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Feng Yujie suddenly held onto Chen Xiang's hand tightly. It was obvious that she was nervous.

Chen Xiang asked through sound transmission, "What are you worried about?"

Feng Yujie shook her head, she did not reply, but merely followed behind Luo Tianjun thoughtfully. Chen Xiang guessed that she was worried about meeting Xiao Changle, since she was the one who had been pursued by Xiao Changle before.

"There's nothing to be afraid of!" Chen Xiang laughed and sent a sound transmission to Feng Yujie: "Sister Feng, he should have had the same strength as you back then, is he much stronger than you now?"

Feng Yujie replied, "Of course not, he was already much stronger than me back then. Back then, I was still very young, and I was created by the Nine Divine Kings for only over twenty years.

Chen Xiang laughed: "At that time, he was just like a god, and now he has yet to break through to the Supreme God Realm, isn't that a little weak?"

Feng Yujie shook his head: "It's not easy for him to breakthrough to Super God Realm. For him to be able to reach his current level, it's already considered very impressive. Of course, you are an exception! "

Luo Tianjun seemed to be in a hurry to see Xiao Changle, so he increased his pace along the way!

Xiao Changle had just appeared in the plaza earlier, but the direction that Luo Tianjun was heading towards was the forest outside of Supreme Divine Palace. Chen Xiang remembered that it was a forbidden area, and there was even a very powerful barrier enveloping it, making it difficult to enter even if he wanted to.

When Luo Tianjun arrived at the forest, he suddenly stopped in his tracks. Chen Xiang and Feng Yujie also stopped, because they knew that there was a barrier in front of them!

On the other hand, Shui Bingyan was skipping and chasing after a beautiful butterfly, and when she arrived outside the barrier, she saw beautiful flowers inside, so she flew over by herself!

Chen Xiang and Feng Yujie were about to call for her to stop, but she had unexpectedly passed through the barrier and arrived beside the red flower.

Seeing that, Luo Tianjun turned pale, and stood there in a daze!

"Brat, just what is the background of this girl BingYan!" It was only now that Luo Tianjun realized that he had been mistaken for so many days. Shui Bingyan had casually passed through this barrier without being discovered, and this kind of strength was extremely terrifying. He could not imagine how such a naive and innocent woman could actually possess this kind of terrifying strength.

"Well... Didn't I help Elder Zhu find the Dao heart stone a while ago? I took her out of there! " Chen Xiang said in a low voice.

Luo Tianjun took out an array disc, and only then could he open a hole for them to go in!

Feng Yujie anxiously pulled Shui Bingyan, worried that she would barge through some more array formation, and if she encountered some more killing array formations, it might cause some unnecessary trouble.

"Pavilion master, where is this place? Then why did Xiao Changle come here? " Chen Xiang looked around. All he could see were ancient evergreen trees, birds chirping and the fragrance of flowers. It was a little different from the Supreme Divine Palace and that Heroes Gathering Divine City.

"This is the residence of the hall master of our Supreme Divine Palace, and is also the place where our elders normally meet the hall master to discuss things. There are many precious things stored here, that's why there's such a powerful barrier, but just now, this girl, BingYan …" Luo Tianjun said in a low voice: "I will help all of you hide things related to the ice face. In the future, I need to be more careful."

Following Luo Tianjun, Chen Xiang and the others arrived at a manor. In the courtyard, two young people and an old man sat on a stone table.

One of the young men was Xiao Changle who was dressed very carefully. He had long hair and was dressed very neatly.

The other young man wore a plain black robe, had short hair, and a body that also looked relatively small. However, he gave off a sharp and powerful feeling, his eyes were like a hawk's, and the moment he looked over, he made Chen Xiang, Feng Yujie and the others tremble.

This short-haired man should be the Supreme Divine Palace's Palace Master.

"It's actually him!" Feng Yujie sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang: "I also know this person, and he is a young man that Nine Divine Kings had guided in the past. It seems like I was able to easily enter the Supreme Divine Palace with his assistance in the dark! His name is Mu Chen, and he has mastered the laws of lightning! "

"Old Luo, you're really a great person from the tenth hall!" Mu Chen laughed, his voice resonating loudly.

When Feng Yujie and Chen Xiang walked closer, Xiao Changle suddenly frowned, and then, he said in shock, "You are … Little Jie? "

Mu Chen laughed: "It's that little girl, she has been in Supreme Divine Palace for a while."

Seeing Feng Yujie holding onto Chen Xiang's hand, Xiao Changle seemed to have understood something, but his reaction was not as worried as Feng Yujie's. He only smiled faintly: "I had thought that I would never see you again!"

Feng Yujie sighed, "I'm also surprised to be able to see you all again! Back then Nine Divine Kings did not see the wrong person, you have done a lot of good things now. "

Mu Chen laughed out loud: "That's of course. Back in the days, Nine Divine Kings gave us so much effort to cultivate us. How could we fail to live up to his expectations?"

At this time, Yi Bidong also came, he was quite familiar with Xiao Changle and Mu Chen.

"What we're going to say next is more important. This cat and this girl …" Zhu Xiangyuan looked at Yue'er, and Yue'er looked at him as well.

"It's you!" Zhu Xiangyuan was shocked, her powerful body trembled.

"Why are you so excited? Didn't you see this cat last time? " Luo Tianjun immediately felt it was strange.

Zhu Xiangyuan looked very excited at the moment, and this made both Xiao Changle and Mu Chen very interested. To be able to make Mu Chen this excited, it was obvious that there was some kind of story.

Yue'er also thought it was strange. She mewled twice, but she did not recognize Zhu Xiangyuan.

"Star and crescent beast... I'm not mistaken! " Zhu Xiangyuan said.

"Meow!" Yue'er cried out and even stuck out her tongue.

"The Star and crescent beast is not bad, what's so strange about it? He doesn't seem to know you! " Luo Tianjun said.

Xiao Changle, Mu Chen and Yi Bidong had long since figured out that Yue'er was a Star and crescent beast.

"Last time I went to your tenth hall, that kitten was carried by this girl, so I didn't see its wings, but I saw it just now!" Zhu Xiangyuan said: "It's a white cat with wings, I definitely won't recognize it wrongly. The last time I went to look for the Dao heart stone, it was this kitten that saved me!"

"Meow?" Yue'er also thought it was strange, how could she have saved Zhu Xiangyuan? "You must have remembered wrongly, in my memory, I didn't save you!"

"Their voices are the same, why is that impossible?" Zhu Xiangyuan was even more certain that Yue'er had saved him.

Chen Xiang carried Yue'er out from the backpack and asked: "Inside your Star Moon Divine Race, is there any cat with the same exact appearance and voice as yours?"

Yue'er shook her head, broke free from Chen Xiang's embrace and flew to Shui Bingyan: "No, I'm a pure white cat. Although there are some white cats in the Star Moon Divine Race, they're not really big, but their wings have different colors or their eyeballs are different from mine! Of course, most of them could take human form. Furthermore, it's not like you don't know my strength. Other than escaping, it's not impossible for me. "

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