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Chen Xiang rubbed his eyes as he followed behind a group of people and entered the misty area ahead.

Originally, there were people flying, but they were called down. This was because flying was extremely dangerous, especially when flying into the forest.

Although it was the outskirts of the Night Devil Hell, the trees outside were huge. I heard that the Night Devil was hiding in the trees, and if they flew too high, I don't even know how they died, it would attract the attention of the group of Night Devil.

In addition, Chen Xiang and Long Xueyi discovered that there was a poison mist in the sky, this poison mist did not have a strong poison aura, even if they absorbed it, it would not cause much trouble, but after accumulating it, it would create a strange energy that would obstruct their blood channels, preventing the Innate Qi from being released.

"Could this mist be the natural formation formed by this dragon vein?" Chen Xiang felt that the poison aura's production might have something to do with this.

He couldn't fly, and he had to follow the group. He couldn't run fast, and he had to cross mountains, so his journey was very slow. When he entered the misty area, he could only see things a few hundred feet away.

Previously, the Imperial Dragon Clan and the Imperial Feather Race had fought to gain control of the Myriad Dan Immortal Country's throne, but now that they saw the emperors of the two clans didn't have any conflicts, Chen Xiang was a little surprised.

Chen Xiang walked in front and could see the Dragon Emperor and the phoenix walking side by side. They were in the middle of the group, but the Golden Roc King's expression was not very natural.

"Only two from Imperial Avian Race came."

Everyone could see that there were a lot of Imperial Dragon Clan's dragons, but there were only two Imperial Avian Race's birds.

"They are indeed very powerful, but if the Imperial Avian Race wants to fight for the treasures inside, just the two of them will not be able to do much." Long Xueyi said.

Soon, it was night. They had let go of a few tall mountains and were resting at the foot of the mountain. However, everyone was on their guard now.

At night, a chilling wail could be heard from within the dense fog. This time, it was even clearer. Moreover, it seemed to come from all directions, causing one to feel as if there were tens of thousands of demons and ghosts hiding within the fog.

This was a flat piece of land, and a bonfire was set up here. However, the amount of light it could illuminate was limited because of the dense fog. With several hundred thousand people here, only a small amount could be seen, making everyone feel even more terrified.

However, it is better for us to get closer to the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace. If the Night Devil appears, those fellows can be dealt with. Chen Xiang was not the only one with this thought, many people did. All those places were already filled to the brim.

"Night Devil has appeared." Long Xueyi shouted.

The moment her words left her mouth, a scream sounded out. Everyone immediately looked over, but they could not see anything. All they saw was a thick fog that reflected the light of the fire.

After that, more and more miserable cries came out, all of them were the people who were attacked by the Night Devil, and all of them were the people who followed along to join in the fun, but did not have a lot of strength.

"It's over there. Let's go take a look." Chen Xiang stood up, he also wanted to see the Night Devil.

Everyone was squeezing towards him, but when he walked towards the Night Devil, it made everyone think that he had gone crazy.

Chen Xiang could smell the scent of blood, but he could not see any traces of blood. Looking carefully at the ground, he realized that there were traces of blood droplets, and also messy footprints.

"They were eaten, these Night Devil ate very cleanly, or they might have been taken away." Bai Youyou said.

"Be careful!" Long Xueyi shouted.

Chen Xiang also sensed some movement from above. These Night Devil s actually swooped down to attack them from above, no wonder they were so easily dealt with.

"These Night Devil aren't much either." Chen Xiang took a step forward, and avoided the attack from the Night Devil. This was Little Night Devil, stupid as expected.

Chen Xiang did not use the Innate Qi, he only used his physical body's strength to feel the energy source in Little Night Devil's body.

His body shape was the same as a person's, except that his skin was green black, his arms were long, reaching all the way down to his knees, his body was tall and sturdy, he looked very strong, just that the muscles that suddenly appeared, along with the green and black color, gave people a very disgusting feeling.

This Little Night Devil had a human face, but his teeth were black. Moreover, they were very sharp, and the Little Night Devil's mouth was filled with blood.

"A group is coming." Long Xueyi said.

They all came from the sky and swooped down at an extremely high speed. Chen Xiang struck his Heaven Blasting Palm towards the sky and the impact of his palm caused the ground to crack.

With a boom, Chen Xiang's palm power pierced through the few incoming Little Night Devil s. The Heavenly Core like object in Little Night Devil's body was shattered, causing an intense explosion.

Many people felt that it was unexpected. They knew that the people fighting the Little Night Devil right now were not the people from Devil-suppressing Divine Palace, but those who had followed them here.

"All these guys are covered in venom, this poison is the same as the venom in the air, it seems like this Little Night Devil can rely on absorbing the venom to strengthen itself." Chen Xiang realized that these Little Night Devil were not simple.

This place was only the outskirts, so the number of Little Night Devil s were not many. The only few were already destroyed by Chen Xiang, who returned with the first Little Night Devil he killed.

He threw it on the ground. Everyone around was shocked, they actually brought back the corpse of a Little Night Devil.

With your cultivation at the late stage of the Worldly Immortal Stage, you are good at attacking from the sky. Your hands are very long and powerful, your nails can penetrate some armor and are even poisonous, if you don't want to die, then go back tomorrow. If you want to enter deeper into the world, as long as it is night, there are as many of these things as locusts.

After Chen Xiang left these words, he disappeared into the dense fog. He came to the side of the large group, and wanted to let them stay within his line of sight.

Deep in the night, there were many screams. However, there were no more screams. When dawn arrived, many people had already left. Only a few powerful people continued to follow the group.

"The Imperial Avian Race is here, there's more than twenty of them." Long Xueyi shouted excitedly.

"That Small gold eagle is more than enough for us to eat for a long time. Don't keep thinking about other things." Chen Xiang laughed.

The Imperial Avian Race had around twenty plus people, but the one walking in front was a red-clothed female with a long ponytail. The female's face was elegant, and even though there was a cold and arrogant expression on her face, her eyes made people feel that she was amiable, giving people a noble yet very gentle feeling.

"Isn't her face the same as the phoenix? Could it be that this is Imperial Avian Race, and she looks very much like her Phoenix Father, but her strength is not as strong as her father's, and can't even be compared to He Feng. She actually dares to come here and throw her life away, and she has already lost a Small gold eagle. Long Xueyi said.

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