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Just now, a few of their elders were injured by the great array of the Dragon Subduing City. There were not many who were still able to participate in the battle, although the Leader did not sustain too many injuries, it was not a joke when facing off against Huang Jintian.

Wu Xu was extremely furious in his heart, if he had known that Gu Dongchen had this move, he would not have let so many people get slapped. Although it did not harm his body, it did harm his dignity.

Gu Dongchen's strength was about the same as Wu Xu's. If they fought, it would be hard to determine the victor, but they couldn't fight anymore. Furthermore, the effect of Huang Jintian's attack had already been achieved, and that was to ruthlessly humiliate Flying Immortal School. This way, in the Three Realms Talk's territory, their Super Martial School would not be looked down upon, and would have a certain amount of authority to speak.

"Huang Jintian, don't push it too far!" Wu Xu was like an angry bull as he charged over from afar, stepping out of numerous craters in the ground.

Wu Xu was raging, full of killing intent. With a ferocious face, he roared while rushing towards Huang Jintian, his appearance was extremely terrifying.

"Martial Ancestor, you said that you would handle this!" Gu Dongchen suddenly felt a wave of pressure. If he and Wu Xu were to fight, even if he won, he definitely wouldn't have an easy time. At the most, it would just be a miserable victory.

Huang Jintian waved his sleeves, released a wave of energy and pushed both Wu Kaiming and Gu Dongchen, who were beside him, away.

At the same time, Wu Xu's fist came smashing over, the shockwave created fiery red ripples, the power was extremely astonishing, but Wu Xu's strength was still extremely strong.

Huang Jintian was calm, he stood where he was without moving, waiting for Wu Xu's fist to smash down. He held out his five fingers, and struck out with a palm, striking the fiery red fist.


The sound was extremely shocking. It was as though dozens of thunderbolts had exploded at the same time, setting off a wave of flames and bringing boiling hot air in all directions, scorching a large patch of land!

As the Leader, Wu Xu's strength was already very strong. In that furious strike just now, he had used all of his strength, but Huang Jintian, like Feng Qingyun, calmly received the attack. Huang Jintian's strength had exceeded the imaginations of many people!

"Wu Xu is not weak, the reason why he was slapped by Gu Dongchen earlier was only because he did not expect Gu Dongchen to train in the Void Spirit Body. If Gu Dongchen were to fight with him, it would be difficult for him to win, but Huang Jintian seems to have easily received his punch!"

"Huang Jintian has restrained his power inside his body, and after striking out with his palm, there is a force, not like Wu Xu who is overflowing with fire energy. From this point of view, Huang Jintian is even more powerful, not to mention that Huang Jintian has cultivated the Taiji Dragon-suppressed kungfu and is proficient in the five elements, he only used fire just now!"

Many people were amazed!

When the mist surrounding Huang Jintian and Wu Xu dispersed, everyone was even more shocked. The arm that Wu Xu punched earlier, was actually filled with ice!

Just a moment ago, it was clearly two extremely terrifying waves of flame energy clashing against each other, but now, Wu Xu's arm was sealed in ice by a strong ice-cold power, which made many people exclaim in shock!

Kcha …

Wu Xu's arm that was frozen in ice suddenly shattered, becoming pieces of ice and fell to the ground. His entire arm had disappeared!

"Huang Jintian..." Wu Xu's face turned pale as he shouted angrily. At the same time, the cold continued to spread from where he had lost an arm to half of his body.

Huang Jintian laughed coldly, "If you don't want to die, hurry up and expel that cold energy yourself. I have already shown mercy, and will spare your life, whether or not you can survive will all depend on yourself!"

Wu Xu's body trembled, and he immediately used his cultivation to dispel the frightening cold energy. But at this moment, a blue glow flashed, and streaked down from the sky, and pierced through Wu Xu's body!

Everyone was shocked, after Wu Xu's body was penetrated by the blue light, two big holes actually appeared on his stomach and chest. The Sky Pill and the heart in his Dantian were both destroyed, and without any power to resist the cold energy, Wu Xu's body was immediately sealed by ice, which then shattered and turned into a pile of shattered ice, melting on the ground.

"Who is it!" An elder of the Flying Immortal School roared towards the sky, but what responded was a terrifying blue light beam piercing through his forehead.

In another instant, the elder from Flying Immortal School was killed!

Many people were scared witless. This kind of terrifying attack that was difficult to defend against was very difficult to defend against!

"Lan Guang, come out!" Huang Jintian said lightly.

A ray of blue light suddenly flashed across the air. An old man wearing a blue robe with yellow hair hanging loose from his head appeared out of nowhere. The crowd found it difficult to connect this amiable old man with the blue light killer who had just killed the two of them.

Chen Xiang saw this old man from afar and knew that this old man must be Lan Lan's grandfather. If this old man were to find out that Flying Immortal School was bullying Lan Lan, it would definitely be very troublesome.

"Your master is really amazing, but this old man called Lan Guang is even more amazing!" Duan Sanchang's heart was thumping hard when he saw this, he was worried that a blue light would suddenly pierce through his body.

"That is Lan Lan's grandfather, the patriarch of the Blue Blood Race!" Chen Xiang laughed: "It can be said that they are one of us."

"Don't misunderstand, I'm not helping you. I'm just settling a personal grudge with them. These guys used to treat my granddaughter like that, but I gave them a quick death, that's already very generous of them!"

Lan Guang swept his gaze across the remaining elders of the Flying Immortal School, and lightly slapped them with his palm. A few rays of blue light shot out, and instantly pierced through their heads and dantians!

The people from Flying Immortal School were all annihilated, and it was not even the Dragon Subduing School who did this.

"You're so mean. His son lost to Piggy in the past." Huang Jintian chuckled.

"My granddaughter is still missing!" Lan Guangdi's face was a bit ugly. After he finished speaking, he turned into a blue light and shot off in a certain direction, disappearing without a trace.

Li Baojun watched on with satisfaction from the side, he did not expect that without even needing to take action, the people of the Flying Immortal School would be annihilated, but the Flying Immortal School's foundation was strong, and it was an ancient power. There would definitely be many substitutes in the Heaven Realm, so it would not be considered as total annihilation of the entire clan, unless the entire Flying Immortal School were completely destroyed, but that would require a considerable amount of strength.

Huang Jintian also returned to the crowd.

"Do you want to keep making trouble?" Li Baojun looked at the people of Purple Moon Imperial Land and Qian Xuan Mountain. They were strong and didn't have any injuries, so they wouldn't go and provoke an old lunatic like Huang Jintian. Hence, no one would help the Dragon Subduing School anymore.

"The Dragon Subduing School must give us an explanation today. He hurt my people, stole our business, and deliberately discredit the Dan Alliance!" Dan Alliance's Alliance Master Ye Heng shouted. m

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