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The ice dragon's speed was extremely fast. It flew with Chen Xiang for more than an hour before it finally saw Bai Ziqian, lying on the ground. Her body was covered by a layer of purple mist, and through the hazy purple mist, one could see that she had opened her eyes.

"Don't come over yet." Bai Ziqian shouted anxiously when he saw Chen Xiang and the ice dragon walk over.

Chen Xiang was fine, but Bai Ziqian was a lot more at ease. After she was sent away by Chen Xiang, she had suppressed her anger to the point where she couldn't wait to kill the group of god.

Bai Ziqian let that layer of purple mist dissipate, then she stood up. Her complexion looked much better, she was using some strange poison to treat her injuries, that's why she made Chen Xiang and the others stay away from her.

"How are you now?" She had received many favours from Chen Xiang and Chen Xiang was already a very important person in her life.

"It's nothing. I just used up too much energy. I'll recover soon." Chen Xiang laughed: "What about you?"

"I'm much better." After Bai Ziqian finished speaking, he frowned: "Aren't you guys trying to hide the cold Qi? They got beaten up and ran away."

Hearing Bai Ziqian's words, the ice dragon finally realised with a guilty face.

"Don't say anymore, hurry up and leave." Bai Ziqian anxiously said.

The ice dragon nodded its head and took out a flying disc for Chen Xiang and Bai Ziqian to sit on. Then, it turned into a white light and flew towards the direction that Chen Xiang had pointed.

Chen Xiang held the beautifully carved Jade Tiger in his hand and frowned: "The direction is always changing, could it be that he is moving around everywhere?"

Even though the ice dragon had been sealed from before, he still had the memories and was very familiar with many things.

"How's it going at Devil-killing Divine Palace?" The ice dragon asked, "When you've recovered, let's go take a look."

Chen Xiang said: "Right now, I am going to look for my friends in Devil-killing Heavenly God. There are a few here, they should be very strong, as long as I can find them."

The ice dragon nodded. "Where's Xue Yi? How is she now?"

"She's sleeping. She's tired now."

They never thought that their powers would increase by so much. It was just that it would be difficult to deal with an old god like the God of Fortune.

Bai Ziqian kept a distance from Chen Xiang and the others because she was covered in poison. She was worried that Chen Xiang and the ice dragon would be poisoned.

"Sister Ziqian, how did you obtain the inheritance of the Ancient Poison God King?" Chen Xiang asked, "What about Sister You You and sister Meiyao?"

"They went to look for Qilian. When I was with them, I had already inherited the legacy of the Ancient Poison God King. The two of them found a dilapidated divine hall. Bai Ziqian said.

Chen Xiang was secretly delighted that they had such a fortuitous encounter. He said: "Ziqian, you should go find Qilian and the others. Be safe and accompany them."

Bai Ziqian shook his head: "I'm worried that my Ancient Poison will hurt them, and right now, my situation has already spread far and wide. At that time, even the Primordial Gods in the Supreme Divine Palace would have to take action, those Supreme Gods have their own ways of doing so, if they were to find me, I will implicate them."

Chen Xiang could understand Bai Ziqian's worry, and it was the same for him back then.

"You can't do it like this. How about you enter my Dark Jade Ring, Xue Yi is inside too." Chen Xiang said: "Right now, you are running all over the place, there will be a day when you will be caught."

Bai Ziqian thought for a moment and nodded in agreement. She had also entered the Serene Jade Ring before, the environment inside was also not bad. She had just received the inheritance of the Ancient Poison God King, she still needed time to familiarize herself with it.

Bai Ziqian had already entered the ring to recuperate, while Chen Xiang was cultivating her divine arts to recover her Six Realms' Power. The in the Six Realms mirrors had already been exhausted, and it would take another month for her to be reborn.

In a situation where he did not have any pellets, his recovery was extremely slow. Fortunately, he was not injured, so if his divine soul were to suffer any more damage, it would take even longer to recover.

"The green dragon is in Divine Prison. I wonder how he is doing." The ice dragon stood atop the Frisbee, staring at the blue sky in the distance, frowning.

It was because of him that the Azure Dragon had been locked in the Divine Prison.

"Dan Emperor is dead." Chen Xiang said.

The ice dragon already knew. Grief flashed across its eyes and it nodded. "You have already avenged him."

Chen Xiang said: "All of this was caused by the God of Fortune."

The ice dragon sighed, "He isn't the God of Fortune, the true God of Fortune is inside the Divine Prison, this is a fake."

Hearing this, Chen Xiang was immediately shocked, he had long known that the God of Fortune had a problem, it was just that he did not expect him to be a fake, and the true God of Fortune had been imprisoned in the Divine Prison, there must be a conspiracy behind it.

"What's going on?" Chen Xiang was very suspicious about this. After he thought about it, he suddenly thought about how Yang Yan had told him that the God of Illusion had already sent Yang Yan and his son to the Divine Prison because of his master's attitude towards the God of Wealth.

Shining God was the God of Fortune's disciple, but he wasn't like the God of Fortune, who even let Yang Yan and the others know that he disliked the God of Fortune.

It seemed like Divinity also knew about it.

"The true God of Fortune was imprisoned in the Divine Prison many years ago, and the current God of Fortune is just a replica. He is a powerful force who used extremely brilliant methods and copied down a God of Fortune from the beginning.

When the ice dragon said this, Chen Xiang thought of the nine Divine Nations s that Long Xueyi had told him about.

The God of Fortune controlled the wealth of the Gods Realm. They controlled the God of Fortune, which was equivalent to controlling a large portion of the Gods Realm's power.

Chen Xiang thought about the hall master of the Divine Female Palace again and he realized that something was wrong. Chen Xiang felt that the Goddess Palace Leader should be a fake one as well, just like the replicator of the Younger Nine Girl s back then.

"So Highest Old Devil is related to that power as well." Chen Xiang more or less understood that the control of the Younger Nine Girl was related to that power, and the disappearance of the Nine Divine Kings was also related to that.

The ice dragon said, "Xue Yi should have already told you this. Once their puppets lose their power in Gods Realm, they will attack. Of course, one Highest Devil God is enough to give us a headache."

Currently, Chen Xiang was sure that the Divine Nations's puppets had the God of Fortune, the Goddess Palace Leader s, the Battle Shrine and the Fire Divine Palace s. He had yet to confirm, but even if they weren't, they were still fellow evildoers.

"They've caught up. They actually dare to come back." The ice dragon shouted in shock. It looked behind it and saw a group of women riding flying discs. They were quickly chasing after them.

Chen Xiang also did not understand. Previously, he was scared to the point that he had to run, but now, he had caught up to the Nine Heaven Devil Palace.

"We have to get rid of them quickly. They should be chasing us separately. It would be bad if they inform the other shrines." Chen Xiang said.

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