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Chen Xiang quickly walked out of the cave. It was extremely quiet in the Divine Artisan Mountain Villa, especially in the center area. There were very few people here.

Although this was the core region of the Divine Artisan Mountain Villa, there were not many people here right now. Chen Xiang suspected that those Rankers went to the Heaven Sword City, although on the surface they looked like they were going to drink wedding wine, they were actually going to make a trade and use Liu Meng'er to exchange for the valuable items left behind in the Evil Emperor.

"The fewer people, the better." Chen Xiang flew into the air, causing the divine hall to become as big as a huge mountain, and fiercely smash into the small mountain that imprisoned Liu Meng'er.

With a thunderous boom, the heavy divine cauldron released a force that pressed down fiercely and crushed the small mountain into pieces.

The rocks that flew out were like a raging tide as they completely destroyed some of the houses in the surroundings.

Boom! Chen Xiang controlled the divine cauldron and it once again smashed onto the ground. The ground violently shook and cracked, releasing a violent earthquake, causing the ground to rise and fall, and a large portion of the houses to collapse.

Chen Xiang had already heard the angry shouts of many people. The Divine Artisan Mountain Villa had an extremely strong defense against the outside world, but if the inside of the body was damaged, he would have no way of resisting it.

At this moment, the people outside the Divine Artisan Mountain Villa were all able to see a three-legged cauldron that was like a giant mountain floating in the air, and then fiercely falling to the ground.

There was a profoundyang Fire Crow sealed inside the divine furnace, and now, Chen Xiang was releasing all of the hot air inside it. The heat wave spread out in all directions and set off bursts of fire, in the blink of an eye, the center area of the Divine Artisan Mountain Villa turned into a sea of fire.

Before the Immortal Kings guarding this place could recover, more than half of it was destroyed.

"Our Divine Artisan Mountain Villa has always been at peace with the world. One of the Immortal Kings roared angrily, flying towards that enormous divine cauldron.

The more he looked at the divine cauldron, the more it looked familiar. When he recognized it, his entire body shivered and he shouted out in shock: "This is the divine cauldron of the Divine Craftsman Ancestor, and it even has a lid, isn't this divine furnace in Chen Xiang's hands?"

"Scram far away from me, who would believe that you two are not fighting in this world." Chen Xiang bellowed, controlling the gigantic divine cauldron, pressuring the group of experts that was rushing over.

"Quick, dodge."

Sensing the terrifying heat emitted from the divine cauldron, the immortal kings were all terrified, and they immediately dodged away.

The fire raged and surged towards all four directions, the ground was burned into lava, all the houses were burnt down, all the Immortal Kings were floating in the air, staring angrily at the gigantic divine cauldron that was bombarding the entire central region.

"Where's Liu Meng'er?" Chen Xiang only used a moment to destroy the entire central area, but not a single expert came out to stop him, which made him slightly surprised. He did not believe that the Divine Artisan Mountain Villa did not have an expert like Duan Ming, who had not made a move yet, must have gone to the Heaven Sword City.

Could it be that the things that the Heaven Sword City had given them were really so important to let those strong warriors go all out?

"You really are here to save her. She has already gone to the Heaven Sword City." Previously, when Xue Xianxian escaped from this place, they expected that Xue Xianxian would come find them, but now, it was as they expected.

However, who would have known that Chen Xiang would appear here for no reason. If they relied on those big arrays, even an expert like Duan Ming would find it difficult to break through in a short period of time.

"Her marriage is not something that your Divine Artisan Mountain Villa can meddle in, right? Since all of you are being nosy, then I must intervene for once." Chen Xiang sneered, and rushed forward with the divine hammer.

"He's coming over. Disperse quickly. Don't take him head on. This guy's strength is extremely terrifying." A stronger Immortal King shouted. Chen Xiang had the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword in his hands, and now that he had the strength of a Immortal King, even a late stage Immortal King would not dare to fight him head on.

Everyone only saw Chen Xiang rushing over, but in the next moment, he appeared beside them. He threw out the small divine cauldron in his hands.

The divine cauldron flew out from his hands, and in the blink of an eye, it became like a small mountain as it charged towards the group of immortal kings. In just a split-second, the rampaging divine cauldron had already caused the group of immortal kings to cough up blood.

"Chen Xiang, our Divine Artisan Mountain Villa has always kept to himself. Furthermore, Wu Canghong of the Human King Immortal Country has always wanted to befriend you. If you continue, you will definitely become sworn enemies with us." The old immortal king avoided the impact of the divine furnace, but he was still scalded by the heat exuding from the divine furnace.

It looks like you are the ones who forced her to marry to the Heaven Sword City. Don't think that I don't know that you are using Liu Meng'er to exchange for some important things. Liu Meng'er is my wife's master.

Chen Xiang's cold voice was filled with killing intent, he appeared in front of one of the Immortal Kings in a flash, waved the Godly Hammer in his hand, and smashed it onto the Immortal King's head.

Seeing how strong Chen Xiang was, the Immortal King had already lost his will to retaliate. He raised his sword to block, but who would have known that Chen Xiang's Divine Hammer was extremely terrifying, when his Immortal Sword was smashed by the Divine Hammer, it instantly shattered, and he was even sent flying by the Divine Hammer's force.

"Chen Xiang, we escorted Liu Meng'er to the Heaven Sword City in advance. We also sent a group of experts there, causing the defense here to be weak. Do you know the reason?" The old immortal king was still relatively calm, he knew that he shouldn't fight with Chen Xiang head on.

Chen Xiang did not question them, but rushed towards the Immortal King Immortal Monarch s who were fleeing in all directions, raised the Divine Hammer in his hands, and smashed one by one into the sea of fire on the ground.

"Because we knew that someone was stopping us on the way to save Liu Meng'er and in order to catch them all, we sent out many experts. If I am not mistaken, the Long family would definitely go, along with your master and the others. The old immortal king said angrily.

Hearing that, Chen Xiang's face changed, the old immortal king saw this and was happy, but when he saw Chen Xiang take out the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, the previously calm him suddenly became anxious.

"Thanks for the reminder, I'll be right over."

After Chen Xiang finished speaking, he threw the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword high into the sky. A wave of cyan light, accompanied by the earth-shaking dragon's roar, rumbled through the sky.

The green light disappeared, and the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword became extremely huge, over a hundred thousand meters long. The tip of the blade was pointed at the ground, and cut straight down.

Roar … The divine blade fell to the ground without a blade hilt, revealing a blade hilt that was as tall as a mountain. The entire Divine Artisan Mountain Villa was currently shaking violently, and waves of oppressive dragon roars came from deep underground.

It was as if the gigantic Divine Artisan Mountain Villa of a city had suddenly cracked open amidst the roars of tens of thousands of dragons, forming countless deep, bottomless crevices. Waves of murderous intent rose from the depths of the earth, like a dragon's roar, and soared high into the sky.

With just a single slash, the entire Divine Artisan Mountain Villa was torn into several pieces. The foundations of many large formations were destroyed, and violent energies continuously surged out from within the cracks.

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