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That night, there was a news report in City S. It said that the two underground gangs had fought each other and injured the CEO of the Ji consortium.

Bai Yongwei dropped the remote control on the spot. At the same time, her cell phone rang.

"Mom, have you been to the hospital?" There was a voice of exasperation over the phone.

Bai Yongwei was speechless for a moment. Ji Yan shouted at her angrily, "Didn't I say I wouldn't let you?"

"I didn't say anything!" Bai Yongwei felt really wronged.

She arranged her own people in all the enterprises under the Ji banner. When the doctor told her about Shen Xinglan, at that time, she already knew from Ji Yan's mouth and did not care.

As a result, Ji Zeming heard the news and snatched the phone directly. Fortunately, the one on the other end responded quickly and pretended to be looking for Ji Zeming.

"Can I stop him from going to see his son?" Bai Yongwei was also full of anger.

After hearing this, Ji Yan breathed a sigh of relief. "What about A Miao? What did you tell dad?"

"I didn't tell him either." Bai Yongwei felt extremely unlucky that they heard from the gossip of two little nurses when they entered the elevator.

Was it all just coincidence? Ji Yan was depressed.

"Do you think he already suspects that you are watching him?"

Ji Yan was a bit agitated. "That must be the case; otherwise, how do you think the evening news came about!"

"Damn it, he's so fast. I thought I could kick A Miao out this time." After listening to the little nurses, Bai Yongwei planned to take advantage of Ji Zeming's anger to drive A Miao away.

As a result...

"Mom, can you use your brain?" Ji Yan really wanted to swear, but the pig teammate was his mother. "I said don't worry about that A Miao. Why are you focusing on her?"

Upon hearing this, Bai Yongwei gave up. "I say Yan, have you forgotten how your sister was sent abroad? If it weren't for that wench, could she be framed?"

"Do you understand, mom, if that woman wasn't backed by Shen Xinglan, what stormy sea could she weather on her own? You can do whatever you like to her when we take down Shen Xinglan."

Ji Yan said patiently, "This time, we've already tipped him off. I have to get close to all the company's elders here while he's away. So, mom, you mustn't give me any trouble, OK?"

"I know." Bai Yongwei gritted her teeth and promised. "I won't touch her for the time being, but you have to be careful. I always feel that we haven't found out something about Shen Xinglan."

When Shen Xinglan came back, he looked for someone to investigate it. As Shen Xinglan said, the killer base where they were trained was taken over by the police, and the abducted children were sent home separately.

"He must be hiding something." Ji Yan snorted coldly. "After living like a beast for so many years in the killer base, how can he come back safely without any skill?"

Bai Yongwei exhorted him. "In short, be careful. I have waited for several decades, I am not afraid to wait another few years."

"Yongwei!" Ji Zeming called to her from downstairs and Bai Yongwei quickly hung up the phone and went down.

Ji Zeming also watched the news and was pacing back and forth.

"What's the matter?" Bai Yongwei asked knowingly.

"We misunderstood A Miao." Ji Zeming pointed at the TV. "Alas… Xinglan will blame me again."

Bai Yongwei pressed down her hatred and helped him sit down. "If you say so. But with all due respect, that girl A Miao is not worthy of Shen Xinglan."

"Right!" Ji Zeming rubbed the space between his eyebrows. "She claims to be Xia family's granddaughter, but actually grew up outside. She looked so common... Compared to Shen Xinglan, she's really..."

Ji Zeming sighed again. "But Xinglan seems to like her very much. If I really don't agree, it will only make him angry with me."

"In my point of view! Isn't Xinglan willing to contact those female stars from before? How can he fall for a girl like A Miao, or does he just intend to deliberately annoy you?"

This was not just Bai Yongwei talking nonsense. She and Ji Yan had analyzed this matter and always felt that Shen Xinglan's relationship with A Miao was not a normal male/female friendship.

"He would not do such a thing." Ji Zeming shook his head. "I know my son, and I think he likes A Miao by seeing what he did today."

Bai Yongwei secretly pouted. "Then you agree to this?"

"What can I do if I don't agree?" Ji Zeming said grumpily, "Unless he suddenly doesn't like her, I can only accept A Miao as my daughter-in-law."

"Right!" Bai Yongwei suddenly said, "Make him not like her."

In the hospital, A Miao fed Shen Xinglan after breakfast.

"Well, I'm off to school." She put warm water on the head of the bed and lay the quilt on him. Then she picked up her bag and was ready to go.

Shen Xinglan held onto her. "Come and have lunch with me at noon."

"I have another class in the afternoon!" A Miao patted him on the hand and said, "Shen I will bring you food later."

"If you don't feed me..." Shen Xinglan said shamelessly, "I won't eat."

A Miao rolled her eyes. This man was as acting like a young child.

"I see. I'll come back as soon as possible." She pushed away Shenxinglan's arm and turned to leave, calling Le Yi to accompany her.

When Le Yi arrived, Shen Xinglan was staring at his cell phone.

"Did you install a locator on her cell phone?" asked Le Yi, looking surprised.

There was a red dot on his mobile phone moving on the map, which was obviously A Miao on her way.

"I'm worried that the mother and son will attack her, so I at least need to know where she is at all times," Shen Xinglan said indifferently. If you did not see at the abnormal look in his eyes, you would believe that he really thought so.

It amused Le Yi to know that this guy's dark secret was wanting to track A Miao...

"Be careful that she will be angry when she knows." Le Yi reminded him. "I've told you everything. A Miao seems to have no principles, but she is really stubborn in her bones."

Shen Xinglan glanced at him. "I already asked Shen I to tell her."

A Miao was listening to Shen I's explanation.

"Boss said that Ji Yan would definitely not give up, so we had to set up a location system for your mobile phone to know where you are at all times."

Seeing her staring at her mobile phone, Shen I glanced at it and said, "This is also for your safety, miss..."

"I know!" A Miao put away her cell phone. "I just haven't seen this before and I just studied it."

In fact, what she wanted to ask was why Shen Xinglan's coordinates were shown on her mobile phone...

Hahaha... Shen I would not say that the Boss himself did that.

"When I pick you up at noon, the car will drive to the school gate." When getting out of the car, Shen I added, "It's safer."

A Miao shrugged her shoulders. "See you at noon."

After seeing her enter the school gate, Shen I started the car and went back to the Shen family villa. He would take lunch with him first and then come to pick up A Miao. There would be just enough time.

"A Miao." The teacher in charge called her out after finishing her name. "I heard that you are in poor health recently. I'll grant you a holiday, you can leave school at any time."

... Did Shen Xinglan break into the school so quickly? A Miao felt sorry for herself, but she was relieved to think of her previous life of being single in the dormitory and working in the library.

"Thank you, teacher. I really have to take a lot of leaves this month to go to the hospital." A Miao did not lie.

The teacher nodded. "Pay attention to your grades, it's important to stay in first!"

"Rest assured, I promise I won't miss class."

When Shen I came to pick her up at noon, snowflakes were floating in the sky.

"Before you even know it, it's winter again." A Miao put her hand out of the car window, and the fluffy little snowflakes turned into crystal drops in her palm.

As soon as Shen I started the car, he said, "Yes, it will be Christmas next week."

"Christmas..." A Miao became momentarily distracted.

She never celebrated Christmas because there was no extra money to buy gifts and no one would give her presents.

"Miss..." Shen I suddenly stammered, "You... if you have time, prepare a gift for the Boss!"

A Miao recovered and glared at him. "Does your Boss still lack gifts?"

"Anyway, he never had a gift..." Shen I whispered.

"He is so rich, how can he have never had a gift?"

"I'm afraid that someone gave him one but he threw it away," said Amau, pouting.

"Fuck! She actually guessed correctly..."

"Young lady, you see that the Boss can't move in the hospital now, but if he receives your gift, he will be very happy!" Shen I continued to lobby for it.

A Miao stared at him. "You seem very afraid that I won't give him a present?"

"No, no, no!" Shen I shook his head quickly. "I'm just reminding you that you and Boss are lovers now. Of course, lovers have to give each other Christmas gifts."

"I know. I'll think about it later."

Shen I breathed a sigh of relief. The Boss had suddenly called him in the morning and asked, "Shen I, do you know what day it is in next week?"

"Yes, Christmas!"

Shen Xinglan nodded over the phone. "So, I want to receive gifts."

"Gifts... gifts?" Shen I was horrified. His Boss would throw away the things sent by those women every year. Why would he want one this year?

It's A Miao! Instantly, he understood.

"Rest assured, Boss, I will remind miss!"

"Beep, beep, beep..." The phone was hung up.

When A Miao returned to the ward, he found several people standing by the door. When those people saw her, their expressions were very subtle.

"Director Shen, I'm bothering you now." A pleasant voice came from the ward, obviously from a woman.

Shen II was just opening the door and when he saw her, he shouted, "Miss, you are here!"

Immediately, there was no sound in the ward. A Miao nodded and walked in. He saw a beautiful woman sitting on the edge of the hospital bed. There was a man beside her with a camera shooting pictures of her and Shen Xinglan.

"A Miao!" Shen Xinglan's deadpan face immediately changed when he saw her, and the obvious change made the other two people present dumbfounded.

However, Shen Xinglan had already opened his mouth and said very rudely, "Didn't you see my fiancee coming?"

"Sorry!" The beautiful woman stood up at once and moved out of the way for A Miao.

A Miao discovered that the woman was a star that she had seen before.

"This is..." She did not know what show was happening.

"Don't misunderstand, I'm here to work." The female star opened her mouth first, explaining with her words. But her eyes drifted toward Shen Xinglan with a face of "we just committed adultery, now you'll come to quarrel..."

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