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Chapter 49 – Travelling to the Desolate Cluster mountain.

At night, inside Ling Xiao’s cave, he had gotten dressed in a completely different outfit. From being a handsome young man, he had now become a “pretty lady”.

“Young master, you truly want to leave the family for a duration?” There was a sense of yearning inside the beautiful eyes of Bai Yu Xi.

At this moment, Ling Xiao had disguised into a lady with a very funny appearance. Dressing like this, all he wanted to do was to sneak out of the family at night. It was known that currently, the grand superior elder had given out orders to the Five elemental envoys to take turns watching after Ling Xiao, to prevent him from running away. After a few failed attempts, he had come up with this trick of grafting flowers onto the tree.

“True. During the time I’m gone, you must definitely train your Water and Moon Magic. You must become a mysterious person the moment I come back. Do your best!” Ling Xiao patted on the white cheek of Bai Yu Xi encouragingly.

Bai Yu Xi nodded her head heavily, “Young Master, rest assured, I will definitely try my best.” Bai Yu Xi thought to herself to train well. After the incident some days ago, she knew that she must become stronger and should definitely not drag the young master, as well as definitely not cause him trouble.

“That’s right!” Ling Xiao reached out to kiss on Bai Yu Xi’s lips.

Even though Bai Yu Xi had been Ling Xiao’s wife, as her skin was so delicate, it blushed right after that kiss.

Waiting until Ling Xiao had packed everything, Bai Yu Xi walked forward to hug him. “Young master, please quickly return, Yu Xi would miss you.”

Ling Xiao gently touched Bai Yu Xi’s hair and said, “Keep calm, it may take at least one month, at most three before I return.”

Ling Xiao, disguised as Bai Yu Xi, took small steps toward the back of the mountain.

The Five elemental envoys who were always silently watching didn’t recognize him. Until Ling Xiao had gone out of the house, there was a guard that suddenly looked, yet he couldn’t recognize Ling Xiao. He just felt rather strange that Ling Xiao’s wife was going outside this late in the night. However, even though they were suspecting, they dared not to ask. It was because of the recent behavior of their young master. For a young master who had dared to kill a lady of Li family in front of their members, they didn’t want to have an altercation with him. Let alone he was the disciple of the Grand Superior elder and received such superior privilege at Ling family.

Outside the house, Ling Xiao performed “Phantom Cloud Walk” and quickly left the vicinity of Ling family.

At the time Tiger Six and Tiger Seven figured it out, Ling Xiao was nowhere to be found.

At a deserted wild grassland, there was a person’s silhouette that was slowly moving across the land.

“Haha, I have finally escaped!” This person was indeed Ling Xiao. He had always longed for the Desolate Cluster mountain, so he couldn’t wait to discover about the wild beasts and high-grade magical herbs. Perhaps, with great luck, he might even be able to catch one or two beasts to play.

Ling Xiao was like a child that had never experienced life. He was extremely excited!

Looking up, he saw the bright round moon in the sky; the gentle light was extremely serene and at a glance, extremely beautiful.

Ling Xiao’s mind was so excited like a small bird out of the cage, he moved toward the rendezvous point with Solitary Eagle.

Not far from there, he saw Solitary Eagle sitting on a horse, and next to him, there was another white one with exceptional qualifications.

Ling Xiao couldn’t help but think to himself: having a servant wasn’t a bad decision. In his mind, he had decided that no matter what, he needed to brainwash or rightfully convince Solitary Eagle so that he would follow him and be his servant for the rest of the life.

“Young master, you’re here!” Solitary Eagle threw himself off the horse and bent his body as he was talking to Ling Xiao.

Solitary Eagle was over thirty years old, so how come he had chosen Ling Xiao? Perhaps there were three main reasons: firstly, Ling Xiao was the young master of the largest family in Jiangxi City, so following Ling Xiao meant he would be coming under the protection of Ling family. Secondly, upon seeing Ling Xiao’s potential during the time at Aromatic Intoxication house, he could see Ling Xiao’s decisive killing tactics, and he even had mysterious skills that surpassed just about anyone – with such a young master with great ability and terrifying tactics, he seemed to have more potential than other ordinary warriors. Thirdly, Ling Xiao was also the sole disciple of the grand superior elder of Ling family; such an identity would make so many people feel respect, so becoming his servant would be such an honor for Solitary Eagle since, after all, Ling family didn’t lack any mysterious warrior guards.

These three points had made Solitary Eagle follow Ling Xiao. If one day Ling Xiao disappointed him or made him unable to achieve what he wanted, he would choose to leave; no matter what, he wouldn’t lose anything.

Ling Xiao tapped Solitary Eagle’s shoulders, “You’ve worked hard, let’s go!”

“Doing things for you would be an honor for Solitary Eagle!” Solitary Eagle replied honestly.

“Alright, stop acting like that. I’m not that kind of master who likes shouting or yelling. You've decided to rely on me, so there’s definitely something you'll want from me someday. What I need from you is absolute loyalty and to never stab me in the back in the future. Let’s go, perhaps some days you would completely come under me.” Ling Xiao said very confidently.

Both men jumped on the horse’s back and quickly rode away.

Ling Xiao didn’t know that behind him there was a shadow that stared intensely toward the direction he had just gone. With a dead corpse in hand, it mumbled: “You brat, you're so headstrong, I hope you could return safely.”

The Desolate Cluster mountain was a three-day journey from Jiangxi City. Ling Xiao rode on the horse with Solitary Eagle in one straight direction; they ate dried meat together while Solitary Eagle updated Ling Xiao with quite a number of things about Desolate Cluster mountain.

Ling Xiao then understood that the Desolate Cluster mountain was filled with danger and if one wasn’t careful, one could lose their life any moment. It was because not only there were wild beasts that attacked people, there would also be people robbing other people. Without overwhelming might or strength in numbers, a person would most likely perish in the Desolate Cluster mountain.

After a two-day ride, there was only one more day left until they reached the Desolate Cluster mountain.

At night, both of them stayed at an inn at a suggestion from Solitary Eagle.

This inn was built to serve the group of mercenaries, adventurers, and other infrequent merchants. The utilities provided by this place weren’t that bad. Eating, drinking, or playing, it had everything. One only needed to have enough money, then the experience would become comparable to that of Aromatic Intoxication house.

As Ling Xiao and Solitary Eagle had just walked into the inn, they immediately heard of some commotion from inside. Some were eating, some talking randomly, and there were even a few people hugging those female attendants very closely. . .

“Such a heaven on earth!” Ling Xiao looked at those men with rascal behavior looking for fun around this place, and couldn’t help but praise for it.

As they had just arrived, two women in sexy animal skin outfit came to welcome them immediately.

“Please come in, both of you!” A lady right next to Ling Xiao whispered. Her pretty eyes didn’t stop giving Ling Xiao sexy glances.

Ling Xiao glanced at this lady next to him and saw that even though her facial features were quite ordinary, her body was extremely sexy. Her breast was high which made the panther's skin outfit pushed upward. Her waist was revealing a region of smooth skin without any scar. These were true assets that could mesmerize just about any man.

Ling Xiao and Solitary Eagle refused to go into the room with both of them, which attracted quite a number of looks.

“Ah, isn’t that senior Solitary Eagle? Who is that young man next to him?”

“There's a rumor that Solitary Eagle senior had killed quite a number of beasts previously and had obtained quite a number of magical herbs. Didn’t he bring those into the city to sell? Why has he come back in such a short time?”

“We don't need to guess how the senior is thinking. It’s better to keep our mouths shut.”

In the room, there were quite a number of mercenaries and adventurers that recognized Solitary Eagle. They couldn’t stop whispering in discussion and there were also some standing up to greet Solitary Eagle respectfully.

“I can see that you’re really famous!” Ling Xiao teased.

Solitary Eagle said, “Young master, don’t laugh at me. From eighteen years old, I’ve always been outside until now. So, it’s natural there would be a few who know my name.”

Both of them chose a place to sit before ordering some wine and a bit of stewed meat to eat.

While Ling Xiao was eating, he paid attention to almost a hundred people in this room. These people were at least low-level mysterious fighter, and there were mid-level and high-level ones too. However, he couldn’t discover there was any person at Wushi level. Every person here was full of killing intent and made people feel extreme violence.

It seemed not fitting for him to sit in this place.

Right at the time both of them finished eating, a skittish lady with a twisted waist, huge body, and skimpy clothing, walked in front of them. She pulled her collar and said, “Oh, senior Solitary Eagle, why didn’t you call for me to serve you, having come all the way to this place. Do you hate me already?!”

The person hadn’t come so close, yet the smell from her lipstick and powder came attacking their noses.

Ling Xiao thought to himself, “So skittish!”

Solitary Eagle looked at the lady and yelled, “This skittish lady, this man isn’t free tonight for you. Now, arrange for my young master a superior room. My young master wants to stay over tonight.”

As Solitary Eagle had just done his talking, the flirtatious lady was stunned. Then, she directed her gaze towards Ling Xiao and her expression loosened, “Oh, this young man is so good looking. Seeing you, I feel so itchy-bitty inside me. How about letting me serve you tonight?”

The showy lady spoke slyly on one side, while her hand stroking her breast. She threw sexy glances constantly at Ling Xiao.

Such lady was too skittish and her air was too heavy, how could Ling Xiao pay attention to her.

“Skittish lady, even if you feel so turned on, you should take a mirror to check yourself carefully. How could you be matching for my young master? If there is any new pretty lady, it won’t be wrong if you could introduce her.” Solitary Eagle didn’t save her face and told directly to the skittish lady’s face.

However, that lady paid no notice and sat directly next to Solitary Eagle. She placed her full breast on to his shoulder and said, “Of course there is. Yesterday, they brought in a beautiful juicy young girl and she is yet to be touched. However, she’s a bit stubborn, so I don’t know if this young master would be interested?”

Then, Solitary Eagle directed his gaze to Ling Xiao and waited for his order.

“Forget it, we must be on the way tomorrow. Let’s wait until we come back to enjoy.” Ling Xiao didn’t intend to play much this time out. His main purpose was the Desolate Cluster mountain. He didn’t want to play too much while he hadn’t gotten there yet.

“My young master has said it, so go quickly to arrange a superior room for him to rest now.”  Solitary Eagle slapped that lady’s ass as he talked.

The lady stood up involuntarily to arrange the rooming for both of them.

When the skittish lady had just left, there were two adventurers who approached them at once.

“Greetings, Solitary Eagle!” Both of them stood in front of Solitary Eagle and greeted respectfully.

Solitary Eagle furrowed his brows and asked, “Say what you want quickly, don’t you see my young master is eating?”

Both adventurers seemed surprised and immediately bowed toward Ling Xiao and shouted, “Young master!” They didn’t even think that the once lone traveler like Solitary Eagle could become someone’s servant now.

“You just talk what you want while I’m drinking my wine.” Ling Xiao tore off the meat and drank a gulp of wine as he said.

Upon seeing Ling Xiao responding, Solitary Eagle asked, “If there’s anything, quickly say it!”

Both adventurers nodded as one of them lowered their voice to talk to Solitary Eagle, “Senior Solitary Eagle, do you intend to travel into the mountains tomorrow?”

Solitary Eagle didn’t respond, as if he had accepted.

“I do not know if we could invite Solitary Eagle to come with us to hunt a second order Underworld Patterned Panther? Once it is done, Solitary Eagle senior could take five parts while both of us take the remaining five parts.” The adventurer rubbed his hands as if he was afraid that Solitary Eagle wouldn’t agree.

“You two have discovered a second order Underworld Patterned Panther?” Solitary Eagle was a bit startled and glanced at Ling Xiao in front of him. Then, he tightened his face and yelled, “You two should find someone else this time, I have to follow my young master.”

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