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Hua Xiangyue did not continue. She could tell that Lv Qilian did not want to talk about the relationship between her and Chen Xiang, and with her sharp senses, she could tell that the relationship between Chen Xiang and her had developed to a very close state. She did not know that Chen Xiang and Lv Qilian had become very close very early on, so she thought that Chen Xiang and Lv Qilian had improved greatly in the Gods Realm.

"They still need some time to pass on their skills. Let's go out and take a look." Hua Xiangyue laughed.

Lv Qilian nodded, stood up with Long Xueyi and took him away from the empty store, while Chen Xiang and Wu Qianqian were drunk in their room …

"Meng'er and Xianxian have returned. They should be inside the Snake Divine Female Palace." At this time, she brought Long Xueyi and to a teahouse near a river. They were in a private room on the third floor, drinking tea and watching the red flowers blossom on the riverside.

Hua Xiangyue looked at the tallest building in the distance and said: "That's the Divine Female Palace. Big Sis Qilian, why didn't you join the Divine Female Palace at the time? You can come out if you don't want to stay in there anymore. Big Sis Feng had promised me that back then."

Lv Qilian gave a slight smile and shook his head: "Didn't you and Qianqian not join as well? You two are now Pill Saints, and are extremely important to Divine Female Palace."

Long Xueyi did not enjoy the scenery, nor did she speak, because she was constantly placing delicious snacks into her mouth. Although the snacks here were not beneficial to cultivation, they were extremely cheap and delicious, which made her order a lot.

Seeing Long Xueyi eat so much, Lv Qilian and Hua Xiangyue looked at each other and laughed. Although Long Xueyi called them big sisters, they knew that Long Xueyi was much older than them.

Hua Xiangyue said: "I had originally wanted to join the Divine Female Palace as well, but after thinking about it later, I decided to travel for a period of time before making a decision. Thus, Qianqian and I will head out to train, and in the end, we will enter the Path of Spirit together.

Lv Qilian looked at the Divine Female Palace in the distance who had been devoured by the clouds and said: "Divine Female Palace is right there, you can go there now if you wish to. For outstanding women, going there is the best choice.

Hua Xiangyue laughed: "Sister Qilian, if you have something to say, just say it. Even though I haven't been with you for a long time, I'm not stupid, and you used to be the Hundred Blossom Emperor.

Lv Qilian smiled sweetly, "Xiangyue, looks like you understand me quite well."

"Back then, when Chen Xiang was still a fart brat, I could already tell that he would have great accomplishments in the future. Thus, at that time, I had already relied on him.

"Sister Qilian, to be honest, if we have something big to do, we can't do it with this brat Chen Xiang. He will only stir up trouble, but you can."

Hearing Hua Xiangyue say that, Lv Qilian was overjoyed. He did not beat around the bush and said seriously: "Xiangyue, are you willing to do big things with me?"

Hua Xiangyue laughed tenderly: "Of course I'm willing, I'm only waiting for you to ask. If I join you, Qianqian will follow me."

Long Xueyi who was eating let out an unclear voice: "I also want to join, and let me be an elder … The Dragon Subduing School that little scoundrel Chen Xiang made is gone just like that, my elder is also gone too. "

Lv Qilian smiled and nodded, "Of course we can. In the future, we will have even more sisters who will join us."

Hua Xiangyue looked at the mighty Divine Female Palace, charmingly licked her lips, and laughed: "Sister Qilian, how about we annex this Divine Female Palace in the future?"

Lv Qilian suddenly said in a serious tone: "There is something wrong with this Divine Female Palace, because I was unable to find anything related to the Divine Female Palace's Palace Master, it has always been very mysterious, but now I have to nurture the successor, and also have Sister Feng as the successor."

Seeing Lv Qilian's expression, Hua Xiangyue curiously asked: "Sister Qilian, you said before that you almost joined the Divine Female Palace. Did you do a thorough investigation to find out what it was?"

"I can't find anything, but there are some strange things. The way this Divine Female Palace's Hall Master managed the Divine Female Palace during the early stages is completely different from the way things are right now." Lv Qilian said: "In the early days, the Divine Female Palace developed very quickly because they adopted a very effective management plan. However, in the later stages of development, it became slow and there were also many big mistakes, which caused the Divine Female Palace to not be able to reach the top."

"It's also because of the late stage, that Divine Female Palace had a lot of outstanding and powerful goddesses, that's why Divine Female Palace did not have a good successor, and suddenly went to find Sister Feng to take over. It's reasonable to say, as long as we use the way we manage the early stages, the late stage of Divine Female Palace would not make so many mistakes."

When Long Xueyi heard this, he quickly chewed on it and swallowed the dim sum. Then, he said, "Divine Female Palace's Palace Master may have already been controlled, just like that God of Fortune. I heard that the God of Fortune wasn't that kind of scoundrel before, but his personality changed greatly afterwards.

Lv Qilian nodded his head, "If it's really the same situation as the God of Fortune, then I have to get Meng'er and the rest to withdraw from the Divine Female Palace as soon as possible. Maybe there is some power that has already secretly changed the hall masters of the Divine Female Palace.

She had just found out that the Highest Devil God was an existence like the Great God level, so this power was more than enough to control the gods.

The three of them strolled around the Goddess City and returned to the shop. They were cultivating together in the Alive Slain Method and refining the spirit liquid, because in the future, they would need a large amount of spirit liquid to support the shop.

Chen Xiang and Wu Qianqian only came out the next morning.

When Wu Qianqian came out of his room, he saw that Lv Qilian and Hua Xiangyue were both looking at her with that kind of expression, causing her to immediately blush.

"Sister Qilian, this is for you." Wu Qianqian came to Lv Qilian's side with a blushing face, and said softly.

Wu Qianqian handed over a jade box to Lv Qilian, inside was five purple spirit pearls. If it was both Lv Qilian and Chen Xiang who cultivated together, then they would be able to condense more than ten spirit pearls.

Lv Qilian smiled lightly, received the purple pearls, and then glared at Chen Xiang who was giggling by the side.

At this time, Chen Xiang was in high spirits, she had already become his woman.

"Little Scoundrel, you've used the skill transmission for so long." Hua Xiangyue scoffed.

"It's your turn now, little maid." Chen Xiang suddenly pulled Hua Xiangyue over. This seductive spirit was Chen Xiang's first woman, and also his female slave.

Lv Qilian wanted to say something, but seeing how anxious Chen Xiang was, he stopped himself. In a blink of an eye, Chen Xiang brought Hua Xiangyue who was yelling at the top of her lungs into the room.

In the past day, Hua Xiangyue and Chen Xiang had dual cultivated Alive Slain Method, and also condensed that purple spirit pearl. Now, she understood why Wu Qianqian's face had turned red at that time, but she did not care.

"Chen Xiang, I have something to tell you. It's about the Divine Female Palace." Lv Qilian had always been concerned about this matter, because he had decided whether or not he should hurry up and persuade Liu Meng'er, Xue Xianxian and the others to leave the Divine Female Palace.

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