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Speaking of which, even cultivators who didn't enjoy themselves would look around the city unconsciously if they saw it for the first time. This was because the city was indeed very different from a normal city.

This city was a lot larger than Seven Stars City. The entire city was built on a hill that wasn't very tall, and a ring-shaped wall that was more than a hundred feet tall was built around the city. In the entire city, there were only the North and South Gate exits.

Outside the north gate, there was a flat wasteland. Outside the south gate, there was a seemingly endless mountain in the distance.

On the east side of the city, it was also the highest point of the city. It took up a quarter of the city's territory and was enveloped in a layer of white light. Within this brilliance, one could vaguely see a city wall that was even larger than the city walls outside. There was also an enormous black and red palace that was as big as a small mountain. This place was naturally the Spirit Beast Palace's entrance. Even though the Spirit Beast Palace was very lax in managing the entire city, the remaining two thousand feet were all restricted areas. Only Spirit Beast Palace cultivators were allowed in and out; no other cultivators were allowed in.

The Palace Lord of Spirit Beast Palace, Li Ruo Hai, had already advanced to the second level of the Aurous Core Stage a few years ago. Furthermore, it was said that he had several high level demonic beasts on him, so normally, the first and second level Aurous Core stage cultivators would not dare to provoke Li Ruo Hai.

When Wei Suo chose the city that would allow Jia Ya and Han Weiwei to cultivate in peace, he had also considered this point. With Li Ruohai's and the Spirit Beast Palace's strength, they were basically unafraid of the interference of other forces. If they were to clash with the Spirit Beast Palace and cause a ruckus, Wei Suo would be able to safely escape. With Wei Suo's current cultivation level, he still did not dare to do whatever he wanted in a city with several Aurous Core stage cultivators, as well as Golden Core stage and fourth stage cultivators.

… ….

All the buildings and walls of the city were built with a rock called the stone of life.

The rocks were black and red, and the cracks were naturally made with the word 'Life' on them. These stones were very sturdy, and when they first arrived in this city, Wei Suo knocked on them with his fingers. According to Wei Suo's estimation, based on the thickness of the city walls, it would probably take at least five or six times for a high-grade spirit-ranked magic treasure to completely blast a hole in the city walls.

Before arriving at the city, Wei Suo had heard that the Spiritual Beast Palace didn't really care about the city, so the city was very valiant and barbaric. Now, just looking at the outside was enough. The buildings in this city didn't seem to be built for the sake of beauty, but for the sake of solidity. Many of the buildings looked as if they were built for the sake of using large chunks of randomly cut stones, and didn't have any decorations at all. Wei Suo looked at it for a long time but didn't see a single building with such a beautiful appearance. This made him a bit suspicious of the beauty of the building and the fact that it could easily be broken in the middle of a fight.

Most of the other cultivator cities looked beautiful with an ethereal aura, but just looking at the buildings of this city gave people the feeling that it was barbaric and barbaric.

However, the biggest characteristic of this city wasn't these tall and sturdy buildings but rather the fact that cultivators were not allowed to bring demonic beasts. Cultivators bringing demonic beasts of all sizes could be seen everywhere, so it was very common for them to swagger around the city.

In the entire city, in the empty space near many buildings that looked like shops and markets, stood many bronze pillars with runes, copper rings, and chains. It seemed that the bronze pillars were meant for some of the cultivators who had entered these markets to temporarily place some of the extremely large sized demon beasts that could not be stored in the beast pouches.

Wei Suo strolled around with relish.

Because of the city's valiant winds, ordinary cultivators weren't willing to stay in the city for long. On the way, they saw at least five or six cultivators out of ten, and their appearances were quite fiendish. In addition, Wei Suo also saw many strange demon beasts. In front of a shop, he even saw a magical fox that could use illusions to condense into various shapes and even into various female cultivators.

This made Wei Suo want to buy this rarely seen third level mystical light type high level demon beast.

Against the enemy, this kind of demon beast was obvious at a glance and was useless. However, the biggest ability of the Phantom Fox was to use illusions to form 3D images that looked vivid. This caused Wei Suo to involuntarily think vulgarly. If this Phantom Fox were to see the picture scroll that he had written about, then the Phantom Fox would be able to create a vivid three-dimensional image. Wouldn't that be a little cool?

However, before Wei Suo could buy it, the Spirit Phantom Fox was already bought by a cultivator. This cultivator was probably not as "deep" as Wei Suo thought. This was because the cultivators that usually bought these kinds of magic light type demon beasts would use these magic lights to confuse some low-leveled demon beasts, helping them in hunting for spirit stones.

After walking around the city for a while, Wei Suo walked towards a marketplace in front of them as if he was attracted by something.

If one were to look down from the top of the city, they would see that this was the biggest market in the city and around 500 to 600 shops had gathered here. The market that attracted Wei Suo's attention was the largest one among them.

The area occupied by this market was about ten times the size of the ordinary shops nearby. However, the appearance of this market was extremely simple and crude. On the outside, there were square stone pillars that were made from ten thousand year old stone pillars. In the middle of each stone pillar, there was a simple wooden fence that surrounded the pillars, and the top of the pillars was covered with a green leather cloth made from beast skin.

At this moment, the market was bustling with noise. There were quite a few cultivators gathered there, and beast roars could be heard from time to time.

However, when he was about two hundred feet from the market, Wei Suo's expression suddenly changed and he stopped.

Immediately after, just as Wei Suo turned his head to the left and looked at a slightly dark bungalow, an explosive boom sounded out. From the low bungalow that seemed to specialize in selling materials for refining such as demon beast skins, claws, and other miscellaneous items, a crimson-black wave surged out, intermixed with specks of golden sparks.

Following the gush of this wave of air, a cultivator fell from the sky and landed on the side of the road with a "pa" sound.

At the same time, loud jeering sounds could be heard from the bungalow. "With just you, you can cultivate for another ten to eight years and then come here to challenge me." A bearded man wearing a scarlet red magic robe appeared at the entrance of the shop with a savage expression. He glanced disdainfully at the cultivator who fell down. After a sneer, he walked back into the shop as if nothing had happened and started to buy again.

As for the gray-robed cultivator, he stood up while clutching his chest. This cultivator looked to be around forty years old, and there seemed to be a small hole in his chest with blood flowing out. After he got up, this cultivator did not say anything. He took out a few pills and swallowed them. After a flash of ruthlessness appeared in his eyes, he quickly left the place.

"Looks like the atmosphere in this city is really savage. It's the gathering place of such brave and ruthless cultivators." With a glance, Wei Suo couldn't help but shake his head and mutter when he saw that the surrounding cultivators seemed to be accustomed to such conflicts.

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Wei Suo shook his head. Just as he was about to continue walking towards the city square that he was curious about, a ball of fire suddenly exploded at the intersection to his right.

Seeing this ball of fire that looked like a tongue, Wei Suo couldn't help but laugh.

It turned out that because of the human and beast races, compared to other cultivator cities, the environment of this city could really be described as dirty and messy. Other than the bodily fluids and saliva that fell from some large demonic beasts, there was also a large pile of demonic beast feces that could be seen frequently on the wide streets of this city. If a cultivator was willing, he would cast an incantation to burn this pile of feces to ashes. If they were not willing, then it was fine as long as they didn't step on it.

Thus, the cultivators in this city would sometimes have to endure the smell of demonic beasts and be free cleaners. Right now, the fire magic technique cast by that cultivator was to turn a pile of the elder demon beast feces into ashes.

Before, when Wei Suo was on his way to a few large marketplaces, he had seen several piles of feces like this and had also seen the cultivator casually send out a technique to remove them.


But all of a sudden, Wei Suo couldn't help but stare blankly.

At the intersection in front of them, the yellow-robed young cultivator that cast the fire technique, from the side, looked very familiar to Wei Suo. It was as if he had seen it somewhere before, but he could not recall where.

"Baby, my baby! You actually burnt the treasures that my gem land dragon pulled out! " At this moment, an exaggerated voice came from a nearby stall.

A middle-aged cultivator with a fierce-looking face, wearing a shiny black robe, gnashed his teeth as he shouted at the young cultivator in a yellow robe.

"Senior, are you talking to me? What gem and land dragon's treasure? " This yellow robed young cultivator seemed as if he didn't know what had happened.

Wei Suo couldn't help but frown. This yellow robed young cultivator gave him a more familiar feeling. He must have met him somewhere before.

"You're still pretending?" The fierce-looking middle-aged cultivator angrily tapped the ground, "You burnt this pile of feces that the gem land dragon pulled out? How can that be counted!"


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