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The Caomu heavenly Dan was caught in Chen Xiang's hand and could not be placed into the Youyao ring, which was very strange.

When Zhao Yiprofound and Feng Ziprofound arrived in front of Chen Xiang, they both struck out with their palms at the same time. The force behind the palm was extremely strong, the wind produced from the palm strike broke all the trees behind Chen Xiang, and Chen Xiang barely dodged it, but he was still shaken to the point where he spat out blood.

"Eat it!" Su Meiyao said.

From the looks of it, Zhao Yiprofound and Feng Ziprofound were going to plunder the Caomu heavenly Dan s no matter what methods they use, and so they struck out at Chen Xiang consecutively. But being attacked by the two experts, Chen Xiang was able to dodge more than ten of them.

"Hand it over!" Zhao Yiprofound shouted coldly, her jade palm released a kind of light blue icy Qi, causing her surroundings to be covered in cold ice and frost. Her palm struck down, and at the same time, it released a burst of cold wind that blew towards Feng Ziprofound, as though she wanted to take all the Caomu heavenly Dan s by herself.

However, Zhao Yiprofound's expression immediately changed, because the one sealed in the ice was not Chen Xiang, but was only an illusion.

Chen Xiang was already hiding behind a tree and swallowing the Caomu heavenly Dan. When Zhao Yiprofound and Feng Ziprofound rushed over, it was already too late, because the Caomu heavenly Dan had already melted into Chen Xiang's body and started to merge with it.

"You …" Zhao Yiprofound waved his hand and slapped across, but it only hit an illusion. His palm hit the big tree and cracked the tree trunk.

Chen Xiang's body overflowed with a light green mist. He was hiding within the dense leaves on top of a large tree, as if he had merged with the leaves, so no one could discover him.

Zhao Yiprofound and Feng Ziprofound were shocked, they cursed Chen Xiang in their hearts while looking all over the place. Ji Meixian being ordered to look for Chen Xiang was even more so, because she could not sense Chen Xiang with her spirit sense. All she knew was that Chen Xiang was still nearby, and that it was all because of Master-servant Contract.

"Damned slut. You were almost killed by her. Don't ever hope to leave this place alive in your life." At this time, Chen Xiang was extremely angry. Fortunately he had already merged with the Caomu heavenly Dan, so even Ji Meixian was not able to find him.

"Eating this Caomu heavenly Dan can allow you to integrate with nature, making it easier for you to comprehend the natural power of the earth, allowing you to absorb the plant essence. Furthermore, it will allow your aura to completely merge with nature and not be discovered by others. " Su Meiyao heaved a sigh of relief. Just now, he was truly shocked to discover that being ambushed by two Heaven Realm Rankers meant that he was weak. It was not because of Chen Xiang's rich experience in battle, but because of the heavy injuries.

Zhao Yiprofound and Feng Ziprofound knew that it was a Caomu heavenly Dan, even in the Heaven Realm, it was extremely valuable, allowing many people to snatch it until their heads bled.

Now, they knew that Chen Xiang had hidden himself to merge with the Caomu heavenly Dan. If Chen Xiang succeeded in doing so, he would be able to escape their pursuit. In the future, even if they had an even stronger treasure, they would not be able to find Chen Xiang.

Zhao Yiprofound took out a round green jade plate. On the green jade plate, there was a finger array, and the finger array was frantically revolving. Chen Xiang guessed that the green jade plate was a tracking treasure, but it was obviously ineffective now, and was unable to pinpoint the direction.

Feng Ziprofound also had a Green Jade Plate, and under the same situation, the array would spin, with no fixed target.

"This is troublesome!" Zhao Yiprofound frowned and muttered to himself. He was even stomping his feet vigorously, because if Chen Xiang left this Lion Mountain, they would be trapped here forever.

Although Ji Meixian had obediently listened to her arrangements, she was gloating in her heart. She was an experienced person, and had suffered many losses at Chen Xiang's hands, so these two people who were stronger than her, were still toyed around with by her. Now, she was trapped and died here.

She was Chen Xiang's little maid, and her relationship with Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao's master was very complicated. Chen Xiang regarded her very highly, and would not abandon her.

While Chen Xiang was fusing with the Caomu heavenly Dan, he was also considering whether he should use Zhao Yiprofound and Feng Ziprofound. However, these two were too dangerous, he had almost been killed just now.

However, just him and Ji Meixian alone would be in danger here. If they bumped into some powerful beasts or anything like that, they would be in danger.

"Chen Xiang, come out, I promise I will not do anything to you, I can swear a blood oath!" Zhao Yiprofound became anxious. They had not been able to find him for more than six hours, but they had no idea that Chen Xiang had been hiding inside that tree the entire time.

Chen Xiang sneered in his heart. He would not go out, he had to continue waiting, since this Lion Mountain was safe anyway and the spirit energy here was suitable for his cultivation. It would not be a problem for him to stay here for a year or so.

"As long as you come out, we will immediately swear a blood oath and never make a move on you again!" Feng Ziprofound was even more anxious, he did not want to stay in this damned place forever. Even if he was trapped for ten or eight years, he was still extremely unwilling.

Feng Ziprofound and Zhao Yiprofound were both the Heavenly Sisters of the big powers, with their current strength they could only cultivate after absorbing the immortal qi. They did not have much pills, so if they were trapped here for too long, they would not be able to raise their strength at all. At that time, they would just die of old age, and if their situation dragged on for too long, someone from Heaven Realm would take over their position, and their good days would soon come to an end.

Ji Meixian looked at Zhao Yiprofound's anxious and furious expression, and thought to himself: You obviously have a favor to ask, and yet you still want to kill someone else, you deserve it!

She knew Chen Xiang was still in the Lion Mountain, and she also understood that Chen Xiang's current plan was to make Zhao Yiprofound and Feng Ziprofound anxious on purpose.

"little maid, you must think of a way to lure those two idiots over to the Transmission array. I remember that the stone tablet mentioned that there is a Transmission array that is disguised as a killing array. If it succeeds, both idiots will be injured by the killing array. Don't be afraid to get hurt, I have pills to help you recover. " Chen Xiang pondered for a while and finally thought of a good idea.

After Ji Meixian received Chen Xiang's sound transmission, he immediately replied: "Okay, tell me the location of the killing array, I'll try my best to deceive them."

She was wearing divine clothes, and since Chen Xiang had already returned the undergarment to her, it was already complete and even more powerful than before. Therefore, Chen Xiang was not worried that she would be killed by the killing array, at most she would suffer a little.

Ji Meixian was not afraid of hardships, she just wanted to quickly get rid of Zhao Yiprofound and ruthlessly slap this woman on her face dozens of times.

Chen Xiang told Ji Meixian the direction of the killing array. Ji Meixian's eyes flickered, as he was thinking of a lie.

After thinking about it, she sent a sound transmission to Zhao Yiprofound: "Miss Heavenly Maiden, I think we should search for those Transmission array first. This Lion Mountain isn't really that big, we just need to take some time to find them. We can also threaten him, if he doesn't come out, we will destroy the Transmission array and perish together with him! "

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