yunyan found that Black Killer was nervous, so she did not take action immediately. Perhaps, her threatening words worked well.

She felt a little bit hopeful and wished this monster could leave quickly, so she could protect the kid and her own life.

She had her own missions and needed to complete the vows to kill Yan Xiaopeng. She did not hope to waste her time here and could not die.

Zhang Yunyan eased her nervousness and shouted, "Black Killer, you know the God of Earth? Can you compare with him? In front of that old monster, you are even like an ant. You have nothing to match with him."

Black Killer was stunned. His enemy's words were true. The God of Earth was an unrivaled master, so how could he match with him?

Yunyan found that he was a little bit nervous. She snorted, "Even if the God of Earth is a master in this world, I'm not afraid of him. Facing my treasure, he's just a piece of cake and will lose his life."

Hearing this, Black Killer was much more nervous. The God of Earth was a tough guy and could be considered as a tyrant in this world. Nobody dared to bother him. If the woman's words were true, her treasures were really powerful and scaring.

A piece of greedy turned out of his nervousness. If this powerful treasure belonged to him, who could defeat him in this world?

Zhang Yunyan shouted, "Black Killer, if you just leave right now, I can give you mercy. Life or death is on your choice. Don't look for death. Otherwise, I will not only summon the white dragon, but also take out more powerful treasures. Just for a second, you will disappear completely from the world!"

Black Killer was trembling and felt much more nervous, looking at Zhang Yunyan's movement and taking precautions.

He was not scared away or held on. He was somewhat skeptical about his enemy's words and was considering what to do.

Black Bear Demon's memory of encountering Zhang Yunyan for the first time was still fresh. He never forgot and had been looking for the chance to revenge. He would not give up this rare opportunity.

He was still thinking, observing, and making a decision. He also kept thinking Yunyan's treasures, for which he would not easily let go of his enemy.

The monster dared not look down upon Zhang Yunyan and could not let her take the advantage. In case of changes, he was secretly made a plan in his mind.

He dared not act rashly and should be careful everywhere. He could neither let go of the enemy, nor be hurt by her. As he said before, everything could be lost except for his life.

Black Bear Demon could not figure out Zhang Yunyan's real cards and did not know whether her threatening words were true. Which part she was bragging? It depended.

He had already fought against Zhang Yunyan hand to hand and knew a lot about her capability. He looked down upon her at the bottom of his heart but was afraid of her treasures.

He was not willing to admit his fright in front of a small woman, and would not give up the opportunity to revenge.

Besides, Yunyan was such a beautiful woman and was not easy to see in this world. He had dreamed about her for a long time and his lust desire for her was alerted.

Black Killer had made a decision that he would not only kill his enemy for his anger, but also enjoy her body. Otherwise, the anger in his heart could not be put off, the lust desire of his body and mind could not be satisfied, and sexual emotion could not be smoothed.

Black Bear Demon built up his courage and snorted. "B*tch, I Black Killer would not be afraid of you even if you're talking big. I suggest you hand over those treasures and have fun with me. Then, you can save your life."

Zhang Yunyan found that this monster was still focusing on her treasures. She could only wear a bitter smile. Even if she was willing to hand them over to him, she had no treasures in her hand.

However, she did have a treasure, the silver-white Magical Dragon Sword. She spared all her efforts to get this sword, so how could she send it to a monster? She would never agree even if she lost her life.

Black Killer shook his head and advised, "Girl, listen to me. Everything could be lost except for your life. Grandpa gradually realizes this truth for my whole life. Today, I'd like to send it to you, which is enough for your entire life. Think about it. Nothing will be left if you lose your life for worldly possessions. It's not worthy. Don't be foolish to make a wrong decision."

When Zhang Yunyan noticed that he had no intention to leave, she was upset. It seemed that a fierce fight between them would be inevitable.

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