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"This white fog doesn't have any ability to block spiritual sense, and the power of the magic tool can force it away a little."

When Zhen Chongming began to activate the 'Nine Dragons Explosion Falling Flames', Han Wuya stretched out his hand and grabbed downwards as if he was sucking water, releasing a long stream of white mist which then compressed it into a small white ball of air. After placing it in front of his eyes for a look, Han Wuya casually flicked it and elegantly flicked away the white ball of air. "This white fog is only some sort of water type magic tool that is not harmful to cultivators. Long Wind, how about we send some people to scout the area? "

"That's the only way." Long Feng nodded. He glanced at Han Wuya and muttered, "But this person's offensive power, be it magic techniques or magic treasures, is extremely tyrannical. He needs at least ten people in a group, and he also needs several defensive magic treasures in order to block his attack."

"Ten people in a group, there shouldn't be any problems." Han Wuya said indifferently, "Since that's the case, how about we each send a group of cultivators down to test the waters?"

"Good!" You, you, you, and you … "

After Daoist Master Changfeng nodded his head, he did not say anything unnecessary and started to assign the first batch of cultivators to test the waters of Little Ye Mountain.

At this moment, among the 150 or so cultivators surrounding Little Ye Mountain, the cultivators of Dongyao Resort and Star Condensation Sect occupied 40 places each, while the remaining 70 or so cultivators were organized like the Black Demon sect and hired by the sect with a large amount of spirit stones, as well as some desperate cultivators who would do anything for spirit stones.

These seventy plus cultivators were basically all high level cultivators at the Heavenly Axis Realm and the Fragmentation Realm.

Right now, Han Wuya and Daoist Master Changfeng had a tacit understanding of each other as they counted the number of cultivators they hired, including two cultivators from their sect.

This way, even if all of the first batch were to die, his sect would at most lose two Cultivators. These two Cultivators could be used as generals this time, and would not become a pile of sand.


Within Little Ye Mountain Valley, Zhen Chongming let out an excited cry. He had already stopped concentrating his true essence. At this moment, the magical tool in front of him that did not look like much began to emit streaks of black flame light. This flame light looked mysterious and extremely dangerous at the same time.

"What's going on?!"

Han Wuya and Daoist Master Changfeng were in the middle of directing their energy. The ten cultivators they had pointed out were gathered behind them, looking extremely aggressive. However, at this moment, all the cultivators below heard a world-shaking explosion sound within the Small Night Mountain shrouded in fog.

Suddenly, a red light shone from the thick fog below.

After that, the red light became bigger and bigger at an alarming rate, like a volcano erupting. It broke through the thick fog and gushed out!


All of the cultivators in the air above the small mountain stared with wide eyes before crying out in absolute shock.

The red light that gushed out was around 10 feet in diameter. Moreover, this red light was formed from countless rockets. As it gushed out, it actually formed the appearance of a giant skeletal snake!

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After rushing out of the fog, this huge red Skeleton Snake immediately exploded, turning into thousands of blazing rockets!

"Pah!" Pow! "Pah!"

These rockets were too dense, covering an area of nearly a hundred zhang. In just an instant, explosive sounds of magical artifacts and shields of light shattering could be heard. The dozen or so cultivators within a hundred zhang were all turned to ash.

All this happened in the span of a single breath.

However, a giant red Skeleton Snake rushed out and exploded. Following the disappearance of the fiery light, the ten or so cultivators in the sky also disappeared.

At this moment, just as the twenty cultivators were about to fly down, their faces suddenly lost all color.

"What magical equipment is this?" Such a powerful attack can actually reach such a degree? " Daoist Master Changfeng, Monk Jin Zhong, and the others couldn't help but look at each other.

Even Yellow Buds, who had been the most indifferent, could not help but blink intensely.

Inside the valley, in front of Zhen Chongming, the Cauldron and Cauldron shaped magic tool was also torn into pieces. Nine dragon-shaped black colored flames twisted and swayed for a moment before disappearing without a trace.

"Boss, he's too formidable."

Both Zhen Chongming and Zhu Shaojian raised their heads, their eyes wide and their mouth agape. The moment the mist was washed away, the two of them saw the ten cultivators being killed in an instant.

"It's a pity that Gou Li Zong is too stingy. They already know that we're going to deal with Dongyao resort, and they have a grudge with it. We came looking for them, and they're only willing to give us a little bit of Purple Thunder Crystal, or else they'd be scared to death if they could come out with a few more of these." After staring blankly for a while, the Zhu Xiao Empire's old patriarch gloomily said as he looked at the broken magic tool in front of him.

One hundred and fifty high-level cultivators, plus a large group of fourth level, fifth level and four Aurous Core stage cultivators, came to deal with a rogue cultivator. However, before they even made a move, they had already lost more than ten cultivators.

Under the orders of Daoist Master Changfeng and him, the twenty previously aggressive cultivators activated their respective defensive magic tools and carefully swept downwards.

"Boss, they're coming down. They've already entered the attacking range of the Immortal Vanquishing Vine. Why aren't you withdrawing from the mountain god's protection array?" Seeing the faint glimmers of light coming from the various magic tools above, Zhen Chongming nervously retreated to Wei Suo's side as he asked.

At this moment, the mountain god's protection array in the Little Ye Mountain was in an activated state. That was to say, the entire Little Ye Mountain was still shrouded in Yi Mu Zhen Qi, so even if a cultivator entered the Little Ye Mountain, the Immortal-Destroying Vine wouldn't move. As long as Wei Suo stopped the activation of the Mountain God's Protection Formation, the Immortal Vanquishing Vine of Little Ye Mountain would immediately take action.

"This is just the people they sent down to test the waters. If we were to use the Immortal Destroying Vine at this time, we would have to use a blade to kill chickens. " "However, the other side has at least a large number of Aurous Core stage cultivators. Han Weiwei, Jia Ya, we should first leave some room for negotiation. You don't need to use those two golden magic treasures for now."

"Alright!" Hearing Wei Suo's words, Han Weiwei immediately nodded obediently and quickly put away the golden magic treasure in her hands.

… ….

Two groups of people, one on the left and the other on the right, were slowly descending.

These two groups of people were separated by about three to four hundred feet. This way, if there were any unforeseen circumstances, they could still support each other.

"This is bad!" Suddenly, an even thicker white fog floated over and separated the two groups of cultivators.

This dense white fog was different from the white fog that permeated the Little Night Mountain. Clearly, it was triggered by some sort of magical artifact. However, when he probed inside with his spirit sense, it seemed to be empty.

"This is the Mystery Lamp of our Dongyao Resort! "Be careful, that person got it from our Young Master Dong." Among a group of cultivators, a cultivator wearing a dark green magic robe suddenly reacted and cried out in alarm.


Hearing this cultivator's cry of surprise, the two groups of cultivators' bodies immediately tensed up, and they all began to frantically prepare the magic treasures in their hands to attack this fog that covered their line of sight.

"What's going on?"

However, the cultivators on the left side suddenly became dumbstruck.

It was because they saw a group of big white pigs suddenly running out of the air in front of them.

How could there be a group of pigs in this place?

Even if there was a group of pigs, how could they possibly run in the sky?

For a moment, these two groups of cultivators felt that something was wrong with their eyes.

However, what made them gulp even more was that after this large group of white pigs ran away, it was actually another large group of white pigs.

The cultivators on the other side, on the other hand, felt their hair stand on end.

A flying sword shining with golden and yellow luster, three black flames, a black pillar of light, and a silver pillar of light simultaneously rushed out of the fog, fiercely attacking the light barrier and the various instruments surrounding them.

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"Not bad!"

These ten cultivators were overjoyed because in the midst of an earth-shattering explosion, the defenses around them had blocked so many rays of light, leaving behind only a layer of spiritual light.

But the joy on their faces instantly disappeared.

Because of a crystal-like ghost claw and an azure pearl, they immediately attacked the last ray of light surrounding them.


Without waiting for the last light barrier to break, the ten cultivators scattered in shock and flew towards the direction of the upper hand.

"Haha, I'm waiting for it!"

At this time, two incomparably complacent voices sounded out and two rays of light shot out, which coincidentally struck the two cultivators and sent them flying.

At the same time, the crystal-like ghost claw grabbed, directly sucking the two cultivators' auras into the mist. As for the azure bead, it struck one of the cultivators and instantly shattered him into pieces of ice.

Of the ten cultivators, five were instantly killed.

"Quick, run!"

Upon hearing the surrounding screams, the ten cultivators who saw the two large groups of white pigs were scared out of their wits and quickly flew upwards.

On the other side, the remaining five fleeing cultivators had already flown over a hundred meters.

Suddenly, what made the five cultivators' eyes widen was that in the white fog before them, a little girl in flowery clothes appeared.

This little girl looked to be at most two or three years old, her appearance white and tender.


However, just when the five cultivators felt like they were hallucinating, this little girl shot out a terrifying silver mist, which hit three of the cultivators. The three cultivators didn't even have the chance to cry out before they were knocked flying backwards lifelessly by the silver mist.

Ten pale-faced cultivators and two others who managed to escape with their lives flew out from the fog with even more pale-faced cultivators.

Seeing that there were still twelve cultivators left, the ugly complexions of Han Wuya and Daoist Master Changfeng eased up quite a bit. Han Wuya's expression seemed to regain the air of a great general and became refined again. "What's going on inside? What did you see?"

"We saw two groups of big white pigs running past us." One of the ten pale-faced cultivators cried out in disbelief.

"There's a little girl wearing flowery clothes. She's only this big." The two cultivators who managed to escape with their lives, their complexions were even paler. While desperately gesticulating with their hands, they called out, "They killed the three of us in an instant."

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