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Feng Yujie, who was hugging Chen Xiang, fell asleep beauty, with a sweet smile on her face!

In the morning, Chen Xiang heard Yue'er meowing. Both he and Feng Yujie woke up because of this, and even though the sky wasn't completely bright yet, a light blue light floated in the room.

These rays of light were emitted from Shui Bingyan's body. At this moment, Chen Xiang, Feng Yujie and Yue'er had all woken up.

"She seems to be on the verge of a breakthrough! In this period of time, she did not train much! " Yue'er was extremely shocked as she flew to Feng Yujie and his bed.

Feng Yujie said: "In the past, when she slept with me at night, she also had this kind of sleeping experience. At that time, I asked her, she herself did not know what was going on!"

Chen Xiang and the others watched on from the side. After daybreak, Shui Bingyan's body stopped emitting the blue colored light. She had also woken up at this moment.

When Shui Bingyan woke up, he saw Chen Xiang and the others were looking at her. At this moment, her clothes were all drenched, obviously because of the blue light that was emitted by her a moment ago.

"Good morning everyone!" Shui Bingyan smiled sweetly at Chen Xiang and the others and quickly took off the clothes on his body, not caring about what Chen Xiang felt at all.

This beautiful snow-white body caused Chen Xiang to stare blankly, but his eyes were quickly covered up by Feng Yujie's jade hands.

Shui Bingyan changed into a purple skirt. Feng Yujie immediately walked over to help her tidy up her clothes, and reminded her: "BingYan, in the future, when there's a man around, you can't take off your clothes as you please. I remember telling you this before!"

"But Elder Brother Shen is not an outsider! He even taught me to wear clothes. He gave me all of my clothes. " Shui Bingyan looked at Chen Xiang and simply smiled at him, causing Chen Xiang to be unable to control himself. This Shui Bingyan was really so innocent and adorable, he liked her a lot.

"BingYan, when you were sleeping, your body was emitting blue light and you even wet your clothes. What's going on?" Chen Xiang asked: "When you slept just now, did you feel anything?"

Shui Bingyan looked at Feng Yujie and because Feng Yujie had asked her about this before, she shook her head: "I don't know, I just felt that I was a little hot sleeping just now, and then my body started to sweat."

Shui Bingyan himself didn't know what was going on, so he and the others definitely wouldn't be able to get anything out of him either.

Chen Xiang wanted to teach Feng Yujie how to refine Regeneration Dan, but before that, he and Feng Yujie would have to dual cultivate with Alive Slain Method and condense some Spirit Orbs so that they could replicate the Regeneration Dan 'ingredients.

Yue'er and Feng Yujie were playing around in the courtyard. Because she was worried that Shui Bingyan would cause trouble, Feng Yujie did not allow her to walk out of the courtyard.

Chen Xiang and Feng Yujie were at the bottom of the secret room. When they were dual cultivating with the Alive Slain Method, Chen Xiang had also passed down the Spirit Strengthening Technique to Feng Yujie through the divine soul. Other than that, Feng Yujie could also clearly remember Chen Xiang using the Spirit Strengthening Technique to refine pills.

"I know how to refine it. Brat, you're so amazing. You actually managed to comprehend this method!" Feng Yujie was extremely happy and kissed Chen Xiang on the mouth: "Go out and look at BingYan. I always let her and me stay in the secret room in the past, you should also accompany her to play."

Chen Xiang and Feng Yujie kissed for a moment, then walked out of the secret room. When they arrived outside, it was already evening.

Shui Bingyan and Yue'er sat on the rooftop, watching the distant setting sun. Shui Bingyan was still holding onto a sweet fruit in her hands, which she had already bitten a few times.

Chen Xiang lightly jumped on top and came to Shui Bingyan's side, laughing: "Who gave you this fruit, it looks very delicious!"

Shui Bingyan passed the fruit over, "Elder Brother Shen, eat!"

"It's better if you eat it. I've eaten too much of this fruit!" Then, she took out the divine fruit that Huang Jintian had given her. This divine fruit could produce an extremely fragrant fruit juice, and a small piece of the fruit could be cut out from it.

Shui Bingyan took a sip and praised it repeatedly. She was worried that she wouldn't be able to drink anymore, so she took a small sip.

"BingYan, will you miss the place you were born in?" Shui Bingyan asked. Shui Bingyan was a Dao Spirit, but she was no different from ordinary people. She could be considered a natural born lifeform, and was very strong.

"I don't want to go back. It's so boring inside. No one told me anything interesting. I also don't have Yue Er to play with me." Shui Bingyan shook his head: "I don't want to go back."

Chen Xiang laughed: "Then I won't go back, wait till I bring you to an even more interesting place to do even more interesting things."

Shui Bingyan nodded with anticipation.

As they sat on the roof, they could see that the Three Gu Brothers was coming back to them in a loud voice.

When Three Gu Brothers opened the door, he saw Chen Xiang and Shui Bingyan on top of the roof watching the sunset.

"Brat, where's little junior sister? The price of the Regeneration Dan has risen, and now, it is selling for one million and five hundred thousand, which is over a million more than before! " oldest Gu shouted.

Previously, because someone wanted to go against Feng Yujie, Chen Xiang had flaunted himself and sold the income tax that was originally worth millions of Shen Yuan stone, but now, it had suddenly increased to one million and five hundred thousand. Chen Xiang was very surprised.

"Why did it suddenly increase so much? Does anyone buy it? " Chen Xiang asked. He had seven Regeneration Dan s in his possession, and he had already found a way to easily refine them, so he and Feng Yujie planned to fight back.

"No one has bought it yet, but it will soon be available! At that time, the Boxing Hall, Sword Hall and others would all have this kind of healing pellet! That fellow who sold the Regeneration Dan very cheaply before, must earn back some money now. That's why he raised the price so suddenly. The oldest Gu said: "Is it possible that little junior doesn't plan on refining more Regeneration Dan now?"

Second Brother Gu said: "Now that the Regeneration Dan's ingredients have all been bought by that guy, that bastard is actually hoarding quite a few Regeneration Dan's ingredients. That guy sold the pills at a low price and bought the Regeneration Dan's ingredients at a high price! On one hand, it's to publicize his own strength and his own ability as a Regeneration Dan, and on the other hand, it's to wait for the Large Competition to come and earn a lot of money. "

Chen Xiang said: "During the Large Competition, other forces will also come, right?"

The oldest Gu nodded his head: "They will, and will be more than ten days early. At that time, they will also come here to buy medicinal ingredients, because in this Super God Realm, the Dan Hall s are quite famous! More than ten days later, a large group of disciples from other forces should arrive and start to build houses outside of the Divine Palace. It is the young men from Boxing Hall and Boxing Hall who are responsible for building these houses. "

Chen Xiang had been concocting pills in his closed door cultivation these past few days, so he did not know about these things. If it was really like this, then he and Feng Yujie would have been able to counterattack using the Regeneration Dan and let the young Alchemist who was competing with them experience the feeling of being suppressed.

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