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Tong Nan left after saying the words. Zhang Jingting looked at Gong Yu and Seventh Brother and left later.

  The ward was restored to silence, and Seventh Brother asked faintly, "Gong Yu, Tong Nan seems to have been hurt by you."

  With his back to Seventh Brother, Gong Yu said coldly, "So what?"

  "Why don't you consider the feelings of others? Do you only care about Xiao Xi?"

  "Yes! I lived only for Xiao Xi! I don't care about other people!"

  Looking at Gong Yu, Seventh Brother could say nothing and he only asked, "Have you ever considered what if Xiao Xi choose the other men at last?"

  Gong Yu suddenly got up and his eyes were filled with coldness.

  At dusk.

  Seventh Brother who was busy dealing with online comments suddenly cried out, "Holy fuck!"

  Gong Yu looked at him acidly.

  Seventh Brother did not look up at Gong Yu at all, and he continued to swear, "They are so wicked and they really started to dig the graves, and they find out Xiao Xi!"

After hearing Seventh Brother's words, Gong Yu looked up at him and asked, "What do you mean?"

Seventh Brother handed the mobile phone to Gong Yu. The netizens found the secretly-taken photos of Gong Yu and Yun Muxi taking Niannian to the amusement park. They also found their clear photos and compared the characteristics, which attracted the public's attention. The netizens reached consensus and believed it was the truth.

People held different ideas of this event. Some thought that Gong Yu was dating two girls at the same time while some believed that Yun Muxi has been malicious and she was thinking about Gong Yu despite that she already had a child and finally destroyed the relationship between Tong Nan and Gong Yu. Some people found that Yun Muxi and Tong Nan had been good friends and they guessed that Yun Muxi fell in love with the boyfriend of her good friends and took away him by force. Some people even found a photo of Gong Yu kissing Yun Muxi in Tong Nan's birthday party. In addition to the two protagonists of the topic, the photo also showed Tong Nan looking at them sadly in the corner.

  The public often sympathizes with the weak, and no one asked why such thing would happen, but asked what did they have conscience by hurting Tong Nan like this.

  All of a sudden, all the people in the Internet started to denounce Yun Muxi with disgusting words and regarded her as the third party.

  Gong Yu handed the phone back to Seventh Brother, and said coldly, "You need to deal with it and I don't want to see Xiao Xi being involved."

  Seventh Brother suddenly jumped up and said, "It's easy for you to say. How can I handle this? Xiao Xi has already been involved. I told you it might happen before but you didn't listen to me and insisted on issuing that statement."

  Gong Yu immediately had a headache and said coldly, "I don't care, it's your business!"

  Seventh Brother was furious about Gong Yu and wanted to leave him to himself. But he could not bear it and finally sat down and continued to look at the news on the Internet.

  The topic was like an explosion point. It directly spurred the news to a climax. As the incident became more and more intense, all the posts about this topic were deleted in an instant, and even those accounts that were giving adverse comments were all sealed!

  Seventh Brother was at a lost and wondered what had happened.

  Seventh Brother looked at Gong Yu in surprise and he even stuttered, "You, you..."

  Gong Yu frowned and said coldly, "What happened? Tell me!"

  Seventh Brother finally calmed down and looked at them carefully, "Now all the comments on both of you have been deleted, and even the accounts posting adverse comments have been sealed. Is there someone helping you to clean the Internet?"

  Gong Yu frowned and thought that he had no friend and no backing here. No one would help him like this, so she or he must be related to Yun Muxi or Tong Nan.

  Gong Yu's mobile phone rang when he was thinking and he picked up his phone and asked coldly, "Hello, who is this?"

  A cold voice of a man came from the mobile phone and Gong Yu knew who he was immediately after hearing his voice, which is as cold as the hell.

  "I'm Murong Ye."

  Gong Yu asked coldly, "What's the matter?"

  "I want to ask you what happened! Why are there so many negative comments about Xiao Xi on the Internet? Do you date with other girls behind Xiao Xi?"

  "No, Xiao Xi know that I just play a game with that girl. Now I want to get rid of this trouble, but I don't expect it will develop like this."

  "Don't let me know that you are doing something that hurts Xiao Xi, or I won't spare you."

  Murong Ye hung up the phone before Gong Yu had answered it. Now he knew the answer. Sure enough, the Murong family was the patron of Yun Muxi. Only they could solve the problems in such way.

  Gong Yu put away the phone and glanced at Seventh Brother and said, "It should be done by the Murong family."

  After hearing the words "Murong family", Seventh Brother suddenly reacted fiercely, "Murong family? Which one?"

  Gong Yu looked at him coldly and said, "I don't know their specific background, but they are not a simple family."

  The expression in Seventh Brother's face became increasingly unnatural and he said, "If they are not simple family, they must be... But how did they get involved with you?"

  Gong Yu said indifferently, "They did it for the sake of Xiao Xi!"

  But Seventh Brother could not keep calm and he shouted, "Xiao Xi, what's the relationship between the Murong family and her?"

  Gong Yu did not answer the question because it was Yun Muxi's private affairs and it seemed that she did not want to let the public know so Gong Yu should not say more about it.

  Knowing that Gong Yu did not want to answer the question, Seventh Brother asked another question, "Who did this? Which one?"

  "Murong Ye."

  Seventh Brother reacted more furiously to this name. He thought Yun Muxi only knew some distant relatives of the Murong family and he did not expect he was the heir. Seventh Brother did not dare to think carefully how frightening Murong Ye was.

  "Murong Ye? Yun Muxi is great! He was frightening as the Dead and everyone is afraid of him. If they can stay away from him, they would not be close to him."

  "How do you know? Do you know him?"

  "No, I just heard his name."

  Seventh Brother did not expect that he reacted too furiously and revealed too much information, so he denied it quickly.

  In Murong Ye's house, Yun Muxi received the call from Tong Nan. She hadn't contacted her since her birthday party and it was a long time.

  Yun Muxi picked up the phone and said, "Hey, Xiao Nan, you haven't contacted me for a long time."

  Tong Nan's reaction was beyond her expectation, she said, "Xiao Xi, you are a liar! You told Gong Yu to issue the statement, right?"

  Yun Muxi was confused and she did not know what happened. "What statement?" Suddenly Yun Muxi thought that Gong Yu asked the Seventh Brother to make a statement yesterday when she came to visit him. After the epiphany came over, she quickly explained to Tong Nan, "Do you mean the breakup statement? This is the decision of Gong Yu. I also advised him yesterday, but he was very determined and I couldn't change it."

  "Don't pretend to be innocent! I am so good with Gong Yu. How could he suddenly think of making a statement? You must have encouraged him to do this."

  "Xiao Nan, please listen to me, I don't mean it..."

  "Xiao Xi, I always treat you as my elder sister because your mother died to save me. But this does not mean that I will give up my love. I tell you that in this matter I will never compromise, and I will never let go of it. I like Gong Yu. I will definitely get hold of him. Even if the enemy is you, I will not be softhearted! I officially declare war on you!"

  After talking, she hung up the phone, and Yun Muxi suddenly had a headache. She picked up her mobile phone and started searching for today's news. She wanted to see what the current situation was and why Tong Nan had such a furious reaction.

  Yun Muxi saw a lot of remarks abusing her and Gong Yu. Now the online orientation had completely inclined to the favor of Tong Nan. The netizens believed that she was the victim and Yun Muxi was the third party who used some dishonest ways to take Gong Yu away. Gong Yu's actions had also been rejected by everyone. However, many topics had been deleted before she could read all remarks.

  Yun Muxi was puzzled and she happened to see Murong Ye who was calling came back. He did not evade her and continued to negotiate with the people on the phone, "I want to ask you what happened! Why are there so many negative comments about Xiao Xi on the Internet? Do you date with other girls behind Xiao Xi?... Don't let me know that you are doing something that hurts Xiao Xi, or I won't spare you."

  Murong Night hung up the phone and looked at Yun Muxi who was sitting on the sofa. He put on a slightly soft tone and said, "Xiao Xi, don't care about those things online."

  Yun Muxi looked at Murong Ye and asked with hesitation, "You solved my problems on the internet?"

  Murong Ye's voice became cold again and he said, "Yes. Those people are talking about rubbish and they don't want to go on living."

  "But they may think I delete the news and their accounts because I'm hiding something."

  "I just let them know that they shouldn't talk rubbish about you! This is just the beginning. If they dare to continue to hurt you, I will make them even more frustrating."

  Yun Muxi did not know what to say after hearing his words and she asked, "Is it really OK to do this?"

  "Trust me. You don't need to worry about anything. But you have to be careful these days, I am worried that there will be reporters who are not afraid of death will block you. Although I have already given all the media newspapers a warning, but I'm still worried that some small studios will make mistakes."

  This time, Yun Muxi was even more speechless! It seemed that the way the rich people solve things was really simple and rude!

  Suddenly Murong Ye thought of something, and continued, "By the way, my father asked me to take you and Niannian to have a meal at the old house tonight."

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