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Chen Xiang began to refine the first batch of Five Elements Profound Dan, but a moment later, the famous Dan Immortal s all took out high grade Ground level pills one after another from their pill furnaces.

"What's going on? Why are they so fast?" Chen Xiang said in surprise. These Dan Immortal s were not that fast when they were refining the Earth Grade Low Rank Dan, but now, they were much faster than him when he was refining upper Ground level s, especially the old lady from the Long family. She had refined a pot of Five Elements Profound Dan, and there were three of them.

"Their pill furnaces, these Dan Immortal s need a long time to refine high grade immortal pills, so most of their pill furnaces have Time Formation s that shorten the time. They did not use them just now, probably because they did not expect there to be so many Dan Immortal s with such high standards." Su Meiyao said.

The Long family's Dan Immortal was currently the most eye-catching because she used the inferior Five Elements Profound Dan s to refine pills. If she could produce three pills in one furnace, the Dan Immortal who made the Relive Dan could only produce two pills in one pot. However, the old lady's speed was also slower than the other Alchemist.

There was no need to mention Li Tianjun and the Bi Xia Dan Immortal, their speed was even faster. Almost not long after placing the medicinal ingredients in, they were able to open the lid to take the pellets.

Before Chen Xiang had even finished one furnace, others had already finished two. Previously, he had received praise from many, but not for long, he had lost it because those Dan Immortal s had used their strongest abilities and had completely covered him.

"It seems like they are fighting for the top three positions, only the top three can obtain the pills they refined. No one wants to give the pills they refined to He Peiqing." Su Meiyao said: "You have to hurry. If this goes on, you won't even be in the top three."

However, Chen Xiang was still very calm. In this kind of nervous atmosphere, every Alchemist, whether they were from the Dan Immortal or the Pill Sect, appeared very anxious. Only he gave people a very calm feeling, and was not affected by the atmosphere.

Chen Xiang paid great attention to refining the Five Elements Profound Dan, and helped him observe the progress of the Dan Immortal s.

"The quality of these medicinal ingredients are all very poor. Don't tell me that you're trying your best to concoct more pills?" Su Meiyao asked. She had thought that Chen Xiang would immediately speed up.

"Yes, I can't use the supplementary ingredients that I brought myself right now, so I can only pour the creation divine liquid into the flame. That way, I can replenish the Spirit Medicine's spirit energy, so as long as I keep it safe, I can concoct quite a few of them in one furnace." Chen Xiang said.

"Back then when I was refining the Five Elements Profound Dan, my peak value was four pills. Five pills was a very easy task for you, even when you were refining the Five Elements Profound Dan in the past, you only had five pills per furnace." Su Meiyao said.

"I didn't learn God purification when I consumed five pills in a single furnace, but now … "Heh heh." Chen Xiang smiled mysteriously.

Su Meiyao took in a light breath. She had almost forgotten about the God purification, previously Chen Xiang had used it to its full capacity and refined four Relive Dan s in one go. But now, with how confident Chen Xiang was, it was obvious that he was going to exceed his limits once again.

"The Long family's third batch of Five Elements Profound Dan only had two pellets. It seems like she was also helpless against these broken pellets." She had absolute confidence in Chen Xiang. She believed that Chen Xiang would definitely be able to enter the top three.

"If you manage to refine six pellets, He Peiqing will definitely suspect you, because the same thing happened to you when you were refining the Relive Dan back then." Su Meiyao said.

"We'll talk about it when the time comes. In short, I won't admit it." Chen Xiang had already planned to give it his all to refine pills, otherwise it would be difficult for him to win against these powerful Dan Immortal s.

Chen Xiang could not use Yanlong furnace, otherwise his speed would become even faster. However, he knew that there was a drawback to speeding up the arrays since it would consume a lot of Alchemist's energy.

What Li Tianjun cared about the most was Chen Xiang, because he knew that Chen Xiang had a power that exceeded his limits. He had already refined three batches, yet Chen Xiang did not even finish a single furnace.

"Alright." Chen Xiang opened his eyes and slowly opened the lid. At the same time, a few waves of consciousness were projected over, followed by more than ten Dan Immortal s who released their divine intents to check on his results.

After the lid was completely opened, all the Dan Immortal were emotionally moved, because they had detected that Chen Xiang's pill furnace had six high quality Five Elements Profound Dan.

These Alchemist's first reaction was to not believe it, thinking that Chen Xiang had cheated. However, they could not find any evidence to prove that Chen Xiang had cheated, and those six Five Elements Profound Dan had indeed just left the, so they were definitely not mistaken.

"Six pills..." The very high Elder from the Long family stood up suddenly and looked at the six Five Elements Profound Dan that were slowly floating out of Chen Xiang's pill furnace.

At this time, many of the Alchemist s on the stage turned their heads over and looked at Chen Xiang. Some of them even stopped refining pills and looked at him in shock.

He Feng and He Peiqing immediately frowned, because previously, the "Grandmaster Yan" at their sixth shop was also so powerful that he could produce pills beyond his limits, but now, the person who used the water jar furnace to concoct pills was evidently more powerful than the Grandmaster Yan. Using six inferior medicinal ingredients in a single batch was completely illogical.

Chen Xiang placed the six Five Elements Profound Dan into a jade box and then arranged the next batch of medicinal ingredients. From the beginning to the end, he was extremely calm and did not lose his composure because he was the center of attention.

Suddenly, the spectators fell silent for a moment, then erupted into a flurry of discussions, many expressing their disbelief, and even more thinking that Chen Xiang was cheating.

Chen Xiang using creation divine liquid to recover those medicinal ingredients did not seem to be cheating in his eyes, as he had also consumed a lot of energy. Furthermore, that was his own strength, if he was cheating, then the accelerated pill furnaces used by the Dan Immortal would also be cheating.

Now that so many people were staring at him, if he cheated, it would definitely not escape the eyes of so many experts.

At this time, even more people were looking at Chen Xiang, but Chen Xiang was not affected at all. He was wholeheartedly arranging his ingredients, and the most amazing thing was not that he could make three batches of ingredients, but that he could make three batches of ingredients with his ingredients. If high levelled pills could make such a difference in the future, then this kind of Alchemist would definitely be very popular.

It was still a competition, so even if He Peiqing had many questions, he could not go over to ask, but Chen Xiang knew that the new King would definitely come looking for him in the future.

"very high Elder, can you refine five pills?" Long Huishan asked.

"No, I can only concoct at most five pills. If I use those inferior herbs, it would only be four pills, this person is definitely a genius, I don't know who taught him how to make such pills, I can confirm that he didn't use the Foreseeing Alchemy, but some other method to make pills." The old man stroked his beard as he spoke.

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