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Chapter 615: Dragon Soul Pearl, Specter Type?

"My heavens, a middle class monarch under the fifth phase able to have such powerful destructive power?" the mercenary leader opened his eyes wide

In truth, the mercenary leader wouldn't have an issue instakilling 300 Black Rock Leopards with his main pets. However, those were all high phased commanders and monarchs. How could they have face if they competed against this infant pet under the fifth phase?

"High class monarch! This is definitely a high class monarch soul pet!" Zheng Nan's eyes became a bit fervent as he spoke.

Only a high class monarch would be able to exhibit such destructive power when under the fifth phase. Moreover, this could very well be an expert in the high class monarch rank!

"High class monarch rank. I wonder where Chu Mu got such a treasured soul pet!" Chu Si was incomparably jealous!


The combination of the dragon and emperor strength, further adding on an emperor rank technique, allowed the Little Hidden Dragon's Dragon Ray attack to near the full force attack of a high class warrior. Instakilling a large group of low class and middle class servant ranks was normal.

Of course, this was also the Little Hidden Dragon's strongest technique!

"Not bad. You should fight steadily and surely. Don't waste too much of your physical strength." Chu Mu praised the Little Hidden Dragon.

"Sha sha sha~~~" the Little Hidden Dragon let out a noise in reply.

However, just after replying, an azure light emerged on the LIttle Hidden Dragon's body. THis light was much softer than the dragon strength. Chu Mu was extremely familiar with this light. It was the light of evolution! 

"Second phase fifth stage!!" Chu Mu was delighted. As expected, group killing was the most effective. A mere few techniques had been used and the Little Hidden Dragon had unexpectedly evolved!

The scales on its body were much brighter and although its claws weren't completely new, they were evidently sharper. Presumably its attacking strength had risen again!

Chu Mu was paying attention to the Little Hidden Dragon's change when he suddenly noticed a pair of dragon horns on the Little Hidden Dragon's forehead. They were pale white small dragon bones that looked rather sleek.

"What is that?" Chu Mu was confused. He didn't remember the Cyan Hidden Dragon's forehead having these sleek small dragon bones.

"Sha sha sha~~~~" the Little Hidden Dragon didn't know what it was either. It guilelessly used its hands to rub them. However, a group of Black Rock Leopards took advantage of this to launch a group attack at it.

The Little Hidden Dragon had a burst of anger. It immediately launched itself at them and engaged in a bloody slaughter again. It looked completely different from that guileless dragon from just now.

"Young master, those are Dragon Soul Pearls that are unique to Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragons. Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragons are called Undying Hidden Dragons because after they die, they will not completely vanish, but instead encounter a suitable departed soul environment that will transform them into Spectral Dragons." said Old Li.

"A spectral type creature - Spectral Dragons?" Chu Mu was shocked.

Spectral Dragons were extremely rare creatures. It was said that in the past 1000 years, only a few people had seen them before. Moreover, nobody had every possessed on before!

"After transforming into a Spectral Dragon, its strength will not be the same as its previous life. In truth, after transforming, it will pretty much become a different species and possess Spectral Dragon strength. This will be completely determined by the enemies the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon killed in its past life." 

Old Li naturally knew this was very hard for Chu Mu to understand and continued explaining in detail: "The Dragon Soul Pearl on the Little Cyan Dragon's forehead is equivalent to a Gathering Soul Pearl. For each enemy the Little Hidden Dragon kills, unless it tears its enemy's soul to shreds, the deceased enemy's soul will be absorbed into the Gathering Soul Pearl. From its birth until death, the souls of all the enemies the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon kills will gather in this Dragon Soul Pearl. When the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon dies, its body and soul will merge with these dead souls, transforming into another species, the Spectral Dragon. How much strength the Spectral Dragon possesses has nothing to do with the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon itself but instead how strong or weak its enemies were and how many enemies it killed." 

"Gathering Soul Pearl. So there existed such a peculiar item. Moreover, this is the first time I've heard of a specter type emperor being born like this." Chu Mu was quite surprised. If it wasn't for Old Li's explanation, Chu Mu probably would have never known of the Dragon Soul Pearl's use.

"Haha, young master it's not that simple. The chances of an Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon transforming into a Spectral Dragon are extremely extremely low. Much of it depends on meeting several external and internal to the body criteria. It also has to die at… the correct time. This secret is something humans do not know about. If it wasn't because I personally saw a dragon type with a Dragon Soul Pearl transform into a Spectral Dragon with my previous master, I wouldn't have known either." said Old Li.

Chu Mu had already continuously broadened his knowledge of soul pets. However, soul pets were boundless like the sea, and even the entirety of humanity's civilization could not completely understand soul pets.

"Since it's useful after death, the Dragon Soul Pearl isn't much use to me now." although Chu Mu was curious about a Spectral Dragon's birth, he couldn't have the Little HIdden Dragon end itself to transform into a Spectral Dragon.

"Haha" Old Li suddenly let out a wicked laugh. 

Old LI's laugh made Chu Mu know that the Dragon Soul Pearl wasn't necessarily a useless species technique!

"Can the Little Hidden Dragon use these souls as its own strength?" Chu Mu immediately asked.

"Old Li shook his head and said to Chu Mu: "Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragons are bug and beast type. There is no way for them to use spectral type techniques." 

"Then how can they transform the gathered souls into strength." asked Chu Mu.

"Young master, you forgot about attribute training!" said Old Li.

"Attribute training? Departed World's attributes can be trained by living creatures?" Chu Mu was shocked.

Back then, the small Mo Xie's fire attributes had been trained by Chu Mu, otherwise she would have continuously maintained her demon and beast attributes. 

However, most of the time, one had to be extremely careful when adding attributes. After all, soul pets of different species possessed different species characteristics. Only by focusing on its characteristics could it manifest true effect. 

Moreover, if a soul pet had no talent in an attribute, then strengthening that attribute would fail. Even if it had a bit of talent, this would strengthen a large sum of gold. 

Mo Xie was able to continuously mutate, so Chu Mu hoped that she would be able to possess the fire attribute to strengthen her attacks. This addition had caused the small Mo Xie to successfully mutate into an Evil Flamed Six Tailed Demon Fox with fire type talent. If she was still a Moonlight Fox, then adding the fire attribute wouldn't have much meaning. 

Chu Mu knew that all attributes could be added. However, he had never heard that the ghost attribute, corpse attribute or specter attribute, the three great departed spirit attributes, could be added. After all, departed spirits were dead creatures. They wouldn't be assimilated into a living creature as well as elemental attributes. 

"The chances are not high, but it's definitely possible as long as young master has enough specter type spirits. The Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon already has two attributes. When it evolves to the tenth phase, it will pretty much be invincible in the emperor rank. However, if you add another attribute, and if it's the outlanding specter type, perhaps after it evolves to the tenth phase, it has a chance of reaching the realm that surpasses emperors. There are very few people that possess true Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragons. Even if they do, they will not add other attributes. If young master believes this old fellow's bold hypothesis and unconventionally adds the path of the specter type, with the Gathering Soul Pearl, the Little Hidden Dragon with the specter type will definitely be invincible! It will even surpass its father!" Old Li was full of confidence as he spoke. 

"Reaching the realm that surpasses emperors…" Chu Mu was overwhelmed when he heard this!

Chu Mu knew that the Little Hidden Dragon was not a true Empyrean Cyan Hidden dragon right now. It had only inherited the bloodline. It still needed to be strengthened before it could become a true Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon.

It was very likely that Chu Mu would have to face the existence in Soul Alliance that surpassed emperors. Therefore, being invincible in the emperor rank was not enough. Old Li suddenly mentioning this bold theory, one which other soul pet trainers may have never done before, made Chu Mu sway a little! 

If it innately possessed talent, he would need approximately 0.5 to 1 times more the resources to strengthen a secondary attribute. If it didn't have talent, he would need about 2 times more the resources. If he wanted the specter type to become its main attribute, he would need 6 times the resources.

If a soul pet was a middle class emperor, 1 times more resources for it was equivalent to the resources spent strengthening a servant rank to the middle class emperor rank. 

Before the emperor rank, the spirit items needed were still ok and he could find them. However, after the emperor rank, spirit items were extremely few. 

"This, I still need to think…" when Chu Mu heard the multiplication of resources, he had a bit of a headache. 

If the Little Hidden Dragon was a middle class emperor, Chu Mu would have to spend the resources equivalent to strengthening two middle class emperors. This was because if he wanted the specter attribute to be of any use it needed to at least be a secondary attribute.

As for strengthening it to a main attribute, six times the resources meant Chu Mu would have to strengthen six middle class emperors!

Six times the resources for a soul pet to have another main attribute. Moreover, finding the required resources was extremely difficult, which virtually increased the price. This meant that even rich soul pet trainers would go broke!

"Young master should think carefully about this. Regarding the effects of a main and secondary attribute, young master can just look at your small fox. The small fox is innately a monarch rank. However, it has two main attributes: the beast and demon types. It also has a secondary attribute of fire. Therefore, your small fox's fighting strength rank rivals a low class emperor. 

There's still hope of finding middle class emperor spirit items. However, it may be impossible for young master to find any at the high class emperor or peak monarch ranks. Therefore, if you want to raise your soul pets by a level, it will practically be impossible at this point. However, if you develop another attribute, this will be another path for you to take. If you invest your resources in early, it will be extremely easy to bankrupt a soul pet trainer, but if you manage to persevere, at the middle class emperor and high class emperor ranks, you will gradually have a huge advantage. 

Adding attributes must be done while the soul pet is evolving. It's best at the first phase, but it's also acceptable at the second stage evolution. However, it's best if you don't exceed the third phase because if you add a secondary attribute then, the effects will greatly diminish."

Old Li's words caused Chu Mu to endlessly bitterly laugh. It seemed that even if he had more money, it would never be enough to spend on his soul pets. 


"Ao hou!!!!!!"

The Little Hidden Dragon was still having fun killing in the servant rank legion. There probably were already 1000 servant ranks that had miserably died under its claws. 

However, the Little Hidden Dragon enjoying itself definitely did not know that its master right now was having an endless headache of whether to add the specter type to it. 

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