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In the sky, the figures of Hong Qiuye and the others were locked down by the stars.

Previously, the power of just one star had already caused Hong Qiuye's World Sword to collapse. What's more, it was the power of over ten thousand stars.

In just a split-second, their bodies began to bend under this power.

Kacha, kacha!

At this time, the Heavenly Shifting Secret Realm had collapsed. It couldn't withstand the power of this star and directly exploded in the void.


You Rou spat out a mouthful of blood, her soul suffering a backlash.

Because the Sky Spill Mystic Realm was the foundation of his strength. Now that the mystic realm had collapsed, she was naturally affected by it.

"Hahaha, four? No, there's another little guy. "

"Are all five of them here?"

"Tsk tsk, four human characters. This time, it really wasn't a loss."

"I really don't know what virtue or ability that little bastard has to be able to have so many beauties."

"However, his good fortune has finally come to an end, because his women will all become my forbidden women."


The Star Demon God of Boundary laughed wildly and was extremely proud of itself.

Looking at the few that were suppressed by the Astral Energy, Qin Wentian felt incomparably carefree in his heart.

At this time, Liu Luoxi and the others were also shouldering an extremely heavy pressure from the stars. Other than Liu Luoxi and Ao Ya, the other three were all severely injured. Under this pressure, all of their minds were being tormented by pain, as if their souls were about to be penetrated by this star's power. They were all curled up in a corner, suffering in pain …

Endure it.

Furthermore, although Liu Luoxi and Yue Yang were not injured at the moment, their own strength had been completely suppressed by the power.

Moreover, they must stand up for him.

Standing in front of Hong Qiuye and the others.

"Purple Star Swirl, shine upon the world!"

Liu Luoxi said in a deep voice.

Mad to control his own strength.


Soon after, a purple starlight converged from the void.

It enveloped Liu Luoxi and the others.

This way, the pressure of this star was greatly reduced.

Below, the expression on the Star Demon God of Boundary changed drastically. Looking at the purple glow in front of him, his face was filled with yearning and his eyes shone brightly, as if he was a person who was extremely thirsty and had seen a naked beauty.

His eyes were full of greed.

"You actually have the power of the ancient world's Human King on your body?"

"Haha, that's right, that's right, and I even thought that your powers were very familiar just now. So it turns out that you guys are actually the inheritances of those people from the ancient world."

"Hahaha, what an unexpected surprise! It is fitting for me to rise up. "

"After obtaining this power, in this place where ten thousand worlds intersect, who will be my match?"

The Star Demon, God of Boundary, laughed maniacally.

In the next moment, his entire body appeared in the air.

He transformed into a monstrous Star Demon, blocking the entire sky.

Even the Astral Array was swallowed into its stomach.

"Hahaha, mine, it's all mine!"

"Immeasurable Star Demon, swallow it!"

The Star Demon God of Boundary bellowed, opened its big, bloody mouth, and directly swallowed towards Liu Luoxi and the others.

In an instant, an enormous devouring force came from the Star Demon transformed from the Star Demon God of Boundary.

Liu Luoxi's boundless purple light was immediately devoured.

Liu Luoxi's entire being also weakened at this moment.

It was not only him. The power from Yu Rou, Little Ya, Ao Ya, and Hong Qiuye's bodies were also being continuously devoured.

In the blink of an eye, nearly ten percent of their cultivation bases had been devoured.

Especially Hong Qiuye, who was currently in an even worse state.

Originally, she was already severely injured.

Now that he was engulfed by the devouring force, his cultivation was reduced by half.

"Hahaha, perfect."

"What a delicious power, what a joke, that Long Fei, guarding the treasure mountain while unaware."

"Haha, get your strength. That voice is finally going to appear one by one in my hands. "

"At that time, I will be the number one figure!"

The Star Demon, God of Boundary, laughed arrogantly.

It was incomparably savage.

At this time, the people from the Myriad Worlds below also had envious looks on their faces.

"Lord's aura is constantly increasing!"

"Haha, forbidden zone? Could these people be related to the forbidden area? "

"Haha, if the forbidden zone were to appear and Lord were to obtain its power, then we, the Ten Thousand Worlds Star Demon, would truly be able to dominate the entire universe."

One after another, voices came out from the Ten Thousand Worlds God of Boundary.

They were incomparably excited and excited.

To them, the most important thing in this Ten Thousand Worlds World was the ranking of the world.

This was because the higher one's ranking was, the more power one would receive.

to enslave more worlds.

And now, if the Star Demon God of Boundary was able to obtain that power, it would be possible for it to be revered.

As a result, the longer they stayed together, the higher their position rose.

As such, they were unable to suppress the agitation in their hearts and they started to laugh maniacally.

On the other hand, it was opposite.

The rest of the strong worlds all had bitter expressions on their faces.

The stronger the Star Demon God of Boundary, the more fear they felt in their hearts.

"Terrifying. This time, no one can stop the Star Demon God of Boundary. "

"This is too terrifying. The Star Demon God of Boundary's ambition is too great. It actually wants to claim the title of emperor. This is simply insane. Aren't you afraid of being suppressed by Master Ren?"

"It's hard to say. If he really opened up the forbidden zone before the civilization, he might really have the ability to fight Master Zhou."

The few of them exchanged mental messages, not daring to reveal too much.

Looking at the sky, the Star Demon God of Boundary frantically devoured everything it saw.

Their heads slowly lowered.

But, right at this moment.

A furious roar suddenly sounded out in the entire space.

It was as though their guts had been cut off, causing everyone's heart to tremble.


Rumble rumble rumble!

Rumble …

A series of loud booms rang out, as if they were trampling the starry sky.


All that could be seen was the Star Demon that Little Unrivaled had transformed into, crazily shooting into the sky, violently smashing towards the Star Demon which was transformed from the Star Demon God of Boundary.

"Hmm? You little bastard, you actually want to disobey me? "

"Get out of my way!"

The Star Demon God of Boundary suddenly opened its mouth, and then a tentacle descended.

The silhouette of the Star Demon that Little Unrivaled transformed into was instantly blasted away.

Boom! *

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Countless star buildings were smashed apart.

The Star Demon transformed by Little Unrivaled also fell to the ground.

He panted heavily.

He was on the verge of death.


"Little Wudi!"

Li Yuanba and the rest roared in pain.

However, this sound had also caught Liu Luoxi's attention.

Instantly, Liu Luoxi's heart trembled as he looked at the Star Demon form of Little Unrivaled.

And then, tears streamed down his cheeks.

"NO!" "My son!"

"Long Fei, where are you? Quickly come and save us."

"Save Unrivaled! Save our child!"

Liu Luoxi's mind was stirred, he looked down at the dying Star Demon, and his entire being was filled with grief.

He completely ignored the devouring power of the Star Demon God of Boundary as he walked step by step towards the little invincible girl.

The Stellar Demon that Little Unrivaled had transformed into had also gotten up with great difficulty, wanting to rush over.

However, there was nothing he could do.

After he got up, he fell down again.


Little Unrivaled let out a mournful cry.

"My invincibility."

Liu Luoxi screamed at the top of his lungs. The entire scene was completely shocking!

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