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Chen Xiang waited in the Demon Imperial Palace quietly, waiting for the news of Devil-suppressing Divine Palace's departure. But more than ten days had passed, and there was not a single movement from the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace.

"Outside the main gate of Devil-suppressing Divine Palace, there are basically people crouching and waiting. If there is any large scale operation, the news will spread." Chen Xiang looked at the big door, he thought that Devil-suppressing Divine Palace and the others should make their move soon.

Chen Xiang inquired on the street for information, and in the evening, Long Xueyi said somewhat suspiciously: "I feel a very faint spatial energy being transmitted from inside my face."

"Not good, there might be Transmission array among them, maybe they were teleported in batches, where would they be teleported to?" Chen Xiang immediately thought of this level.

"I should be able to find out about the immortal palace near the Night Devil Hell. Let's go over there first." Su Meiyao said.

Now, a lot of people were waiting here. Before Chen Xiang teleported away, he also released a message that the people of the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace had long been sent to the Immortal palace in the vicinity of the Night Devil Hell through the Transmission array of the huge shrine.

The Night Devil Hell had existed for a long time, and understood the Night Devil Hell very well. It was said that when they went to train, they would often lure the Night Devil out to hunt, so for many years, the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace had built a careful immortal palace near the Night Devil Hell.

This palace was also known as the Demon Suppressing Palace, but it was very small. Furthermore, it didn't have that kind of gigantic Devil-suppressing Divine Palace, but ordinary palaces were still huge.

When Chen Xiang released the news previously, many people guessed that if the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace s were to set off, they would definitely come to this immortal palace. Although the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace s in this immortal palace did not make any movements, the few gates were still guarded by people.

The Devil-suppressing Divine Palace here was much smaller, and it was only a palace compound surrounded by walls. Long Xueyi and Chen Xiang activated Heaven Tour and floated in the air, they could see the interior of the palace.

"There are a lot of people." Chen Xiang saw that there was a large group of people gathered in Devil-suppressing Divine Palace. Their clothes were all different, as they stood in groups on the plaza.

"There's a Fire Divine Palace here, and there's also more than thirty dragons coming from the Imperial Dragon Clan. It looks like they really are going to enter that Night Devil Hell." Long Xueyi said.

"So many people, are they all going to die? Let's not talk about the strong ones, but there are quite a few who aren't even immortals, daring to challenge Night Devil Hell." Chen Xiang said.

"Before entering the Night Devil Hell, it was already very dangerous, the outside of the Night Devil Hell is not safe, bringing a large amount of weak people to clear the way, it will save a lot of energy, and once those strong people make their move on the outside, it will be very easy to alert and hide those strong beasts." Su Meiyao was extremely familiar with the Night Devil Hell, it was clear that he had been to that place before.

"I wonder if that group of immortal beast will go."

Chen Xiang actually planned to follow behind these groups of powerful forces first, and when they safely entered the inner part, compare the topography on the map, find a safe route, and then go by himself.

He originally thought that Devil-suppressing Divine Palace's group of people would stealthily set off. Who knew that within a few days, they would come out from a big gate and head towards Night Devil Hell in a grandiose manner.

There were a lot of them, with a total of more than a hundred thousand people. Amongst them, Fire Divine Palace and Devil-suppressing Divine Palace were the most numerous, followed by Myriad Dan Immortal Country.

"Those ten Heavenly Master Immortal Country s and ten sage realm Immortal Country s aren't here?" Chen Xiang had heard that these forces were also going to join them.

They might be in other immortal palaces, so these fellows would definitely not be absent. They might have some clues about the Sacred Beasts Ancient Realm, and the ancestors of these powers have all followed the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord, so they know quite a bit about the secret of the Sacred Beasts Ancient Realm. Long Xueyi said.

Along the way, Chen Xiang was one of the few people that followed behind the group. He did not find any major powers like Dragon Emperor or He Peiqing among the group, but there were still a few Immortal Kings.

After exiting the immortal palace, everyone could see a mountain range in the distance, covered in a faint white mist. It could be said to be very close to the immortal palace, they could arrive in just a few more days.

The group of endless mountains could be seen even from afar. One could see how huge it was. Previously, they already knew from the map that the mountains and rivers in Sacred Beasts Ancient Realm were all very large …

"As long as we enter the foggy area, we will be in a dangerous place, although we won't be considered as entering the Sacred Beasts Ancient Realm there." Bai Youyou said: "If you're talking about Immortal Monarch, it's very safe to roam around outside as long as you don't meet him."

"Night Devil Kings rarely run out, they usually hide inside, only those very stupid Little Night Devil s will run out, they are usually the targets that Devil-suppressing Divine Palace kills." Su Meiyao said.

"How strong is the Little Night Devil?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Late stage Worldly Immortal Stage, Night Devil King is equivalent to Immortal Monarch." Bai Youyou replied.

After walking for two days, they were getting closer to the Night Devil Hell. They could already see the faint mist in front of them, and many of the huge mountains were covered with mist. Only the higher parts of the mountains were exposed, and the mist did not dissipate.

When he got close, Chen Xiang realized that the mist was actually formed from dense immortal qi.

"It can transform into immortal qi mist, could it be that there's a dragon vein inside?" Chen Xiang had seen two dragon veins before, so he knew how to form one.

And at this time, the entire huge Sacred Beasts Ancient Realm was shrouded in this dense fog, there was definitely a powerful force gathering immortal qi at every single moment, maybe somewhere deep inside this place, there was a dragon vein.

"In the past, it wasn't immortal qi at all, but just ordinary fog. I didn't expect it to turn into immortal qi now. Maybe there really is a dragon vein inside, no wonder those big powers joined forces to enter." Su Meiyao said in shock.

"I wonder how long it has been like this, if there is a dragon vein inside, then it is very dangerous. To protect myself, the dragon veins formed a natural great formation, making it very difficult for the Evil Dragon Graveyard to break through, not to mention the dragon veins formed by the Spiritual crystal." Chen Xiang's face became serious.

"If it has been here for a long time, there might be a lot of celestial fruits and immortal medicines." Long Xueyi said: "This kind of environment can cultivate Immortal Grade's medicine very well."

The sky turned dark and the team suddenly stopped. It was very easy to meet Night Devil at night when entering the foggy area, everyone was resting in the forest outside, after passing through the forest they would enter the forest, they would need to travel through the mountains to advance, as long as they stepped into the forest in front of them, they would be able to reach the outskirts of the Night Devil Hell, which could be considered as a dangerous area.

"Do all those Night Devil s have intelligence?" Chen Xiang leaned against a tree and sat down, looking at the group of Devil-suppressing Divine Palace disciples in front of him.

Those with intelligence are all Night Devil King s, or Night Devil Kings, the majority of them are all very foolish. Other than their own kind, whenever they see something that moves, they would desperately attack it, and if it is a living being that was killed, it would be eaten by Night Devil. Su Meiyao said.

The sky gradually darkened, and many people started a fire in the forest.

Not long after, everyone heard a series of low sounds, like a cat meowing in the middle of the night. It sounded like an infant crying, and the sounds that came out at this moment were like thousands of cats meowing at the same time, making one's hair stand on ends.

"This is Little Night Devil's call. Little Night Devil has come out to cultivate." Bai Youyou said.

As the number of Little Night Devil continued to increase, it was possible to tell that the number of Little Night Devil was gradually increasing.

There were so many Little Night Devil with the strength of a mid to late stage Worldly Immortal, and now, Chen Xiang understood why those large powers had sent over a hundred thousand people.

Then, Chen Xiang sensed a few strong auras approaching him. They belonged to the Dragon Emperor and He Peiqing.

This was all something that Chen Xiang was more familiar with, but the following Qi made Long Xueyi and Chen Xiang shocked.

"Why is this aura so familiar, yet also strange …" Chen Xiang said.

Dragon Emperor and the rest were here to meet with the large group, but there was still a group of strong people here.

"It's from the Imperial Avian Race, the true king of birds has come. Looking at this aura, it should be a phoenix." Long Xueyi said.

"Phoenix, isn't this already extinct?" Chen Xiang said in shock.

As soon as he finished speaking, he saw a young man with a cold expression slowly walking over. He wore a white robe, and his expression gave off a very cold feeling. However, there was a very hot aura erupting from his body.

It was as if he had suddenly appeared here, and slowly walked towards the Dragon Emperor in front of him.

Not long after he appeared, a loud bird cry rang out. Golden light suddenly exploded in the forest, and a middle-aged man appeared. This middle-aged man was the Golden Roc King, and he followed behind the young man in white.

"So this is the phoenix? Why does it look like a man?" Chen Xiang said, giving people a strong feeling.

"The phoenixes are divided into genders as well. The males and females are the phoenixes, but later on, they were all referred to as phoenixes. I wonder if it's good …" Long Xueyi licked his lips: "He should have a son and woman, little phoenix, hehe."

Chen Xiang also had no interest in knowing what would happen to the Phoenix and Dragon Emperor s, he was only concerned about them.

If he were to live in a nearby immortal palace, he wouldn't be scared by the howls and screams coming from Night Devil Hell. If it was his first time hearing it, even if he wasn't afraid, he would be annoyed.

Chen Xiang saw that a few of them had already made up their minds to return at daybreak.

What followed was the arrival of the ten Heavenly Master Immortal Country s and sage realm Immortal Country s. They were all king level existences.

Excluding those powers, there were more than a hundred thousand people here to take advantage of them. Those powers had even more than five to six hundred thousand people, Chen Xiang felt that it was already not bad if half of them came back.

When dawn arrived, Chen Xiang didn't sleep the whole night and only took a simple rest. At this moment, the forest was in an uproar, because the several tens of thousands of people from the great forces had already set off.

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