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The officer in black was in a bad mood.

In order not to leave any traces, they first sent attackers to assassinate Li Ye, and then they attacked him in the name of helping. They did all of these because they didn't want to be recognized by Li Ye, lest he have the opportunity to use the Messaging Jade Note to tell others what they did.

It was unexpected that Li Ye had clearly known all this. Now their plans have failed, and the officer in black knew that the matter was serious.

Song Yuanqiao did not fall because of Li Ye's support. After listening to the dialogue between Li Ye and the officer, he raised his head in despair, opened his mouth full of blood, and tried to say something. But his voice was blurred and his words were unclear. But from his eyes, Li Ye saw his prayer. He wanted to live.

"Since you're so afraid of death, why do you harm others?" Li Ye pulled out his sword and pushed Song Yuanqiao away and didn't care about him who fell to the ground.

At the moment of Song Yuanqiao's fall, the official started the fight. He would not allow himself to be arrested without any resistance. He wielded his long sword. The bright white sword lights sprinkled like waves of water and went straight towards Li Ye.

Li Ye didn't plan to fight recklessly. He stepped back decisively and at the same time, he wielded his Luke Sword obliquely, Sword Qis coming from the sword one after another. The Sword Qis formed a sharp contour arc which collided with the Sword Qi of the officer in black.

At the same time, two colorful Spiritual Qis came from the night sky and rushed towards the officer, like falling meteors and rainbows.

The officer in black had to step back to dodge. The two colorful Spiritual Qis bombarded the ground, making two huge pits and sending mud flying.

"Elder Brother Ye!" Wearing two braids, Wu You, who was dressed in a blue shirt and a red skirt, came. Her pair of Colorful Butterfly-embroidered Boots glittered under her feet, which was a magic tool. She came like a fairy. She opened her arms before her chest and her Colorful Glazed Rings flew to the officer in black quickly. The Colorful Glazed Rings enlarged to the size of 2 meters halfway and emitted eye-dazzling lights. It had extraordinary power.

When the officer saw Wu You, his mood sank to the bottom in an instant. He recognized that the Colorful Glazed Rings was a magic treasure of Rank 3. He could not resist it. So he had to leave to avoid it. With a loud sound, the Colorful Glazed Rings hit the house which was already half-collapsed, and this time the whole house was completely razed to the ground.

At the same time, there were screams of misery outside the courtyard. The attackers who blockaded the courtyard only saw figures flashing in front of them, and then they died. It was Li Jing'an's attendant who had arrived. And Li Jing'an rushed into the courtyard and was going to attack the officer with his sword.

"Damn it!" The officer was in trouble. When he saw Wu You, Li Jing'an, and their attendants come back one after another, he felt bitter and helpless. He glanced at Li Ye angrily and left.

But when he leaped out of the courtyard, he saw an old man coming to him. The old man shot out a palm towards him, which seemed to be slow. But in fact, the Spiritual Qi was already in front of him. The officer sensed danger and hurriedly raised his sword to protect himself.

"Bang!" The sword bent backward and was about to break. The sword's body bounced on his chest, which made the officer groan and forced him to retreat from the courtyard wall. However, before he stabilized himself, the Colorful Glazed Rings struck him quickly with dazzling lights.

The officer clenched his teeth and reached out his hands to shoot Spiritual Qi towards the old man in front of him. His body twisted in mid-air and his long sword collided with the Colorful Glazed Rings, making a clear sound.

The long sword succeeded in blocking the Colorful Glazed Rings. The face of the officer in black turned pale. Obviously, this fight was not easy for him. As soon as he fell back to the ground, he quickly moved away. Sure enough, the old man had shot a palm towards him. A clear palm print which was several meters long and more than ten meters deep could be seen on the ground behind him.

"You can't run away!" Wu You rebuked. She made seals in front of her chest to control the Colorful Glazed Rings to change its direction to attack the officer again, like a shadow following him.

"Puff!" The officer in black dodged in all directions with great effort and difficulty. In the end, he was hit by the Colorful Glazed Rings and spit out a mouthful of blood and flew away.

At the same time, the old man shot a palm towards him. The officer once again wielded his sword to block it. But he failed this time. He fell into the ruins of the house like a ball and his sword also flew out of his hands!

Originally, his cultivation was in Level 5 and was similar to the cultivation of Wu You's attendant. But when he was faced with the siege of two people, he quickly lost. Wu You's Colorful Glazed Rings followed him like a shadow, giving him too much pressure.

Since Wu You arrived, Li Ye had withdrawn from the battlefield. He did not venture to join the battlefield anymore, as it was unnecessary. He stood with Shangguan Qingcheng. Compared to fighting, he thought it was more practical to protect Shangguan Qingcheng in case the officer suddenly attacked Shangguan Qingcheng and seized her or held her hostage.

When Shangguan Qingcheng saw Li Ye protecting her, she was moved and felt guilty. A pair of watery eyes flickered uncertainly. For no reason, she suddenly remembered the moment they were close to each other when Li Ye rescued her in the daytime and the scene when Li Ye took her hand and forgot to let go. Her face that was as white as snow flushed suddenly. She quickly lowered her head so as to not be seen by Li Ye.

Seeing that the officer had fallen into the ruins and the Colorful Glazed Rings followed him to kill him, Li Ye suddenly frowned and felt a great sense of urgency coming out of nowhere. He did not hesitate and ran to the other side with Shangguan Qingcheng.

Almost at the same time, a six-meter-long Sword Qi fell from the sky without warning and bombarded the position where Li Ye was just now, causing a sword mark several meters deep. If Li Ye had not dodged in time, he would have been killed by the Sword Qi.

Nobody had expected that at this time, there still was a hidden technique to kill Li Ye.

"Elder Brother Ye!" Wu You noticed what had happened to Li Ye, and her face turned pale in an instant. Her hands trembled because of fear such that her Colorful Glazed Rings lost the support of her Spiritual Qi and fell directly from mid-air.

She was extremely furious and looked at the position where the Sword Qi came from. And at this time, two Sword Qis came from there, aimed at her and her attendant. They came like the Sword Qi that had attacked Li Ye just now.

Wu You and the old man evaded one after the other. The Sword Qis fell in the courtyard, causing dust to fly all over the sky and making Shangguan Qingcheng stand unsteadily. Li Ye suddenly realized something. "That man wants to save the officer!"

"Stop him!" Wu You shouted to her attendant and rushed into the dust cloud. However, when she arrived at the ruins, she could not see that officer. She stepped on the Colorful Butterfly-embroidered Boots and rose into the air and looked around. Finally, she saw a dark figure flash in the direction of the east of the village and disappeared into the night.

The cultivation of the newcomer must be high. Facing Wu You and her attendant, he still could rescue the officer. He was bound to be powerful and must have had a magic tool that could increase his speed.

That kind of person must be a famous big shot.

"Chase them!" Wu You ordered her attendant.

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