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Yue'er was extremely curious about Chen Xiang's second Divine Sense Sea. She really wanted to know how a person like Chen Xiang would look like as a real Divine Sense Sea, a person who reacts to the beautiful fantasies in the deepest part of a person's heart. It's just that Chen Xiang didn't even know what he was thinking right now, so Yue'er couldn't get any information about the real situation from Chen Xiang either.

Chen Xiang now knew one of the uses of Bones in the eyes. Being able to see someone's Divine Sense Sea, could not be considered very useful, but it could be said that he was able to see someone's inner thoughts.

"I feel that the Bones of my eyes can also be used to attack." Chen Xiang said, his eyes releasing a ray of red light. Although it was only for a moment, it was true that millions of red light beams had converged, and this was the Heart Permeable Demon Eye that he had learned from Bai Youyou. This was the move that he had the least use, if he used it, then someone would really be in trouble.

It's not strong enough to deal with ordinary Empyrean Gods, but it's not enough to deal with those with great defense and armor. Many beasts have very tough scales on their bodies. Littlemoon also saw the terror of that red light. It was able to emit a hair-like red light with an extremely strange penetrating power. It could penetrate a person's body in an instant and cause fatal damage.

However, the light rays were still too weak, it was not a problem to deal with people with a lower cultivation level than Chen Xiang, but for people with a higher cultivation than him, or people with a strong defense, it was ineffective.

"So I plan to develop in this area, not only will it allow my eyes to see more, I will also be able to have the power to attack. Right now, I am unable to transform too much of the Six Realms' Power, mainly because I don't have the Bones nor the soul inside, the Double bone level in my eyes are lacking a good soul." Chen Xiang's eyes released a red light again. This time, although the penetrating power of the red thread had increased a lot, it was still extremely limited.

As Chen Xiang walked out of the Time Formation, Yue'er was a little puzzled, not knowing what he wanted to do.

Yue'er flew above Chen Xiang's head and asked, "Are you going back?"

After Chen Xiang put away the formation plate, he looked at the entrance of the cave that was continuously surging with hot air and laughed: "Of course not, I want to go down and take a look at those Earthly beast s. These guys should all have pretty good divine souls, right?"

"This... Their soul is definitely not bad, but can you handle it now? " Yue'er was a little surprised, Chen Xiang's eyes lacked a divine soul, she did not expect Chen Xiang to actually have the idea about those Earthly beast s.

"How do you know without trying?" Chen Xiang was very confident right now. He had just condensed two Divine Deity and they both had very powerful divine souls within them, so the matter of him concentrating his other souls was saved.

This time, he was not only going down to see how strong the Earthly beast were, but also to see if there were any more Earthly fruit down there.

Chen Xiang jumped down the deep pit that led to the Core Fire Essence, Yue'er held onto one of his arms, releasing the Space Domain to help him block the heat.

"You can't resist the heat here yourself." Yue'er asked, "When you make your move, I'll have to follow you."

"I can't do that for now. Follow me, there won't be any danger." Chen Xiang had also never tried whether or not he could leave Yue Er and freely walk around. He also didn't want to try.

When they approached the bottom, Chen Xiang heard the Earthly beast roaring, these Earthly beast sensed Chen Xiang's Qi, and all of them roared. They all remembered, that this was the human who took their divine fruit.

"How vengeful." Chen Xiang laughed.

"Those who are not crazy will hold a grudge. You are the one who snatched away their great chance to increase their Divine Deity." Yue Er smiled.

When Chen Xiang got closer, he could see the appearances of these Earthly beast more clearly. They all looked very strange, there were snake shaped, tiger shaped, horse shaped, and they all had one thing in common, that was that their bodies were wrapped in a layer of fire liquid.

"There's quite a number. There's actually five." Chen Xiang took out the Cyan Dragon Blade. Although these Earthly beast were still in the growth stage, they had been in the heart of the earth all year round, and they weren't afraid of the Flame Essence.

"In the end, they could only survive one. Only then could it be considered to have grown, and after one Earthly beast remained, they would be able to enjoy the Earthly beast fruit on their own. Every once in a while, they would be able to increase their Divine Deity by two. Yue'er replied, "This is the terrifying aspect of Earthly beast."

"It's time to jump up." Yue'er suddenly screamed.

Chen Xiang had always been paying attention to the Earthly beast below, when he saw the red light suddenly flash past, he instinctively dodged, and before long, it was a snake-shaped Earthly beast, and when it flew over it was as if a red lightning bolt had suddenly struck him.

"You actually managed to escape! Yue Er, hold on tight!" Chen Xiang immediately dodged to the side and used the time attribute within the God Murdering Sword Techniques to slow down the snake-shaped Earthly beast.


Chen Xiang's body suddenly exploded with a noise. The four flame Divine Deity in his Divine Sense Sea absorbed the Six Realms' Power fiercely, transforming these Six Realms' Power into a fire attribute divine power, and then, rushing to his left arm, he collided with the Bones in his left arm. This triggered a strong burst of energy, causing his left arm to rapidly expand.

The Azure Dragon Sword also roared, resonating in the center of the earth. After absorbing the powerful energy from Chen Xiang's left arm, the Azure Dragon Sword released a strong dragon Qi, which rushed out from the fitness centre.

"Slash!" Chen Xiang slashed at the snake head that was as thick as a water jar, the snake head Earthly beast was unable to dodge in time, its entire head was chopped off by Chen Xiang, but its body was still bounced violently.

"Come in." Chen Xiang took out the Six Realms mirrors and sealed the head and body of the Earthly beast into the Divine Realm.

After he had succeeded, Chen Xiang was extremely happy. That blade strike from before even frightened him, and if not for the aftereffects emitted from the heart of the earth, he would have been able to destroy a large part of the forest.

Just as he was about to return, a weak vibration came from behind. Chen Xiang dodged hastily but he still felt a burning sensation on his back.

"This animal." Chen Xiang knew that his back had just been scratched just a moment ago, "What a terrifying penetrating force, to actually be able to penetrate through my Scorching Sun Heavenly Elephant."

His Celestial Phenomenon Ascendant was able to appear instantly, but the claw of the Godly Tiger Beast that ambushed him earlier was able to injure him. Several scratches appeared on his back.

"I should be using the Cloud and Cloud Constellation." This was the first time Chen Xiang had gotten injured while using the Scorching Sun Heavenly Elephant. Just now, he had already felt the claw's sharp claws deeply pierce into his back.

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