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Yang Tianyi laughed, and patted Chen Xiang's shoulders: "Don't worry, I've already promised brother, kill that stupid cow, and let him take out his divine soul and merge it with the Bones!"

Yue'er was a little surprised, Chen Xiang had actually gotten along so well with Yang Tianyi.

"Chen Xiang, how do you know about the Ancestor Emperor?" Yue'er was a little curious and looked at Yang Tianyi: "Did this guy tell you? Since you were able to condense Bones, it should be because this fellow helped you right!? "

Back then, when Yang Tianyi plundered a large pile of Bone level Dan's medicinal herbs from the Star Law Divine Realm, Yue'er naturally knew that she was in charge of this Star-Moon Hell and she had a very good understanding of the criminals who were imprisoned inside.

"No, it was Wu Cang who told me to come in with this guy. I've already killed that guy." Chen Xiang was already very relieved at this moment, because Yue'er could bring them out.

Yue'er harrumphed, "It's good that Wu Cang died. He's killed me quite a few times!"

Even after Chen Xiang saw Yue'er recover her memories, she actually wasn't affected much. She was extremely impressed with Yue'er's mental state, after all, what she had experienced all these years could be said to be extremely painful.

"Master Cat, when can you send us out? I'm anxious to see the outside world. I've been locked up here for a long time. " Yang Tianyi said with a look of longing.

"I need a bit more time!" Yue'er was not anxious at all, "Yang Tianyi, how many Bones do you have now? Can you beat that stupid cow? That bastard ambushed me when I was heavily injured, if not I wouldn't have been captured by him. "

"I only have three Bones, and I don't have a good one either! After so many years, my strength has also increased quite a bit. That stupid cow does not have much pressure on me! " Yang Tianyi said: "Master Cat, how did you receive such a heavy injury in the first place? As the law enforcer of Starmoon Hell, you should be very strong! "

It's those Divine Nations guys, I met them when I was passing by this place, and they were extremely arrogant, in the end, they surrounded me and attacked me. When I escaped to this place, I met that stupid cow and was ambushed by him! Yue Er said furiously, "I have already remembered that Divine Nations. Once I recover my strength, I will definitely go and find them to settle the score."

Chen Xiang and Yang Tianyi both didn't think that Yue'er becoming like this, would actually have something to do with the Divine Nations!

"Yue Er, when will you recover your strength?" Chen Xiang didn't think that Yue'er also had a common enemy that he wanted to deal with, and that all the Divine Nations s would want to deal with him as well.

"I need to have the next Star-moon Banquet. I can only regain my memories after what happened just now!" Chen Xiang immediately understood what she meant by Star Moon Banquet. It should be that Samsara Sacrifice.

"Can we leave now?" Yang Tianyi was already impatient.

"I need some time. I need two to three days. Be patient!" Yue'er smiled before flapping her wings and flying into the sky.

Chen Xiang and Yang Tianyi immediately saw a circle appear on Yue'er's flying body, accompanied by a few Spirit grain s. She was setting up the formation right now!

The soil on the ground was formed from the power of the stars. It could be used to arrange a formation and produce a very strong force!

"Only she can use the power of the Divine Sense Sea here, she is the master here! It's just that she doesn't have enough strength right now. If she's a little stronger, and is able to control this Star-moon Hell, then maybe she can get that stupid cow back. " Yang Tianyi was now certain that he would be able to leave soon. He was in a very good mood and his face was full of smiles.

Yang Tianyi lay on the ground and laughed: "Look at the sky above this place again, because you will never be able to see it again! After we go out, I'm looking forward to testing my three Bones! I hope that stupid cow is stronger, so that I can have a good time later. "

Chen Xiang was completely speechless. Other people would always hope that their opponent would be weaker and better, but this Yang Tianyi was hoping that her opponent would be stronger and better.

"Brother Yang, don't lose when the time comes!" Chen Xiang joked.

"I know the power of that stupid cow. Although he has enjoyed the power of the Star-Moon Banquet for so many years, he has been sleeping the entire time. He probably could not absorb it that fast, only by that method! Mr. Cat is very special, so she can have the Star-moon Banquet. Only an existence like her can quickly digest this much power, not that stupid cow. " Yang Tianyi said: "When the time comes, I'll kill him and try my best to capture his divine soul. Furthermore, his Divine Deity should also contain quite a bit of the power of Star Moon Banquet, it would be best if I can give it to Mr. Cat."

Yue Er was still setting up the teleportation formation. If she was the one who was going out, it would be very easy for her, but right now she had to get Chen Xiang and the prisoner out, it would take a lot of effort.

"Brother, after I settle this stupid cow, I need to make a trip back to the Star Law Divine Realm to find a divine soul that I am satisfied with and merge it into my Bones as soon as possible! When I finish all of this, I will come back to find you all. I don't have enough strength, so I won't be able to face those Divine Nations s! " Yang Tianyi was also very loyal, he was very clear that the reason he was able to leave this place now, was all because of Chen Xiang and Yue'er.

As for Chen Xiang and Yue'er, they both had enmity with the Divine Nations, and he felt that he would have to help Chen Xiang and Yue'er to fight against the Divine Nations to repay their gratitude.

Moon Child's formation took a long time to complete. She had to spend nearly two days to do so!

"That's enough. Quickly come in, I'll be able to leave after opening the formation." Yue'er said, "I hope that stupid cow isn't outside!"

Yang Tianyi laughed out loud: "It's great that he's outside, the moment I go out, I can beat him up!"

Yue'er had brought her own Star-Moon Hell to this place, but was severely injured by the attacks of the Divine Nations. In the end, she was ambushed by the Ancestor Emperor, resulting in her becoming the Samsara Sacrifice's sacrifice.

For many years, the higher ups of the Star Moon Divine Race had been enjoying Yue Er's Star and Moon Banquet, which was why they had become one of the four God Beast Clans!

Yue'er stood on Chen Xiang's shoulder and shouted, "I'm going to activate the formation!"

Chen Xiang and Yang Tianyi nodded, Yue'er's body started to shine with a white light, the dirt on the ground suddenly started to shine! made Chen Xiang and Yang Tianyi feel like they were inside a sea of stars.

This kind of beautiful scene didn't last long before Chen Xiang and Yang Tianyi felt scorching hot flames. They had finally left Star Moon Hell and arrived outside!

"It's not that Star Graveyard!" Chen Xiang asked in shock when he saw that he was surrounded by prairie.

"Of course not. When I came in, I had already moved the triangular star stone." Yue'er was currently standing on top of the triangular flagstone, and the Spirit grain on top of the triangular flagstone was still radiating light.

Yang Tianyi laughed as he sprinted across the dark green prairie. "I'm finally out, I'm finally seeing the light of day again, haha …"

Yue Er chuckled a few times, then kept the triangular star stone, which should have been taken in by her Divine Sense Sea.

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