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Chen Xiang looked at Huang Jintian in shock: "Sovereign … "Huang Yueqi."

Huang Jintian had just said that even though he had used Emperor's Feather just now, Huang Jintian actually knew how to use this kind of power.

"Just like the Dragon Power, it is an aura unique to Imperial Feather Race. However, I can only use it a little. This is not as easy to learn as the Dragon Power, and its not that useful." Huang Jintian said.

"This means that the Imperial Dragon Clan will definitely suspect the Imperial Feather Race and this war will arrive soon. What about those two Little Emperor Dragons?"

Chen Xiang did not have any good impression of the Imperial Dragon Clan, he had already been enemies with him before, and last time, the Dragon Emperor had even wanted to capture Xue Xianxian and the others to threaten him.

"I haven't killed them yet, they're all Immortal Monarch level … It should be called Dragon Lord, if it is killed, then their original form will appear, their original form will be too big, and my Storage magic treasure cannot fit inside, so I just knocked them out, and placed them inside a Storage magic treasure that can pretend to be alive. " Huang Jintian laughed heartily: "This dragon meat is probably not tasty, it might be the same as snake meat, royal birds have wings, it should be like chicken wings or something like that."

"Master, what do you plan to do with those two little Emperor Dragons now?" Chen Xiang rubbed his chin and thought. These two little Emperor Dragons were both Immortal Monarch s, so the dragon pearls must be very strong. Even if he wanted to refine them into pills, it would take a very long time.

"Kill them, kill them right here. When the time comes, we'll definitely lure the Imperial Dragon Clan and the Sixth Prince over." Huang Jintian was still a little conflicted: "But the problem is how to deal with the Dragon corpse. The Dragon corpse are very big, it would be a waste to throw it away."

Long Xueyi said to Chen Xiang: "If you can burn them, and use your fire energy to burn the Dragon corpse to a crystal, that's all pure energy, and not a lot at that."

"Extinguish the fire." A few things flashed through Chen Xiang's mind. He had previously told him that this Extinction Fire was a type of flame that only Jade Dragon could release. It was specifically used to commit suicide, so that no one could obtain the precious Jade Dragon Blood.

"Even though your Jade Dragon Blood fused with other things, it is still inside your body, so you can still use it. This kind of flame has a lot of destructive power to the dragon's body, otherwise, the Jade Dragon would not have killed yourself with this kind of flame." Long Xueyi said: "If you don't know anything, I'll teach you. This kind of flame doesn't need to be learned, it only needs to be guided."

Chen Xiang put a hand on Huang Jintian's shoulder: "Master, I have a way. I can use a type of flame to burn Dragon corpse to crystal, then it will be easy to protect."

Huang Jintian looked at Chen Xiang with wide eyes and said in shock, "Could it be that the fire was extinguished without a trace?

After that, Huang Jintian casually touched Chen Xiang's body, and Chen Xiang laughed: No, I'm still a human.

"In that case, you have obtained the Jade Dragon Blood." Both Chen Xiang and Long Xueyi were very surprised that Huang Jintian knew so much.

Chen Xiang smiled and nodded.

"Good boy, this is a good thing. If it can give you an indestructible body in the future, then it will be easy." Huang Jintian looked at Chen Xiang with a gaze that made him feel like he was drinking blood.

"There's one more thing. I heard that in the next few days, some royal birds will be coming here to inspect the battlefield. If possible, bring them to the place where I killed the dragon." Huang Jintian laughed sinisterly.

"I see." Chen Xiang knew what Huang Jintian was calculating. If by chance someone from the Imperial Dragon Clan comes over and finds out that the Imperial Feather Race is also here, the Imperial Feather Race will not be able to escape.

That night, Huang Jintian brought Chen Xiang to find a good place. At that time, Huang Jintian just needed to escape from the two Emperor Dragon's dragon pearls, exterminate the divine soul, and then chop off the head.

You have to watch out for the time to lure those fellows from the Imperial Avian Race over here. When that time comes, you'll have to leave the Imperial Avian Race to me and then you can come and burn the dragon's body. You have to leave before the Imperial Dragon Clan and the Sixth Prince arrive. Huang Jintian said in a serious tone. If the group of Immortal Kings were to come, it would be very difficult to escape.

After confirming the location, Chen Xiang and Huang Jintian returned, waiting for the Imperial Feather Race to come over.

At this time, the main palace had already sent out news regarding the search, and they had received a lot of rewards. The twenty million Spiritual crystal were both used to search for the two Royal Dragons that were kidnapped.

could not help but admire Huang Jintian. After kidnapping the two Emperor Dragons, he did not make any big movements, causing the Imperial Dragon Clan to not have any clues at all, so he left Huang Yu He at the scene. However, the Imperial Dragon Clan was still very cautious, it was just a suspicion, and they had also sent people to investigate the Imperial Feather Race's side.

If the Imperial Feather Race used it to threaten them, they would have to withdraw, because the two Emperor Dragons were good seedlings, and one of them was a Holy Dragon.

"Master, if we kill these two Emperor Dragons, do you think the Dragon Emperor will appear?" Chen Xiang asked.

"The last time the Dragon Emperor appeared, it was because of his precious son's death. Although these two little Emperor Dragons are precious, they are not precious to the point of being like his precious son. Don't be afraid, even if he comes, we are still very safe. Huang Jintian said.

If it were any ordinary person, forget about the Dragon Emperor, even dragons would not dare to provoke them. However, this pair of master and disciple dared to kill an Emperor Dragon, and were not afraid of the Dragon Emperor at all.

There are three from the Imperial Avian Race s. Although all of them are Immortal Monarch s, you should be able to deal with them. " Huang Jintian's face revealed a smile: "Soon, I will be able to see the big show of biting the dog."

"Leave it to me, I'll go." Chen Xiang anxiously ran out of the hotel and ran in the direction of the Transmission array.

Just as the three Immortal Monarch s came out of the Transmission array, they released a powerful aura, making everyone retreat far, far away, not daring to approach them.

"Didn't you say that Imperial Feather Race is very low-key? Why are you being so arrogant now?" When Chen Xiang ran over, he felt an extremely arrogant aura, as if he was looking at someone who he disliked and wanted to kill.

"We are all Immortal Monarch, you better be careful." Long Xueyi replied, "If that's not possible, I'll come out and help you."

"I can handle it." Chen Xiang had already seen the clothes of the three Imperial Feather Race Rankers were as if they were made of feathers and shone with a piercing red light. They were all red and steaming hot, as if they were all made of fire.

"Hurry up and get lost, this Transmission array will be ours from today onwards." As a man shouted, he released his imperial feather aura, intimidating everyone present.

"Then how are we going to get out of here?" one of the braver ones asked.

"Go to hell, so you don't have to leave." The man from the Imperial Feather Race sneered. With a raise of his hand, he released a streak of fiery light that struck towards that man, burning him to ashes.

"All of you, scram a bit further away. When I see you weak fellows, I want to crush you to death. Quickly, scram."

"If you don't scram, I will burn all of you. If it wasn't for the fact that I don't want to dirty my hands, you would have already died."

Facing these three tyrannical and powerful Imperial Feather Race, everyone could only grumble in their hearts, before leaving the Transmission array one after another.

When Chen Xiang saw them, he quickened his pace.

These three Imperial Feather Race s had arrogant smiles on their faces. Looking at the people who were fleeing everywhere, they still had murderous intent in their hearts. They raised their hands and gathered their powerful flame energy, preparing to attack …

Seeing this, Chen Xiang calculated the power of the spatial laws and then appeared in front of the three Imperial Feather Race s.

"Imperial Avian Race, it's not your turn to be arrogant here." Chen Xiang very loudly shouted. He swept his palm across, and very accurately slapped the three Imperial Feather Race s in the face, which released a "Pa" sound.

Slap his own face to injure it, thinking himself to be superior. Imperial Feather Race who was standing in the ninth heaven was actually slapped ruthlessly, and the power of this slap was very strong, causing their faces to swell up.

Chen Xiang channeled the Dragon Power in his body. The one he was currently using was slightly different from the one he had used before. This was the The power of the holy dragon, the one he had cultivated from consuming the Holy Dragon Pellet last time.

"The power of the holy dragon, Imperial Dragon Clan's." A Imperial Feather Race shouted, but he felt much better because he had been beaten up by a holy dragon. If he were to be slapped like that by a human, it would truly be shameful.

"That's right, I was the one who hit you." After Chen Xiang finished speaking, he immediately dodged to the side to avoid the attack, and a Imperial Feather Race spat out a burning flame.

Originally, these three Imperial Feather Race s thought that the other party would launch a fierce attack and have a great battle with them. However, after Chen Xiang dodged that attack, he jumped into the air and flew away.

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