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Seeing Chen Xiang being so concerned, Mu Qianxiang laughed: "Elder Brother Shen, right now you are in urgent need of increasing your strength, you are already very strong yourself."

"With my current strength, I'm nothing in this world. Your great-grandfather is very powerful, able to kill me with a single palm."

Chen Xiang had many enemies in the outside world. If he could improve his cultivation here, then when he leaves this place in the future, he won't feel so much pressure outside.

"My cultivation method is only suitable, but..." Mu Qianxiang said, then sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang: "Wait until I bring you to that place, maybe you'll be able to train a little faster inside."

"What the hell is that place?" Chen Xiang was extremely curious, because Mu Qianxiang was extremely mysterious. Whenever he brought up this matter, he would send a sound transmission to prevent anyone from finding out.

At that time, I was only a little over 10 years old. I realized that place was only a few years old, and could make me into a Immortal Monarch. At that time, I will take you there to find out. Mu Qianxiang patted Chen Xiang's head.

"Then what about Han Chen?" Chen Xiang asked. He had been cultivating for the past ten days, so he was not clear about what was happening outside.

"What can he do? He doesn't dare to come again. Without absolute strength, he doesn't have the courage to act arrogantly in front of you. His brain isn't damaged." Mu Qianxiang chuckled: "Your attack is quite heavy, let the Han Family use up a lot of precious medicine to help him recover his arm."

"This is also called Heavy. If it was outside, I would have killed this guy who came to cause trouble for me all day long." Chen Xiang snorted, he was no joke now.

Although the Colorful sacred core was taken away by Chen Xiang, the Robbery power that was released from the newly formed Colorful sacred core was not weak either.

Judging from this level of activity, it was very likely that a lot of the higher-ups would die. This was also a last resort.

Three days had passed, and the atmosphere had calmed down. Those who were here received the notice and were allowed to go up now.

Chen Xiang and Mu Qianxiang were at the very front. After they flew through the tunnel, they realized that the huge mountain they had been standing on was no longer there.

"So powerful." Chen Xiang exclaimed in his heart. Originally, this place was surrounded by huge stone mountains, but now it had become a flat ground with steam rising from it.

"Back to our town." Seeing how the place he grew up in turned out to be like this, Mu Qianxiang's heart couldn't help but feel a little heavy. At the same time, it also caused her to be extremely worried for her great grandfather.

Very quickly, Mu Qianxiang and Chen Xiang arrived at the town where the Mu Clan was. However, this place was no longer the same, only a stretch of ruins.

"This place was only swept up by the heat wave emitted by the powerful seven-colored heavenly fire and has become like this. I wonder how the heart of the seven-colored tribulation cloud is like." Long Xueyi said.

"Is there not a single survivor?" Mu Qianxiang ran into a town full of ruins. There were only a few rocks that were resistant to heat that remained, most of the other things had turned to dust in the heat wave.

"There's someone over there. Let's go take a look." Using his divine power, Chen Xiang detected auras in a relatively large stone hut.

Mu Qianxiang anxiously followed Chen Xiang, and when they arrived at the side of the stone hut, they saw an old man with a head full of messy hair lying on the ground, his lower half of his body being pressed down by a huge boulder.

"Great grandfather." Mu Qianxiang anxiously shouted, but Chen Xiang had already sent the huge boulder flying.

When Mu Qianxiang floated Mu Tianhu, his aura was very weak, and with a single glance, one could tell that he had suffered from a very serious internal injury.

"I don't know who did it, but his Seven Souls and Six Souls are heavily injured and it's very difficult to save them. This is at least someone on the same level as him, and that's why he was able to cause such an injury." Chen Xiang said, this was what Long Xueyi had told him.

Mu Tianhu was the patriarch of the Mu Clan. He had lived for many years and his strength was very strong as well, so at this moment he had not completely died, but he was holding on to his breath. He opened his eyes and saw Mu Qianxiang here.

Mu Qianxiang was very strong, but her eyes were already moist. "Great Grandfather, you're so amazing, you can definitely endure it."

Mu Tianhu's aura became weaker and weaker. He said in a low voice, "The Storage bag in my hands have something that I left for you. Leave this place quickly.

"Who is it?" Mu Qianxiang immediately shouted out in anger.

"The other five clans, including an elder of our Mu Clan … "In short, leave quickly. Otherwise, if they come to find me, even you will die. Who will avenge me in the future?" Mu Tianhu was very excited, he forced out a breath of air and spoke loudly.

"Take the Five Clans …" Great Grandfather, you must tell me. " Mu Qianxiang held Mu Tianhu's hand tightly. She had lost all her tears, and felt endless hatred and anger afterwards.

"Except Mu, Zhao, Ji, and Li …" Mu Tianhu used up all his remaining strength and closed his eyes. His body immediately became extremely stiff and then slowly shriveled up, before finally turning into a cloud of smoke and dissipated.

"Someone's coming." Chen Xiang immediately grabbed Mu Qianxiang and quickly left the place.

Chen Xiang brought Mu Qianxiang to the edge of the barrier and only these places were not destroyed. Currently, in this Sacred Ground, there were heavy casualties.

Previously, Chen Xiang had planned to inform the patriarchs of the nine clans about the Scattered Immortal's Calamity after coming out of the cave, but he was afraid that things were not going well.

Chen Xiang guessed that Mu Tianhu definitely had something that those people wanted to take care of in their hands, or maybe Mu Tianhu was threatening them in some way, which made it hard for them to be at ease.

Inside a cave, Mu Qianxiang sat on the ground, holding her knees as she stared blankly at the fire. Her face was filled with grief, and her pair of beautiful eyes were a little red and swollen.

"Xiao Xiang, I hope you'll forgive me." Chen Xiang sighed, and handed over a piece of roasted beast meat to Mu Qianxiang.

"Great Grandfather is the person who treats me the best." Mu Qianxiang took the piece of beast meat and took a big bite, "I must avenge him."

"I will definitely take revenge for this, but not now." Chen Xiang comforted her: "What you need to do now is to adjust your mood and not let yourself fall into the endless abyss of hatred. Otherwise, that way, you'll live your entire life in hatred, and your great grandfather definitely wouldn't want to see you like this."

Mu Qianxiang swallowed the meat in his mouth and nodded: "I know what to do now, I don't have the strength to take revenge yet."

"Even if you have the ability, you won't be able to take revenge." Suddenly, a voice came out from outside the cave, causing Chen Xiang and Mu Qianxiang to stand up immediately.

"Who are you?" Chen Xiang shouted.

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