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"Oh? Then, what do you know about the Star Condensation Sect's protective magical formation? "

"The Star Condensation Sect's foundation is much deeper than our Dong Yao Village. Their defensive formation is called the Meteor Array, when it is activated, countless of silver lights fell from the sky. Each of them is as powerful as a level three Jindan Stage cultivator's Golden Aurora Pill. "Unless one is of the fifth level of the Aurous Core Stage or above, it would be impossible to block the power of this' Meteor Meteor Array '."

"Do you understand the protective magical formations of sects like the Heaven Sect, the Moon Falling Sect, and so on?" Wei Suo asked after glancing at Long Wind.

The Sect's Sect Guarding Formation is called 'Returning to One', and the Falling Moon Sect's Sect Guarding Formation is called 'Corrosion Moon'. The power of these two great formations are also not inferior to the Star Meteor Array of the Star Condensation Sect, and the core of the formation is set up in the forbidden area. Daoist Master Long Feng sighed and replied.

Wei Suo pondered for a moment.

He was not the least bit surprised by Daoist Master Changfeng's reply. After all, he had stayed in the Sea Immortal Sect for a long time, so he was very clear on the fact that the strength of a cultivator from a sect and the power of the sect's protective magical formation were not the same thing. This was because the vast majority of the mountain protection arrays were supplemented and perfected by countless generations of high level cultivators of the sect. Amongst these high level cultivators, there were even some that were at least at the third or fourth level of the Aurous Core stage or even the Divine Profound Realm. Before this, the Sea Immortal Sect only had one Aurous Core stage cultivator, but the power of many of the formations and restrictions were completely beyond the capabilities of an ordinary Aurous Core stage cultivator. Most of them were unbreakable and unbreakable to Ancestor Xuanyuan.

A sect's sect was like a hard tortoise shell. To be able to defeat this sect in a battle, to kill and exterminate it, was not even the same thing. Many sects' magical formations even had methods that destroyed jade and stone alike.

This was also the main reason why many ancient sects had completely declined, as even though their inheritances had been cut off and all cultivators had perished. However, the sect was still the main reason why these ruins were left behind.

Because there were many powerful formations and restrictions within these sects. Not to mention cultivators from other sects, even if their own sect's current cultivators were to destroy them, they wouldn't be able to do anything about it.

At this moment, Dong Miaozhen was naturally a great threat to Wei Suo. Wei Suo, who was the lowest level cultivator in the Spirit Mountain City, was very clear on this principle. Moreover, he was also very curious about Dong Miaozhen's technique.

As for Daoist Master Changfeng, Wei Suo was originally prepared to force out some information that he wanted to know, but he ended up killing him instead. Even though Daoist Master Long Feng's Aurous Core had already been snatched away by him, his cultivation level and strength were nothing to fear. However, he was still an Aurous Core stage cultivator, so if he were to escape, it might bring about a lot of trouble.

But now that he thought about it, he changed his mind. For example, the green-robed old man from Wei Suo, although he didn't know how many times more things he knew than Long Feng, but the green-robed old man knew things from the ancient cultivation world. The things that Long Feng knew were all things that he knew right now, and the most important thing was that Long Feng was a person who had grown up in the southern part of the Tian Xuan Land, so it could be said that he was a true leader and knew a lot of things about the surrounding cities. And now, Wei Suo was definitely going to stay in the Tianxuan Continent for a while. Right now, Taoist Master Changfeng had suddenly become extremely valuable in Wei Suo's eyes.

"Daoist Master Changfeng, you are quite a straightforward person." After slightly muttering to himself, Wei Suo looked at Daoist Master Changfeng and said, "How about we make a deal?"

"Make a deal?" Daoist Master Changfeng was stunned. "What deal?"

"I'm going to deal with the Eastern Yao School, but I just want to vent my anger. When the Celestial Sect of Wonders invades the Treasure Pavilion and Li Shaohua goes against us, we'll almost die in the teleportation array." Furthermore, the most important point is that Ji Ya is my dao companion, while your Dongyao Resort is publicizing her marriage to Dong Qingyi. This not only concerns Ji Ya's reputation, but also the fact that you all referred to my dao companion as Dong Qingyi's second generation dao companion. Wei Suo glanced at Daoist Master Long Feng. "However, as long as I am able to take a deep breath and obtain what I want, it's fine. However, I might not have to kill all of them." If someone wants to kill me, I'll kill him. I'm not interested in chasing and killing some low-level cultivators. And you also know that after Heaven has agreed to my conditions, I didn't deal with them. Furthermore, you also understand that for the sake of cultivation, cultivators like me will not stay in this region of the Profound Sky Continent forever. "

"Just what do you mean by saying all these?" Long Wind asked Wei Suo in confusion.

"As long as you do your best to help me, when this matter ends, not only will I let you live, I can even return your golden core to you." Wei Suo glanced at Daoist Master Changfeng and said, "This way, it won't take too many years. At the very least, you can recover to your previous cultivation level."

"Return the Jindan to me?" Daoist Master Changfeng took a deep breath, and a tragic expression appeared on his face, "You must be planning on dealing with Dong Miaozhen next. The decline of Dongyao Resort is inevitable." Even if you give me back my aurous core, what's the use of me recovering my previous cultivation level. Do you still want me to help you deal with Dongyao Resort? "

"Useless? "That's not necessarily true." Wei Suo laughed coldly and said: "I said I only want what I want, I don't necessarily want to kill all of Dongyao. Of course, if Dong Miaozhen doesn't accept my conditions, I will definitely deal with him." But even if I kill most of the cultivators in Dongyao Resort, the sect will still be there. If you take back the Jindan, the site will be a sect with Jindan Stage cultivators. Furthermore, I can give you some things. It is not impossible for Dongyao to slowly recover. "

"Cultivators of the Fragmentation Realm all perish. Even if I was given one or two high-grade Dao Tier magic treasures, how could they stop the decline of Dongyao." Daoist Master Changfeng weakly lowered his head.

"One or two Dharma treasures naturally cannot be used. However, what if I were to announce to the outside world that I will protect you for fifty years?" Wei Suo faintly said, "Today, after this battle between me and you has spread out, I'm sure that there won't be many cultivators that would dare to make an enemy out of me in the entire southern part of the Profound Sky Continent. When the Star Condensation Sect falls and you occupy Seven Stars City, no one will dare to deal with you within fifty years. You should be able to recover some of your vitality, right? "

"You personally made an announcement to protect our Dong Yao Resort for fifty years?!" The moment Wei Suo's words came out, Daoist Master Changfeng's entire body started to tremble and his voice also started to tremble. "Are you serious?!"

One or two magic treasures could not change the fate of a sect. Without enough high-level cultivators, one could not handle some business, could not prevent cultivators from causing trouble in the city, and could not compete with other sects for some genius' land treasures. In the end, a sect's disciple would be bullied by others, and many ways to earn spirit stones would be cut off from the outside world.

However, the guarantee of having a figure that even an Aurous Core stage cultivator would be wary of was different.

Once these words were spoken, anyone who dared to act against the disciples of this sect would become enemies with this person.

If this battle were to spread out, Wei Suo would definitely cause almost all the sects and cultivators in the Profound Sky Continent to not dare to go against him easily.

Previously, Daoist Master Chang Feng felt that Dong Yao's resort was definitely going to decline, because even if Dong Miaomiao were to directly become a cultivator at the second level of the Aurous Core stage, she wouldn't be able to change such a result. Thus, his heart was dead, and he had already made up his mind. Cultivators like him, who had grown up in the sect, would sometimes place more importance on the sect than they did themselves. If the sect were to be destroyed by him, he would feel that he would be ashamed to face the ancestors even if he were to die.

"I have always kept my word when I speak. Moreover, when we cultivators do things, we don't even need to try to find any logic. As long as you agree to my deal, I will immediately go to the Seven Stars City and spread the word that you and I have already reached an agreement, but Dong Miaozhen, for her own personal gain, did not talk about seizing the Treasure Pavilion, and even lied to the whole world, assuming that Ji Ya had married into Dongyao resort. From today onwards, you will be in charge of the Dongyao Resort. " Wei Suo looked at Daoist Master Changfeng and said heavily, "Whether or not Dongyao will be able to come into existence in this cultivation world will depend on your choice today."

"Good!" I agree to your request! "But I also have a condition." Long Feng took in a few deep breaths and finally made up his mind. He gritted his teeth and said, "If we complete this kind of transaction and you obtain what you want, you shouldn't meddle in the affairs of Dongyao resort. Our Dongyao resort can never be enemies with you and your people, but your people can't be enemies with our Dongyao resort either. "

"Of course I can agree to that." Wei Suo nodded at Long Wind. "I have no interest in taking over a sect and managing all sorts of affairs, as long as you don't provoke me in the future."

"Good!" I agree to this deal. " It was as though Daoist Master Long Feng had used up all of his strength to say these words.

"Good kid, with just a short sentence, I'll get an Aurous Core stage cultivator to work hard for you." When the time comes, you can leave. As long as you don't die, I will still be afraid of you. I won't dare to deal with Dongyao resort, so you don't need to put in any effort, and as long as you don't die, I will certainly be even more afraid of Dongyao resort. This business of yours sure isn't losing out. " At this moment, the green-robed old man's voice sounded in Wei Suo's ears.

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