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Chen Xiang felt that the rewards of this competition wouldn't be too bad.

"For the time being, I don't know. But the new King will definitely not give us anything inferior, so it would be too embarrassing for him to take it." An old man said. If someone called them seniors, they would naturally respond politely.

Chen Xiang knew that these few old men had stayed here for a long time and knew a lot of information. He also chatted with them and asked them about some things that he wanted to know.

"I heard that the newly established Human King Immortal Country also sent a group of Alchemist to join in on the fun."

"That's for sure, this is a good chance to become famous, even the Imperial Dragon Clan who rarely participate in these kinds of things would send an Emperor Dragon who knows how to refine pills."

There were also pill refiners in the Imperial Dragon Clan, Chen Xiang was a little shocked.

"What I'm more concerned about is the fight between this Li Tianjun brat and Bi Xia Dan Immortal. This guy lost miserably last time, I don't know if he can win this time."

"Bi Xia Dan Immortal is the head Dan Immortal, the's core Dan Immortal. However, I feel that Devil-suppressing Divine Palace's core Dan Immortal is quite interesting. Rumor has it that they're Dan Immortal s who know how to use the Demon Suppressing Holy Fire, and I don't know how powerful they will be. I really want to take a look."

Chen Xiang clenched his fist tightly. He could definitely use this kind of flame as well, it was ignited from the Devil-suppressing holy power. This could not be counted as true Holy level flame, the Holy level flame was above the heavenly fire after all.

Just as Chen Xiang listened to the old geezers talk excitedly, the whole venue suddenly released a low voice from a man. Chen Xiang could tell that it was the kind of lecherous shout a man would make when he sees a beauty.

This was the location for the competition, and was also the place to register for the competition. Currently, there were 7000 people there, Chen Xiang immediately looked at the pathway for the competition and was startled.

Even though her face was covered with a light veil, she was still extremely beautiful. Beside her, there was a mature beautiful woman who was on par with her, also wearing a veil, but that noble and dignified temperament, and that pair of gentle eyes, caused people to feel ashamed and inferior, and not dare to look directly at her.

One of them was middle-aged, had a beard, had a very handsome face, looked very steady, and gave off a very strong feeling. On his face hung a light and gentle smile, while Liu Meng'er and the dignified beautiful woman stood at his two sides.

"That girl should be Liu Meng'er's mother, and the man must be her father. They are indeed two very powerful people." Long Xueyi said: "For the time being, I can't see their strength clearly."

Other than Liu Meng'er's family of three, there were two other handsome youths who seemed to be quite strong. With a single glance, one could tell that they were disciples of famous sects.

"Elder Sister Meng'er is becoming more and more interesting." Chen Xiang praised in his heart. Thinking about what had happened with Liu Meng'er, his heart rippled.

"Humph, hurry up and meet her." Long Xueyi scoffed.

"I won't do it, her parents are too awesome, what if they know about Elder Sister Meng'er's Master and disciples and me … Ahem, I will be beaten to death. " Chen Xiang curled his lips and said.

When Liu Meng'er and the others arrived, the place became much quieter. It was obvious with a glance that they were not ordinary people, and had also come to register for the competition.

What surprised everyone was that the one who registered was Liu Meng'er's mother. Chen Xiang remembered that Liu Meng'er did not say that her mother was also a pill refiner.

"I'm only registering for someone else's place. It should be okay if that person still hasn't come." Liu Meng'er's mother said softly.

"Of course you can … "Name." The old man nodded.

"Shao profoundyun."

Hearing the name, Chen Xiang only frowned his eyebrows slightly, because he had never heard of the name before, but the others started exclaiming in surprise. From the discussions of the crowd, Chen Xiang found out that this Shao profoundyun was his senior brother's wife.

Back then Hua Xiangyue had said it before, that her master was Senior Brother Chen Xiang's wife. He had already been in the Heaven Realm for a while, but until now, he hadn't seen Senior Brother.

Chen Xiang's eldest senior brother and wife were people that were at the same time as her parents, so it was normal that they had a good relationship with each other. What made him a little depressed was that at that time, he might even fight with Shao profoundyun.

"Teacher, this old lunatic didn't mention anything about eldest senior brother to me last time, so I should take me to see him." Chen Xiang complained in his heart.

Chen Xiang watched from afar. He really wanted to go and see Liu Meng'er, but now was not the right time.

"Meng'er, you're here too. Is Xiangyue not coming?" Long Huishan suddenly walked in, her entire body releasing a dense dragon Qi, donning a set of armor, giving off the aura of a Female Dragon King, although her beauty was already very attractive, her imposing manner made her even more charming.

Another incredible female expert had arrived. Everyone was secretly surprised.

"Her master is already here, she definitely won't participate. I heard that the person sent by your Long family is a fifth grade Dan Immortal." Liu Meng'er asked with a smile.

"The person I sent is definitely a very strong Dan Immortal. We will definitely get first place this time." Long Huishan said very confidently.

"Didn't you already register? Who are you registering for now?" Her relationship with Long Huishan was not bad, and all of this was because of Chen Xiang.

"I came to see if that little bastard Chen Xiang had registered. He had already ascended, yet he was cowering like a tortoise all day. Even at a time like this, he still didn't show himself." When Long Huishan talked about Chen Xiang, he was a little angry in his heart.

Of course Chen Xiang wanted to, but he had done a lot of things recently. If he were to jump out now, there would definitely be people who would connect the dots, and at that time, he would definitely not be able to participate in the tournament smoothly.

"I'm afraid he won't come. If he does, then no one will fight anymore. Just killing him and stealing his treasures is enough." Liu Meng'er said in a low voice.

"What's there to be afraid of? I'll protect him. I'll behead whoever dares to snatch him away." Long Huishan said loudly.

Chen Xiang left through the other door. He was worried that he would be pushed to the point of jumping out.

From the start of the competition, there were many famous Alchemist s who came one after another, and only after carrying out the examination would they be able to obtain the qualifications to participate.

Chen Xiang did not do anything else. Instead, he spent his time strolling around, inquiring about some information that was useful to him, such as the recent movements of the great powers that had enmity with him, and the number of people who came.

"I wonder where Master is. I wonder where this crazy old man is hiding, eating and drinking." Chen Xiang sat on the roof, looked at the setting sun, and softly sighed.

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