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Chen Xiang really wanted to go over and ask that person if he was Qi Shi, but he didn't. He didn't, and if he randomly went over without figuring out the situation, then it might disrupt Qi Shi's plans.

Qi Shi was also a powerful divine beast in the Beast Divine Palace back then, so he should have died before being reborn. If he were to regain his former memories and regain his former strength, it wouldn't be weird. " Chen Xiang saw with his own eyes the changes in Long Xueyi's memories that year, and it gave him a fright.

"Who are you? Why are you blocking my way?" The voice came from the carriage that looked like a house. It was a very gentle male voice. Although it was gentle, it carried the might of a king. The power within it made one feel an indescribable pressure.

"Answer me, did you kill a Fiery Divine Lion three years ago?" Qi Shi's voice was cold and filled with anger. His killing intent was leaking out bit by bit, and it seemed like the anger in his heart was preventing him from retracting his aura.

"Heaven Earth Killing Method, this killing intent belongs to Qi Shi." Chen Xiang's heart became even more certain, that the person in question was really Qi Shi, to think that he would actually come to Super God Realm as well.

From Qi Shi's words, Chen Xiang had already guessed a few things. For some unknown reason, a wave of sorrow rose up in his heart;

Chen Xiang had interacted with the Super Old Fire Beast many times and received favors from the Super Old Fire Beast before. In his eyes, the Super Old Fire Beast was just a strict elder, yet it was killed right now. He finally understood why Qi Shi was so angry, because he was also furious in his heart.

"I killed him. His divine soul is still here. If you want me to give it to you, you might even be able to revive him." Prince Divine Lions's voice was very calm, like before, his tone was very gentle. The moment he said that, a ball of light flew out, shining with a fiery light.

Qi Shi immediately extended his hand and grabbed the pearl. What was inside was the divine soul of the Super Old Fire Beast, the brother who had risked his life to kill.

The Prince Divine Lions unexpectedly did not think killing the Super Old Fire Beast was a big deal, as his voice sounded again, "You can get out of the way now, right?

Qi Shi's anger had already completely erupted, the pure white fur clothing he was wearing was covered with a black killing intent, the white blade in his hand had turned black.

"Is this guy crazy? Should we start fighting in the Ten Thousand Beast Square?" The White crocodile said in shock and quickly retreated.

"Ice him up, or he'll cause trouble." Prince Divine Lions said softly, only to see a Silver lion spitting out a white light from its mouth, which instantly struck Qi Shi's body and sealed him.

In that instant, all the killing intent on Qi Shi's body disappeared. It seemed like the difference in strength between Qi Shi and the two Silver lion s was too huge.

"The consequence of blocking our path, and not only that, he even prepared to attack us. This is his end." As the Divine Lion spoke, Qi Shi who was frozen by ice suddenly flew up and smashed towards the distance.

If it fell on the ground, Qi Shi would shatter. Chen Xiang was very clear on how terrifying the Icy cold power that gushed out of the Silver lion was.

Chen Xiang groaned, and used a teleportation technique to teleport Qi Shi, who had leaped into the air, to his side. He then used a spatial splitting technique to separate the frozen ice and Qi Shi.

"Yes." The Prince Divine Lions let out a faint sigh.

"Senior." Chen Xiang immediately channeled the creator's fire into Qi Shi's body.

Qi Shi, who had been unconscious, quickly regained consciousness, but he was severely injured. Chen Xiang used his mind to probe, and immediately discovered that the internal organs of Qi Shi's body had been severely injured.

"The Beast Divine Palace made a rule that if he wants to kill us, we can kill him. Let him die." The Prince Divine Lions said.

A Silver lion had already looked over. Its eyes shot out a silver light that flew towards Chen Xiang.

"You want to kill me?" The White crocodile roared, it opened its mouth and spat out a white light, directly attacking back: "If you want to kill me, I can also kill you."

The White crocodile roared in anger, even though he was usually shouting and shouting on the streets, his soar was still very terrifying.

Chen Xiang never thought that White crocodile would be so strong, he felt extremely guilty, causing trouble for the White crocodile.

"Let's stop here. If there is a grudge, settle it 10,000 li away from the mountain." From inside the shrine came a calm and aged voice. The gigantic Silver lion that was about to attack suddenly trembled and retracted its head.

had become very strong, but he was still not too powerful. It was already considered fortunate that he was still alive. Chen Xiang was also very angry in his heart.

The two Silver lion s had already pulled the huge carriage through the gate.

"Ol 'White, right, I've troubled you." Chen Xiang said as he jumped down from the White crocodile's back, carrying the incomparably weak Qi Shi.

"Don't go, go to my place. I don't like that guy either. It's safer for you to follow me now." The White crocodile said: "In any case, I've already gotten into trouble, so I'm not afraid to go any further, quickly come up."

Just like this, the White crocodile carried Chen Xiang and the others and quickly returned to his lakeside nest.

Chen Xiang healed Qi Shi and dispelled the cold energy in his body. Circulating his Alive Slain Method, he released a type of regeneration ability that entered Qi Shi's body. He even ate a small chunk of the divine lotus root for him.

After being busy for half a day, although Qi Shi looked much more spirited, his divine soul and body still suffered heavy injuries.

"Ai, I almost died just like that. I was too impulsive, and my experience is quite rich as well. I should have been a calm person and almost died here." Qi Shi looked at Chen Xiang with a grateful expression. He did not need to thank him because he knew Chen Xiang would feel his gratitude at the moment.

"You little brat, I didn't think I would meet you in this sort of place." Qi Shi smiled: "Brother Crocodile, thank you for helping us out."

The White crocodile laughed: "You don't need to be courteous, that guy also wants to kill me. Although I am afraid of the Divine Lion Race, but I do not place these two fellows in my eyes."

Qi Shi suddenly sighed: "of Divine Lion Race is actually so virtuous. If I had the strength from back then, even if this brat's father came, I would still be able to make him kneel down."

Chen Xiang was shocked in his heart: "Big Brother Qi, you are also from Divine Lion Race."

The White crocodile had also seen some things from Qi Shi's aura before, especially that kind of aura. Even the two Silver lion that were much stronger than Qi Shi were intimidated by her.

"Of course, if I hadn't died back then, I would be King Leonis now, and Qi Yan and I would both be princes of the Divine Lion Race then." After Qi Shi finished speaking, he lamented and took out the divine soul of the Super Old Fire Beast. The Super Old Fire Beast should be the Qi Yan he mentioned.

This was his true brother, someone who was related by blood. Only after he had regained his memories did he know that the few princes of Divine Lion Race must have had another dispute back then, which was why such a thing would happen now.

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