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### Chapter 24 - dragon roar vibration

Fengyuan Merchant Union.

Liu Feng placed eight talismans and ten Highest Grade Medicine Powder s on the table.

"He's a complete genius!"

"Although your cultivation isn't high, your Alchemy and talismans aren't something an ordinary Grandmaster can compare to."

When he spoke, Liu Feng was still full of excitement.

The top quality talisman.

Illusionary, wind, and water type talismans. If these were refined by the three of them, then it wouldn't be much, but if all of them were created by a single person, then it would be amazing.

The veiled young lady said lightly: "You have done very well. With him around, our Feng Yuan Merchant Union will have a monopoly on the Fire Glass Dynasty's medicine market, the talisman market will not be far away."

"Pass down my orders."

"Start spreading the news throughout the city, promoting the top-grade Talisman-Dollars as the focal point. Doesn't he like money? Let him earn enough this time. This way, he'll definitely be grateful to our Fengyuan Merchant Union."

Liu Feng nodded: "Yes!"

… ….

The feeling of having a huge sum of money was rather perturbed.

Long Fei kept having the feeling that someone was following him, and his heart was beating much faster than usual.

After making sure no one was following him, he returned home.

After resting for a few hours.


Long Fei walked to the courtyard.

"Phew …" "Huff …" He adjusted his breathing and quickly calmed down.

He checked his attributes.

Player: Long Fei

Rank: Level 6 Battle-Master

Experience Points: 19780/250000

true breath value: 1300 (full)

Skills: Toading Skill (God), dragon salyer technique (God), Basic Sword, Alchemy, Talisman Techniques …

Energy Values: 100

Integral Value: 290

war pet: Xiao Bai, Child (Divine Beast)

… ….

A series of attributes appeared in Long Fei's mind.

"The true breath is worth 1300 points!" Long Fei muttered to himself, then made some calculations. Three minutes later.

Long Fei suddenly moved.

On the table, Long Fei drew out the 'Level 9 Flood Dragon Blood Essence with all his might', continuously drawing and drawing.

whoosh whoosh whoosh … *

whoosh whoosh whoosh … *

Long Fei's forehead was drenched in sweat, as though it was dancing soybeans rolling down his forehead.

The true breath was being rapidly consumed.

"Buzz buzz …"

Explosions continuously exploded in his mind as Long Fei's concept completely entered into the world of talismans.

The last stroke, followed by a fierce one.

At this moment.

"Roar …"

A dragon's roar soared into the sky, exploding in the air above the Long family's residence.

At the same time.

Long Fei's face was pale white, he collapsed on the ground, holding the talisman that he had just refined, he was extremely excited, "Success."

"It's a success!"

"Hahaha... I did it! "

A Level 9 Flood Dragon's blood essence was something that Sword Teeth Tiger's blood essence couldn't compare to. With its immense energy and the powerful Antiphasic Force, Long Fei clenched his teeth and endured to the last step.

Fortunately, he had succeeded.

The rank nine Flood Dragon's blood essence was only one point. If it failed, it would be gone.

And then …

Long Fei immediately looked at the properties of the talisman.

Talisman: Wyrm Long Fei Heavenly Talisman

Grade: Third-rank (god level)

Activating: 1500 true breath s

Damage: Instant kill of all Level 5 war chief Warriors!


"Instantly killing all the warriors at the fifth level of war chief, hahaha … Long Zhanwu, what level of cultivation are you at? " Long Fei was incomparably excited.

With this Winged Flood Dragon Long Fei's Heavenly Talisman, it was equivalent to possessing a protective talisman. There was no need to be afraid when facing Long Zhanwu in the future.

However …

There was one thing that made Long Fei a little unhappy.

Activating this talisman would cost 1500 true breath s. He only had 1,300 points, so he was still unable to use it.

However …

Long Fei was not too worried. He only needed 6,000 experience points to level up, after reaching Level 7 as a Battlemaster, he would definitely be able to reach 1500 true breath.


"I can finally sleep well." Long Fei was elated in his heart. Previously, Long Zhanwu was like a mountain crushing down on his heart, but now, he could finally breathe a sigh of relief.

… ….

He was sleeping soundly, but the real Fire Glass City was in an uproar because of the dragon's roar just now.

"Dragon roar, Long family's direction."

"Do any disciples of the Long family awaken the dragon god's blood essence?"

"Investigate, go investigate immediately!"

"We absolutely cannot let the Long family have another Dragon God Warrior! We absolutely cannot!"

… ….

The Long family was also instantly lit up.

Long Zhanwu frowned.

One of the guards hurriedly reported, "Grand Elder, we didn't discover anything."

Long Zhanwu's face turned sinister as he said, "There was a dragon roar next year, how could I not have noticed it?"

The dragon cry meant that the dragon god's blood essence had been awakened.

The dragon cry just now wasn't loud enough, but it was also a dragon cry. It was definitely the awakening of the Dragon God Warriors. This meant that the Long family had a new Dragon God Warrior.

The same!

This meant that he had a new enemy.

Long Zhanye walked into the hall and said: "Big Brother, that dragon roar just now came from the rear mountains, could it be that Long Fei that brat recovered the Dragon God's blood essence?"

Then, the guard said in a low voice: "We just arrived at Long Fei's courtyard. He is truly sleeping soundly in his room.


Long Zhanwu pondered for a moment, and said: "The Pubes is broken, the veins are stagnant, and the Dragon God's blood essence is extracted, making it impossible to recover, so it shouldn't be him."

Long Zhanye also nodded, and said: "Then who could it be?"

"Could it be Long Zhanhai's men?"

This was what Long Zhanwu was most worried about.

Long Zhanhai was the Acting Patriarch and seemed to be in closed door cultivation, but he had his own trusted aides in the Long family as well as many of his direct disciples.

If it was Long Zhanhai's people, then it would be very disadvantageous to him.

The muscles at the corner of Long Zhanwu's eyes twitched as he said solemnly, "No matter who it is, I'm determined to win the battle three days later!"

… ….

In the secret room.

Long Zhanhai was also awoken by the dragon's roar. "Dragon's Roar, the Dragon God Warrior Awakening?"

"Who could it be?"

… ….

In the secret room of Master.

The Grand Preceptor's eyes opened as well. "A dragon's roar?" "It seems like I have to leave early!"

… ….

Dragons had not appeared in the Fire Glass Dynasty for a long time.

Other than the generation of the Great Ancestor, no one else in the Long family had ever seen a dragon before. This was the reason why the dragon's roar had fooled them, and everyone in the Fire Glass City.

That night, it was unusually restless.

The various powers were all inquiring about the dragon roar from before.

Even the Nangong Imperial Family didn't sleep at all.

At the house of the Divine Zhuge Marquis.

Li Martial Arts Sect.

Prince Nangong's house.

All the Rankers in four pillars stayed up all night.

The dragon cry meant the awakening of the Dragon God Warriors. This was something they were most afraid of.

The Long family had lost a Dragon God soldier, injuring the Long family's vital energy greatly. Yet another Dragon God soldier appeared this time?

They began to worry.

At the same time.

In the undercurrents of the Fire Glass City, because the dragon's roar had slowed down by quite a bit, the competition among the various forces had also slowly calmed down.

This gave the Long family a lot of time.

… ….

Of course.

Regarding everything that was happening outside, Long Fei did not know a thing.

Having not slept for several days, he really wanted to sleep for three days and three nights.

… ….

Time flew.

In the blink of an eye, three days passed.

The auction held by the Fengyuan Merchant Union had begun.

The four pillars, the famous aristocrats, the Nangong Imperial Family, as well as a few other countries' financial groups, all came!

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