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Chapter 525 – I want to set up a TV station

“Chief Jia, I am here to see you, why are you not letting me drink a cup of good tea?” Feng Yu grumbled as he sat in Deputy Station Chief Jia’s office. He was drinking a cup of tea.

“This is the best tea leaves I have. I do not have any other better tea leaves. My monthly salary cannot even pay for one of your meals. Why are you here today? Do you have anything for me?” Deputy Chief Jia laughed and asked.

Every time Feng Yu came to look for him, something good will happen. For example, the health product scandal that occurred recently had led to CCTV receiving many praises from the public. The higher-ups had also noticed Deputy Chief Jia. 

“Nothing much. I just happened to pass by and came over to pay you a visit.”

“Manager Feng, since when have you heard of people paying visits to others empty-handed?” Deputy Jia joked.

“Ah? If the leaders heard what you just said, you would be in trouble. You are asking for bribes. Fine. Since we are friends, you just tell me an amount. I will write you a cheque now.” Feng Yu pretended to take out his cheque book from his pocket.

“Fine, fine. You must be here for a reason. If you do not have anything, you will not come and look for me.” Deputy Jia looked at Feng Yu, who had slumped back on the sofa. From Feng Yu’s sitting posture, he knew that Feng Yu was a lazy person. How could such a lazy person visit him for nothing?

“Chief Jia, your words had hurt me.”

Just when Deputy Chief Jia thought he had misunderstood Feng Yu, he heard Feng Yu said: “But to prove that Chief Jia’s words are right, then I will think of a request.”

Deputy Chief Jia: “……” You are asking me for a favor just to prove I am right? Deputy Chief Jia glanced at Feng Yu. I knew that you must be here for something!

“Chief Jia, can I ask you a question? I am just asking. Is it possible to set up a private TV station in China?” Feng Yu looked at Deputy Chief Jia eagerly.

Deputy Chief Jia was leaning back on the sofa. But when he heard what Feng Yu said, he immediately sat up straight: “What did you say? Private TV station? You want to set up a TV station?”

What was Feng Yu thinking? How can there be a private TV station? News and media should be controlled by the Government. This was the national policy!

This brat was thinking of setting up a TV station? Could it be that he had thought of some good programs?

Feng Yu had helped to plan the New Year’s Eve Gala Dinner program and made many suggestions for the Spring Festival Gala night, making it successful. If it wasn’t for Feng Yu had no interest in going into the government service, Deputy Chief Jia would surely recruit Feng Yu into CCTV after he graduates.

“That’s right. Set up a TV station and air some movies and dramas. Can this be done?” Feng Yu asked.

Feng Yu’s primary purpose of setting up a TV station was for TV shopping! As for the movies and dramas, he was not too concern. He can just buy the rights of some old films and shows. It will not cost much.

Currently, there were only 4 channels in CCTV, and 3 of these channels were not broadcasted via satellite. Only the regions near to Beijing could receive the signals for these channels. All Feng Yu needs to do was to produce an outstanding variety program, and he will have the viewership. It will be enough to support his TV shopping channel!

“No!” Deputy Chief Jia replied. “TV stations cannot be run privately. You can forget about it. Did you think you can own a TV station in China like other countries? Let me tell you. The government will never approve this!”

Feng Yu smacked his lips. What government policies? Government policies had always been changing. Even if it was not allowed now, it was still allowed in the future. In Feng Yu’s previous life, there was not an only shareholding TV station, but there were also internet TV stations. It was a pity that the internet was still not developed in China now. If Feng Yu were to set up an internet TV station, he would be making massive losses!

“Chief Jia, didn’t the government forbid private entities to set up newspaper agencies? But now? There were privately owned newspapers. The newspaper was also media. There were also many other magazines. Did the government stop those media? How do you know that privately owned TV stations cannot be approved without trying?” Feng Yu asked.

Deputy Chief Jia immediately raised his hand to stop Feng Yu: “Wait. What did you say? How would I know without trying? What do you mean by this? You want me to ask the higher-ups for you?”

“That right. You are from CCTV and is in this industry. You are the most suitable person to help me ask the higher-ups. You also know a lot of people in this sector. I do not know anyone other than you. Chief Jia, can you do me this small favor?” Feng Yu showed his index and thumb fingers to indicate something tiny.

“Small Favor? Stop joking with me! How can this be considered small favor?!” Deputy Chief Jia almost swears at Feng Yu.

“Why not? You only need to help me inquire about the procedures with your higher-ups. If it is not possible, why is it not possible and what should I do to get the approval. If it is possible, then you can help me find out what are the areas where I cannot touch.”

Deputy Chief Jia was stunned by what Feng Yu said. What possible or not? Since when did I agree to help you?

“Feng Yu, tell me the truth. Why do you want to set up a TV station?” Broadcast dramas and movies? Who are you trying to fool?!

“Chief Jia, you really want to hear the truth?”

“Of course!”

“Then I shall tell you the truth……”

“What are you waiting for?!” Deputy Chief Jia raised his voice.

“The truth is, CCTV advertisement fees are too expensive! I realized that the operational cost of running a TV station is only tens of millions. The advertising fees I paid to CCTV and the various sponsorships are also about this amount. With the same amount, I might as well set up my own TV station.”

Deputy Chief Jia almost choked when Feng Yu said this. You want to set up a TV station to save on your advertising fees?

Then I will not help you. If I help you, CCTV will lose our biggest advertising client. Wait. If this were the truth, Feng Yu would never tell him.

“Is this your only reason?” Deputy Chief Jia asked.

“This is the main reason. I also want to produce a few TV programs that I like.”

Deputy Chief Jia got pissed when he heard this: “What did you say? You are trying to tell me that you do not like our CCTV programs?”

You are implying that our CCTV’s programs are not interesting?

Feng Yu laughed: “It’s not all the programs. I just do not like to watch most of the programs. I do like CCTV’s weather report.”

Weather report? Can that even be considered a TV program? Why don’t you tell me that you like the news? Wait. Feng Yu had mentioned that he wants to produce a few programs which he likes? Could it be that Feng Yu had new ideas for TV programs?

“Do you have new ideas for TV programs? Tell me. If your ideas are good, I can let CCTV produce these programs for you.” Deputy Chief Jia crossed his legs and slowly drank his tea.

Feng Yu stared at Deputy Chief Jia. It was too apparent that you are trying to steal my ideas. You made it sound like you are doing me a favor by letting me tell you my ideas. Shameless!

There was a saying that all government officials were thick skin. The higher they climb, the thicker their skins were.

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