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Coming in the middle of the night really made people feel shocked, Chen Xiang could even feel He Feng's Qi.

"Three people. Manager Ma, He Feng, and the Immortal King. They should be the Sixth Prince." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang said to Huang Jintian: "Hide yourself a little, now that we are pretending to sleep, they will still need some time to come over."

After a while, Steward Ma knocked on Chen Xiang's door and shouted: "Master Yan, an important guest is here."

Chen Xiang and Huang Jintian did not understand, a prince would always be so sneaky when he comes, so he got up to open the door.

After opening the door, he saw He Feng and the Immortal King. However, this Immortal King was wearing a black mask and his appearance could not be seen.

When He Feng saw Chen Xiang, he respectfully saluted and shouted: "Master Yan, sorry for disturbing you. I have something important to say, please forgive me."

The tall man with the mask said: "Master Yan, let us cut to the chase, I can let you enter the palace, but after you enter, you must complete the mission in strict accordance to the time limit, we urgently need the Relive Dan right now, if you can do it, we won't treat you unfairly,"

Chen Xiang pretended to think for a moment and said, "If it's not a long period of time required to refine pills everyday, I can."

"Okay, Feng'er, you make the arrangements. I still have other things to do." The Sixth Prince then left full of energy.

"Young Master, can I bring one of my followers in? This is a relative of my master. With his help, I think I'll be able to concoct pills faster." Chen Xiang looked at Huang Jintian who was inside the house.

Huang Jintian gave the impression that he was an honest and honest old man, especially when he revealed that simple and honest smile.

"Late period of human immortal, not bad. You can follow me." He Feng nodded.

Huang Jintian only had the strength of Late period of human immortal, so Chen Xiang didn't really believe it. He kept having the feeling that this crazy old master of his wasn't that good, that he had to be very strong to slay a dragon.

Just like this, He Feng brought them into the palace overnight. On the second day, when it was dawn, many people wanted to see him, but after knowing that they had entered the palace, they all left in disappointment.

The inside of the palace was not as luxurious as Chen Xiang had imagined, but instead was extremely simple. There was a dense aura of an old man, clearly a result of the passage of time, even though it was not luxurious, it gave people a solemn and grand feeling.

There were countless buildings inside, Chen Xiang and Huang Jintian sat on a carriage pulled by a heavenly horse, they were called out of it after walking until dawn broke, and He Feng was the one driving the carriage.

It could be seen that the inside of the palace was very complicated. Otherwise, He Feng would not have brought Chen Xiang in himself.

After getting off the carriage, Chen Xiang and Huang Jintian followed He Feng into a heavily guarded villa.

"Eldest young master, I still have a contract with the shop …" Chen Xiang said, that contract was a little troublesome, if he did not refine the Relive Dan on time, he would be tortured.

"Destroy it yourself, you are not affected by the contract, you just need to stay here and concoct pills, I will get someone to send the Relive Dan over later." He Feng passed over the contract that he had signed to Chen Xiang.

After Chen Xiang burned it down, he asked, "First Young Master, what do you need so many Relive Dan s for?

"Master Yan doesn't need to know about this, I can't tell you yet." He Feng shook his head: "Currently, the Relive Dan outside are all very expensive, and the quality is also not good. Furthermore, we have a large number of Relive Dan herbs.

A portion of medicinal ingredients, would make two higher level Alchemist s, with the majority of them being one pellet. However, Chen Xiang had four pellets per himself, and his speed was much faster than many Alchemist s.

The Sixth Prince and the others had their eyes on Chen Xiang, the person who could make use of the medicinal ingredients and his extremely fast speed.

"Don't wander around here. We need to make enough pills to get you to leave." He Feng then left, followed by a hundred batches of Relive Dan's medicinal ingredients.

Chen Xiang and Huang Jintian lived in a small hut at the bottom of the mountain. He had not started to refine pills yet and was busy processing the herbs.

"Master, do you have a way to investigate the situation in the palace? Although we can enter, we've encountered many restrictions. We can't leave right now, and the palace is very large as well." Chen Xiang was being transmitted by Huang Jintian, he was worried that someone else might be eavesdropping.

"It's best if we can come in. There are two benefits to coming in, one is that we can observe the situation from the inside, and the other is that if a fight happens here, we are very close to the battlefield, and outside, it might not be easy to come in." Huang Jintian said.

Of course, Long Xueyi was the best at investigating such things, so Chen Xiang did not need to worry.

Huang Jintian was also helping Chen Xiang with the processing of the medicinal herbs, but he felt very annoyed.

"Kid, let me show you something." Huang Jintian sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang, and then, he took out a little bird that looked like it was made from a transparent crystal.

"Fly." Huang Jintian gently flung, and the transparent little bird flew up into the air. After flying out of the window, Chen Xiang immediately stretched his head out to take a look, but then disappeared into the sky.

"Hehe, this little bird is a very powerful immortal equipment. Being able to be linked with my spiritual sense, I can use this little thing to check and understand the situation here. I already have a plan." Huang Jintian chuckled and transmitted to Chen Xiang: "It's just that the array of the palace is too powerful, it's very hard to fly in, but we're not afraid anymore, we're all inside."

"Amazing, I'm going to start concocting pills now. Be careful, don't let anyone catch you." Chen Xiang took out the Yanlong furnace. With the help of the Yanlong furnace, he felt even more relaxed, and could quickly finish off a hundred sets of medicinal ingredients. However, he would be slower, because He Feng had given him three days time.

After Chen Xiang concocted some pills, he would go out and take a walk, as long as he did not leave the small hut.

If he wanted to eat something, as long as he shouted, it would be delivered soon, so Huang Jintian was very satisfied. As he ate the precious delicacies sent by the palace, he used his lousy bird to observe the movements of the palace.

Long Xueyi's harvest was also not small. In merely a day's time, Long Xueyi had already determined the number of Imperial Feather Race and Imperial Dragon Clan, and both parties were fifteen. What surprised Chen Xiang was that the Imperial Dragon Clan was on the side of the Sixth Prince, and from the looks of it, he could be considered to be on the same side as him.

On the other hand, Imperial Feather Race was the eldest prince's side. There were seven princes and six of them joined forces to fight against the strongest Sixth Prince. Furthermore, Long Xueyi was also observing that there were more and more strong rankers rushing over.

"I saw someone I know, it's that old woman Wang Qiongjin again … And there's also the hall master of the Fire Divine Palace, Di Tian. They are actually all on the side of the Sixth Prince. Long Xueyi replied.

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