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The people of the Duan Clan were all looking at Chen Xiang with strange expressions. Only now did they recall that Chen Xiang being able to enter that place by himself was truly a miracle, he actually knew that those strange beasts had reached that realm, and even dared to run around inside!

However, he is not a human, but a very ordinary lion. It can be said that he is a late blooming lion, and he always breaks through at the end of his lifespan, killing in every direction, removing all obstructions that obstruct the unity of the heaven and earth, becoming a Ten Heavens Supreme Lord. [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] Duan Kong said.

Long Xueyi's Imperial Dragon Race only appeared many years after his death, so it was normal for them to not know about this piece of history. However, the Tong Tian Aristocratic Family and Sheng Domain both knew that there were related records of ancient families in this land.

To unite all the families of heaven and earth and become a Ten Heavens Supreme Lord, that was truly admirable. What kind of strength was needed to do that?

"However, he was still unable to make it in time and was buried in the Ten Heavenly Sacred Mountain. That was a tomb that was constructed for him by a group of saints that spanned over ten days. There are definitely dangers, but if he walked the right path, he would be able to enter the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord's tomb." Duan Kong's eyes flickered, he was also not sure if they could smoothly reach that place.

"The strange beast inside was alive for so long, it must have been asleep for so many years, and now it has awoken. After the death of the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord, many other great events must have occurred, causing it to collapse within ten days and turn into countless Mortal Realm.

Chen Xiang didn't want to go in now. He already knew what kind of place it was and he had even been in it before.

"Duan San, we have confirmed it now, the tomb of the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord is inside, don't go in, if old fellows like us can't come out, then we will need someone to pass on the Duan Clan's legacy." Duan Kong patted Duan Sanchang's shoulder, and then, a very old man of the Duan Clan walked into the Rough and Random profound Land with heavy footsteps.

Duan Sanchang seemed to be already used to this kind of thing, because whenever these old fellows went to find those dangerous tombs, they would always tell them, the young ones of the Duan Clan, this.

"Brother Shen, tell me where the tomb of that son of the Demon God is. My hands are itching." Duan Sanchang laughed, he was not worried about his family, he had a carefree look on his face.

"I'm not accompanying you anymore. I don't want to go to that place a second time …" Chen Xiang told them about the Ancient Desolation Forbidden Land, telling Duan Sanchang to be especially careful of the Black Water Poison Pool.

After Duan Sanchang found out about Ancient Wasteland Devil Sect's tomb, he ran away like a rabbit, not even bothering to say a word of thanks.

Chen Xiang walked on the prairie by himself. Although he did not find any spirit medicine in the Rough and Random profound Land s, he still obtained some, and Fire phoenix purple gold were very precious.

Inside the Green Summit City, everyone was discussing about the things that happened inside the Rough and Random profound Land, there were some secrets that only the ancient powers knew, Chen Xiang did not plan to reveal either, otherwise, it would definitely cause many people to be curious.

Chen Xiang had changed his appearance when he entered the city. His master had almost destroyed this city previously, and now there were still many people who brought him up, so he did not dare to be careless.

He had promised Duan Sanchang that he would wait here for him to return from the demon realm. Duan Sanchang seemed to have a method to teleport there as well and he would be back very soon.

He rented a house at the back of an inn. He planned to study the Spirit grain and formations within the "Divine Book". The Divine Book was a very ancient item and it was hidden in the Super Old Sacred Land.

Just as he finished tidying his room, a peerlessly beautiful woman appeared at his door, dressed in snow-white clothes. Her beautiful, jade-like face was filled with frost.

"Chen Xiang, I never thought that you would be able to come out alive." Ji Meixian had an extremely strong spiritual sense, she could sense him the moment he entered the city.

Chen Xiang could not think of a way to avoid this strange spiritual sense for the time being, otherwise Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou would not have been chased by her for such a long time.

"I just made the bed and you're already here. You really know how to choose time." Chen Xiang smiled ambiguously, he was not the least bit nervous, he had information on the Yu Yi Immortal Fairy in his hands.

"You …" Ji Meixian thought about how Chen Xiang had touched her body randomly, and couldn't help wanting to cut off the skin on her body that Chen Xiang had touched before. Of course, she wanted to cut off Chen Xiang's hand and dig out his eyes.

"However, you are not qualified to warm my bed. If you wash your feet well, you might be able to advance." Chen Xiang laughed and said, without holding back, he ridiculed the high and mighty Heavenly Girl.

Ji Meixian had once dominated the Heaven Realm before, so she was exceptionally calm now.

"Return the things to me and we'll write them off." Ji Meixian glared at Chen Xiang fiercely and said.

Chen Xiang had taken away a portion of her immortal clothes, and it was in her apron, which was a very important part of her clothes.

"What's written off? I don't owe you anything, but when you attacked me first, I just took something when I was retaliating. " Chen Xiang crossed his chest, and said with a smile.

"Humph!" Ji Meixian was furious in her heart, Chen Xiang had not only taken something away from her, but she had also recorded down the image of her body being tainted. If it were to be spread, her reputation would be completely ruined.

Chen Xiang shook his head and sighed, "Your apron was lost by me and you should also know that I escaped into the Rough and Random profound Land at that time.

"Where did you fall?" Ji Meixian raised her eyebrows and asked involuntarily. She looked anxious and her expression turned ugly.

Landing outside a mountain shaped like a lion, the inside of the Rough and Random profound Land is truly scary. There are many kinds of lion mountains inside the Rough and Random profound Land, and when I am near a Lion Mountain, I am attacked by a large group of strange beasts, and at that time, I will throw out your undergarment to defend myself. Then, I will take this opportunity and run towards a Lion Mountain. Chen Xiang said. Of course he was lying to Ji Meixian because he wanted Ji Meixian to lose that heart of his.

After Ji Meixian heard it, her body trembled and she almost lost her balance. She was the Heavenly Daughter of the Sheng Domain and also an expert of the Heaven Realm. She naturally knew that those Lion Mountain inside the Rough and Random profound Land were the tombs of the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord.

"Little bastard, how dare you run to that place! I'll kill you!" Ji Meixian could no longer endure, he threw a slap at Chen Xiang, the speed of the attack was extremely fast, and the strike contained a powerful force, the power was actually not White Sea Imperial Land's vast Innate Qi!

Fortunately, Chen Xiang had already prepared himself and avoided the attack. Otherwise, a few of his teeth would have definitely been broken by the slap.

"Don't be angry, if you kill me, you will never be able to find your apron again. Only I remember what kind of place it is. When we have enough strength, we can go in and we'll definitely find it!" Chen Xiang forced a smile.

Ji Meixian had a strong spiritual sense, which meant that she was no longer able to feel her apron, which meant that it was no longer in Chen Xiang's hands. If she went deep into the Rough and Random profound Land, she could feel it through her spiritual sense.

"You won't be able to exchange with my things even if you had ten lives. Hurry up and give me back my ring and the crystal." When Ji Meixian talked about the Image Crystal, his cheeks flushed red slightly.

"Isn't it just a bellyband? I'll compensate you a hundred." Chen Xiang laughed and returned the storage ring back to her, but he didn't have the intention to take out the crystal.

"Where's the crystal?" Ji Meixian snatched the storage ring away and asked coldly.

Chen Xiang curled his lips and said: "Relax, I am only leaving it as a souvenir, I will definitely not bring it out to see, my female slave is much more beautiful than you."

"I... "You better remember, one day, I will let you know how foolish it is for you to offend me." Ji Meixian gasped for breath, suppressing the anger in his heart, he waved his sleeves and left.

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