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"What the f**k is going on with your brain? How dare you chase the guy just for a negligible contract? Are you going to pay your life for that? " Shen Yan shouted and dumped the contract onto the ground.

His anger surprised Xia Yu a bit. However, she felt more worried if the contract had got any scratches due to his action. There were several shopping malls waiting for goods.

"He robbed my bag. Does it make any sense that I have got no rights to get it back?" Xia Yu crouched down and kept picking those contract sheets up earnestly.

Which should be more important, the bag or the life? This girl used to be quite quick-witted. Why did she make a mistake in such a crucial matter?

Shen Yan felt furious when he kept staring at her. He waited for her to stand up and walked two steps towards her.

He snorted, twisted his cigarette and used his finger to poke at Xia Yu's chest. "Fine, it would be a pity if the contract is lost after you have sacrificed yourself to have it signed!"

"..." Xia Yu was speechless. She thought that everyone was the same as him. She unhappily glanced at him and said: "Yea, yea. It seems like you know that it was tough. You know it wasn't an easy job, then why did you dump it onto the ground?"

"Are you having an affair with that disgusting thing? Xia Yu, I have never thought that you would be like that, I, Shen Yan have misjudged you. " Shen Yan's fingers were trembling, and the veins on his forehead were also throbbing.

"Can you think more healthily?" Xia Yu was furious as well. How come he thinks her in that way.

He said that the man was disgusting as well, so she'd instead bite her tongue and commit suicide. However, if he thinks her in that way, Xia Yu looked down on him!

Luo Jiancheng was famous for not letting any girls have any chances to flee once he was interested. How could he let her run off when she was already at his home? No matter how much Xia Yu tried to posture, Shen Yan still didn't believe her: "Don't try to think that I knew nothing about what you women all speak while there are different thoughts in mind, aren't you?"

"It's not what you think."

"Stop pretending. You can even accept a one-night stand. Don't think that I don't know about it."

"You … "What are you spouting..."

This was a huge matter that might influence her reputation. Xia Yu was not going to allow him to speak without any pieces of evidence.

"How am I spouting nonsense? I came to you on Saturday. You don't think I believe that it was an allergy, do you? "To be honest, even Shen Yan was unable to speak in that earnest way.

"Hha, so what if it's not an allergy? Did I do anything wrong for just getting drunk and having fun with my sister? " Xia Yu raised her voice for nearly a key.

How come this girl thinks in this way, Shen Yan was puzzled.

No more words? Thinking that everyone was like him, with no morals, Xia Yu looked straight into his eyes.

The two talked back and forth in the mid-night and finally caught the attention of the other two. They opened the door sleepily and were stunned when they saw the two arguing.

"Brother Xijie, who had a one-night stand with sis Xia?" Shen Qiang could ignore other things, but he had to make this matter clear.

Ever since Shen Qiang met Xia Yu, it could be said that they were together every single day. Such a huge thing had happened, even second brother already knew about it, but he still knew nothing about it.

Her eyes swept across Xia Yu. She was such a righteous person. He really couldn't imagine she had a one-night stand.

Liu Sijie glanced at the two people who were looking at each other, and said to Shen Qiang in a low voice: "What one-night stand? That time, Xia Yu got drunk and treated your brother as a pimp, he was not willing to take revenge, and purposely kissed her neck a few times, wanting to entangle her…"

Speaking to here, Liu Sijie looked up and glanced at Shen Yan. Now, Xia Yu thought that it was her cousin who sent her home. Shen Yan was busy for nothing.

So that was how it was, Shen Qiang completely understood. Seeing his second brother's stupefied expression, he laughed on the spot, but he quickly covered his mouth to prevent himself from laughing out loud.

"OK, even if you can explain the last time, what about Luo Jiancheng? When I went in, his face was swollen like a pig's head. Do you want to tell me that you hit him because he didn't want to sign the contract? " Shen Yan finally regained his senses after a while.

"I'm a civilized person, okay? How did I become an exhibitionist in your mouth?" Xia Yu rolled her eyes at Shen Yan and shoved the contract into his hands: "It's Mrs. Luo, she heard Luo Jiancheng personally say that Amy is his woman, and in a moment of anger, she attacked."

Oh, Shen Yan understood. He stared at Xia Yu with his foxy eyes for a good while.

Why was this girl so heartless? She knew that Shen Yan was outside and if she were in danger, he would go and save her. She called her wife over so that Luo Jiancheng could take a beating.

No wonder people often say that you would rather offend a villain than a woman. In the past, Shen Yan did not think much about these words and did not take it seriously. Now he finally understood it is true.

The corner of Shen Yan's mouth twitched uncontrollably, and then he said dryly: "Since that's the case, you should also give me a call if you intend to leave earlier. It caused me to wait for a long time."

"Am I such an ignorant person? If I call you at that time, it will ruin your good fortune. " Xia Yu turned around and walked towards the sofa.

Shen Yan also followed and sat down beside her: "What do you mean? Am I the kind of person who would casually have sex with a woman?

Seeing that Xia Yu was all right, Shen Yan felt an indescribable sense of relief. He laughed unintentionally, and even his voice was much gentler.

Wasn't he the kind of person who would casually have sex with women? Xia Yu was too embarrassed to speak directly.

However, Shen Yan's face was calm. It indeed didn't seem like something had happened between him and that woman.

"You didn't like her?" Xia Yu's gaze swept across him and said: "Then when I called you later, why didn't you answer?"

"When I called you, you didn't pick up either!" Shen Yan replied.

This man was genuinely petty. Xia Yu's gaze stayed on his face for a while, as if she had discovered a new continent. "What's wrong with your face? Don't tell me you fought with Luo Jiancheng. "

"I just hit him, what's wrong? My secretary came to his house and disappeared for no reason. I asked him, and he faltered. I hit him. This punishment is pretty light." Shen Yan didn't see Xia Yu at Luo Jiancheng's place, let alone beating him up. He even had the intention of killing him.

"How old are you? Why are you still so violent? Is it painful? " Xia Yu reached out her hand and touched his injury, but halfway through, she felt that it wasn't right, so she put her hand down again.

Why did she put her hand down? Shen Yan was very disappointed in his heart: "Luo Jiancheng is so strong if he hit you a few times, how do you feel?"

Shen Yan was right. When Xia Yu thought about how he had been injured because of her, and how he wasn't as dirty as she had thought he was, she felt a little heartache. She got up and found the medicine chest, and helped him apply it...

"Sssii!" Maybe because Xia Yu's movements were too heavy, Shen Yan grimaced in pain.

"Does it hurt? I'll be gentle. Is that okay? " Even though Xia Yu's hands were a bit lighter, she still asked him how he felt.

"Lighter …"

"How about this..."

"It's fine..."

He was picky. The other two stood by the bedroom door. They looked at each other, then decisively turned around and closed the door.

"Does your stomach still hurt? I'll take you to the hospital. "The place that Xia Yu covered with her hands happened to be the place where she went for surgery last time. Shen Yan was a little worried about her.

"I'm not in pain after taking medicine. You don't have to worry about me. By the way, I didn't return to the company this afternoon. Is there anything important?" After Xia Yu applied for the medicine on him, she glanced at his face and estimated that he would recover tomorrow morning. She put the medicine chest away.

Xia Yu remembered that there were a few people who tried to call Shen Yan, she guessed that he had significant things to take care of.

"There's a problem with the makeup sold at the cosmetics department store in T City. Dozens of people are allergic to it." It seemed that there indeed was something important. Shen Yan explained the general situation to Xia Yu.

"It shouldn't be. They were all from the same batch, and there was no problem in other stores. Could it be that they got the counterfeit goods? " This was not a small matter; Xia Yu could not help but be worried.

"It's still unclear, but the goods have already been withdrawn." Shen Yan also felt that this matter was very troublesome to deal with. Whether it was his products that went wrong or there are counterfeit goods, it was not a good thing for him.

"It might be a matter of individual stores, so you don't have to worry too much." Xia Yu comforted him.

"Better so. Let's not talk about this anymore. When you called me, you said you were in the hospital. What happened?" Shen Yan had an expression of concern.

"Jiangjiang is in a car accident, at the entrance of Tengfei." Xia Yu briefly introduced the situation.

Shen Yan was silent. There were things in his mind that he did not want to admit because he knew that admitting would be useless and would only add to his troubles.

"Is he okay?" After waiting for a while, Shen Yan asked.

"The boy said he missed his father." Xia Yu knew that Shen Yan had his difficulties, so she did not say much and only passed Jiangjiang's words to him.

That matter was like a painful nightmare to Shen Yan. These indescribable emotions continually pressed on Shen Yan's heart. After suppressing him for so many years, it was sorrowful and unbearable pain, and the appearance of Jiangjiang repeatedly opened his scars, allowing him to peek into the wounds that were still festering.

This kind of feeling wasn't right, it caused Shen Yan to feel pain and faint rage, and this kind of formless anger had nowhere to vent.

"Xia Yu, help me look at him. If Jiang Yayan needs anything, please satisfy her. " Shen Yan had always felt a deep sense of guilt towards the child. However, that was all he could do for the child.

"Don't worry. I'll be there." Right now, Shen Yan was already troubled enough. She did not want to say anything else.

"It's already late. It would be best if you went to sleep. Don't forget to take two cold pills. " After all, Xia Yu had been drenched in the rain, and he was afraid that she would catch a cold.

"Well, don't stay up too late." Regarding Shen Yan's carefulness, Xia Yu was quite moved in her heart.

In room number 6 of red lips, Zhang Hanyu sat opposite a young man.

"Xia Yu?"

The man at the corner of the sofa repeated her name softly and threw his phone on the table. He asked Zhang Hanyu: "You know this woman too?"

"She was my former secretary."

The man grunted, "You must have mentioned her before. Otherwise, I wouldn't have had an impression of her. This period is strange. Young Master Mo is always tangled up with this woman! "

"What do you mean?"

"Who knows." She's just a secretary. Who knows why he suddenly became interested in this kind of woman!" As the man said this, he threw a peanut into his mouth and raised his cup. "All right, let's not talk about her anymore," he said unhappily. "Young Master Mo said that he's too tired and doesn't want to come. We should enjoy ourselves."

Zhang Hanyu laughed and then changed the topic, "Did you do that in the department store of T city? It's not very useful."

The man raised his eyebrows. "I know. I was afraid that Shen Yan would be too free, so I found something for him to do. "

The two of them smiled at each other before raising their wine glasses and drinking.

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