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The Undead Bird bloodline and Chen Xiang's Yulong blood had the same unique property. When the two combined, it produced a strange effect.

However, she still could not understand how Chen Xiang could recover so quickly after drinking his blood. She looked at Chen Xiang with a face full of suspicion.

The wound on Chen Xiang's wrist that was bleeding had already healed. Seeing Ji Meixian's expression, he felt very uncomfortable in his heart. He had just personally seen this woman, who hated him to the core, drink his blood.

"You've almost recovered. Don't think about my blood anymore!" Chen Xiang said. Actually, he also wanted to try and see what effect the fusion had on Ji Meixian.

The speed at which she recovered from her injuries could be said to be her own god's speed. If she could fuse with the kind of bloodline in Chen Xiang's body, then she might be invincible under the heavens. Her bloodline would be even stronger than the Undying Bird.

If it was in the past, she would probably think of ways to fuse Chen Xiang's bloodline with it. But she was only a female slave of Chen Xiang now, and there was simply no chance at all.

"You should know how formidable the powerful bloodline is!" I'll tell you what kind of bloodline it is, that's the Yulong blood that I helped this little scoundrel find. As long as you follow me, you'll benefit a lot in the future. " Long Xueyi said with an arrogant face.

"Go to the side, the Yulong blood that I obtained doesn't seem to have much to do with you." Chen Xiang looked at her in disdain.

"It was my, the supreme Heavenly Dragon Supreme Lord's, luck that brought you such a powerful object." Long Xueyi said proudly, as if that was the truth.

Ji Meixian let out a long sigh. She never thought that Chen Xiang would actually have a Yulong blood.

If he fused the two, it would be much better.

"little maid, if you want to obtain Yulong blood, there is a very good way, which is to dual cultivate with this little scoundrel. Many female dragons of Imperial Dragon Race would want to use this way to obtain Yulong blood, however, jade dragons generally do not fancy it." Long Xueyi's beautiful face carried an evil smile.

"Humph!" Ji Meixian looked at Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou, and couldn't help but let her imagination run wild. She had heard the legends of the Jade Dragon before, if she could really get a Yulong blood, then she would become even stronger. At least in battle, when she was injured, she could quickly repair herself.

"Hey, this is something that's good for both of you, through that method, your undead bird bloodline can also be transmitted to him, but it seems like this can only be accomplished after a few times of dual cultivation. At that time, Little Scoundrel also will have the undead bird bloodline, so this Emperor can directly obtain the strongest bloodline from him, and adding my white dragon blood, haha …" I will definitely become a supreme Heavenly Dragon Supreme Lord in the future. " Long Xueyi laughed.

"Little pervert, stop dreaming!" Chen Xiang pinched her cheek.

"This is not a dream. This can indeed be achieved. If you don't believe me, you can start right away." Long Xueyi was not the least bit afraid of this matter as she felt that it was as normal as if she was eating.

Ji Meixian's cold jade face slightly flushed. Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou seemed to have long gotten used to this crazy little dragon girl, as they only let out a light sigh.

"Alright, let's return to Pill City now. We'll think about it after we swindle White Sea Imperial Land and the Relive Dan away." Chen Xiang looked at Ji Meixian and said: "Once everything is done, I'll see if the situation allows you to continue staying in White Sea Imperial Land."

"Whatever. My life is not on my side right now. You have the final say." Although Ji Meixian said that, in her heart, she was extremely unwilling to listen to Chen Xiang's arrangements, but she could only accept it.

"I don't have any feelings for the White Sea Imperial Land. If I wasn't more outstanding inside, I would have already been squeezed to death inside. You can do whatever you want with them."

Chen Xiang laughed: "How can that work? You better stay in White Sea Imperial Land, and when you become stronger and the White Sea Imperial Land is under your control, I will be able to do whatever I want. "

"That's right, as long as you dare to force the position of the Leader with her, kill them all and let your little maid become the Leader, the White Sea Imperial Land would be under your control." Long Xueyi said.

Ji Meixian had that thought right now. Ji Meixian was already his female slave, and this was a matter of getting nailed to a board. Moreover, Ji Meixian didn't dare to betray his master, as she was completely under Chen Xiang's control.

Although Hua Xiangyue and Dongfang Xinyue were both his female slaves, Chen Xiang didn't control them. There weren't any restrictions on the Master-servant Contract, which was different from Ji Meixian's personality.

"I had this thought from the start. If I had you secretly assisting me, I would be able to live a better life in the White Sea Imperial Land in the future." In order to make herself feel better in the future, Ji Meixian could only do this, but Chen Xiang truly had a lot of power and grasped a lot of resources.

I know that your ultimate goal is to recover your strength. As long as this kid reaches that level and refines those pills, the three of us will be able to recover our true strength. If you want to cultivate to your original strength, not only will it take a long time, you will also encounter many obstacles. Su Meiyao said.

"We'll head to Pill City first. As for the scam of the White Sea Imperial Land and the Feng Clan's Relive Dan, I'll come find you after I've thought of a fooled plan." Chen Xiang said. In order for Ji Meixian to be able to control the White Sea Imperial Land in the future, he could not let Ji Meixian take the risk.

Su Meiyao, Bai Youyou and Long Xueyi entered the ring, Chen Xiang brought Ji Meixian up there, opened a dimensional door, and went into the mountain forest outside of Pill City.

Ji Meixian returned to the Pill City alone and set up a formation outside the city. In order to fool the Relive Dan, he had to show himself first. For safety's sake, he had to set up a formation so that he wouldn't be able to escape when surrounded and attacked.

First, I will create a cave abode, and then I will send people from the White Sea Imperial Land or the Feng Clan to bring it here. The person who provides the clues can obtain fifty Relive Dan, and as long as the clues are real, I can get them. Chen Xiang decided to use the first method, which was to bring the person into this cave. He wanted to see how reliable Feng Clan and the others could be when they told him how much the bounty was.

In order to make people believe that Chen Xiang had set up many arrays within the cave, these arrays were already a piece of cake for him. Furthermore, he had even placed some clothes that he had washed, as well as some aura of the Dragon Power.

"Alright, let's trap Feng Clan first! If it's White Sea Imperial Land, then let's cooperate with him. " Chen Xiang left the cave. He planned to wait for a few days before heading back, because this cave looked too new.

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