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Evening Party at the Castle

While I was thinking so, Hanna came back from the shopping and excluding Marius, who never came back, the carriage continued the journey. As we safely reached the capital, I was greatly impressed with its cityscape. No matter when I come, the houses here are lined up without a gap between them and people are overflowing with the vitality. I rarely got to come to the capital but I always loved its atmosphere.

After arriving at the mansion of Bourbons I greeted the family head. The Bourbons are my distant maternal relatives and I’ve only come here few times during childhood. Because they are wealthy aristocrats who own vast land, their mansion in the capital was also quite a big size. It is a mansion I would probably never got to visit if not for an opportunity like this time.

The size of the mansion aside, I was also surprised by the amount of servants. Moreover, since everybody is dressed similarly and moves in the same way, it’s almost impossible to tell who is who. It is quite different from the “at home” atmosphere back in my home. In my house I can even keep track of the number of my servants’ grandchildren.

That reminds me, in the Bourbon family there had to be a boy I’ve played with many times in the past. After asking the servants I found out that he’s apparently studying abroad in the neighbourhood kingdom of Basseterre. As expected from rich aristocrats. I wouldn’t be able to find that much money at even if I did a handstand.

Even the dress for this party was made brand new by pushing the impossible. In response to my parent’s expectations, I definitely want to find a husband and return to give everyone a peace of mind. I must also let Hanna get married quickly or soon she’ll be past the age for it.

Soon the night of the evening party came. Bourbon family also had another daughter of a marriageable age. Her name is Isabelle and she’s quite a gorgeous beauty. She wrapped herself in a luxurious dress and got into the carriage clad in the fragrance of roses.

Escorts for the evening party are Earl Bourbon and his wife, Countess Bourbon. Seems like they have searched for other men as escorts, but because this evening party is exceptionally unusual and the three-quarters of attendees are women, we decided to participate without an escort.

“Julia, you had better given up on Duke Magnaria. There is no doubt that he will fall head over heel for my charm as soon he meets me.”

While flaunting her big chest, she said provocatively with her thick, meaty lips. To that, I replied with a smile full of composure.

“That’s right, no men would leave you alone, Isabelle. I’m not aiming for Duke Magnaria so rest assured. While all the attractive women are preoccupied with Duke Magnaria, I will look for an encounter with men who were left out.”

That’s right, tonight is the perfect chance. I am glad that Duke Magnaria is a charming man. Thanks to him I can look for my fated person without getting hindered by other ladies, after all.

For today I decided on a light purple dress to match my purple eyes. Accessories are also unified with Amethyst, and the finished look should give me the appearance of a lady you cannot find anything to complain about.

In the meantime, we arrived at the castle. It is a building of such a big size that one cannot help wondering if a full city could actually fit in it. The luxurious ornaments are shining with the light from candlelights and creating a magical atmosphere. The scale of this evening becomes apparent just by looking at the amount of the carriages jumbled together.

After wasting a lot of time I finally reached the hall. No matter where you look, you only see dressed up aristocrat ladies and their numbers are enough to dampen one’s fighting spirit. About 200 people seemed to be here.

This…are they all Duke Magnaria’s marriage candidates?! It feels like the evening party would end just by looking at each person individually. Seems like Isabelle wanted to go meet Duke Magnaria right away so she was pestering her father, Earl Bourbon.

“Isabelle, Duke Magnaria hasn’t arrived at the castle yet. Calm down for a bit.”

“Father, this many young ladies have come here. If I do not meet him as soon as possible, he might get snatched away by somebody else. It’s the first come, first served even with encounters.”

That is certainly right. Ah, as I started thinking that tonight was the fated day, I got pretty nervous, so I decided to go to the restroom. Isabelle said that she wanted to be at the place where she could meet Duke Magnaria as soon as he arrived to I ended up going to the restroom alone. It was a matter I did not care about because I did not have even a slight interest in Duke Magnaria.

While gracefully pushing my way through the crowd, I headed towards the restroom. There I confirmed that my makeup needed to be touched up, practiced smiling and left to run into a fateful encounter.

Okay!! Alright!

Thus I headed towards the place where the Bourbon couple and Isabelle were. Over there many people were crowding so I immediately understood that while I was in the restroom Duke Magnaria had arrived.

Many young ladies were standing at the sidelines, split to the left and right sides. It felt like Duke Magnaria would walk down at that moment, so I decided to stand at the sidelines with other ladies. Since only influential aristocrats seemed to talk to the Duke while trying to show off their daughters, he would sometimes stop walking and talk with them.

As for me, I didn’t have even a fragment of interest in the Duke so, for the time being, I was left standing where I was. Like this, I’ll be able to leave in search for my fated person as soon the Duke passes me. Please just finish the conversation fast and just choose a girl,  I don’t care who.

Noble ladies, who are standing opposite of me, are blushing from their nervousness as they are looking at the Duke coming from the front. That sight is so innocent that I can’t help smiling.

Earl Bourbon’s voice can be heard near the place where the Duke is standing.

“I am Earl Donald Bourbon and this is my daughter Isabelle, currently 17 years old. It might seem wrong for me to say this but she is very gentle and is like a lady’s mirror….She has also been blessed with the beauty that would be perfectly suited with you, Duke.”

“Duke, I am honored to have met you. I am Isabelle Bourbon, the daughter of Earl Bourbon.”

一 I hear Isabelle talking like a chirping bird with one octave higher voice than her usual voice, and then, it gets overcovered by a low tenor voice.

“I am Duke Henry Magnaria. Miss Isabelle, you are so bautiful that you would not lose to the symbol of the beauty, Isabelle. Would you mind having one dance with me later?”

“Y…Yes, gladly, Duke.”

Ooh, wasn’t Duke Magnaria 29 years old…? As expected, much like other men he’s weak to that type of big-breasted pheromone-leaking women.

After that Duke gradually came close to the side where I was standing. From then on, it seems like the Duke has offered several women to dance, so he will probably choose the marriage candidates from those few people. Well, either way, if he prefers sexy women there’s no way I will be chosen, so can’t you just hurry up and walk away?

While I was thinking so, it seems like Duke appeared before me. I am saying “seems like” because at that moment all other other ladies advanced one step forward, so I ended up hiding behind them. As it is, I’ll neither be able to let the Duke see my face nor see the Duke’s face.

Well, whatever. He’s probably a perverted man with only a beautiful face going for him…I thought I would at least take a look at his face since he’s a man I probably would not have any kind of relations with, but I am not that desperate to see him.

Duke Magnaria left just like that and delightful voices could be heard from women who were chosen while the voices of disappointment could be heard from the women who weren’t chosen.

“I did it!! Father!! I will be able to dance with the Duke!!”

”As expected from my daughter. After all, you are the most beautiful from the people here, haha!”

As I was thinking to go to the Bourbons’ and Isabelle’s side to say the words of celebration, a man stood before me. He was a person with a curly chestnut-colored hair and sparkling green eyes and had a gentle atmosphere around him.


Remember that I mentioned losing translations yesterday? Well, I just had to redo it simply out of spite.

I’ve not had anyone proofread through this to check for typos so beware. Also, feel free to point out any incorrect grammar or mistranslation and I’ll fix it afap.

I know that I said Fake Cinderella would be next but the 1st chapter is too boring and I can’t seem to get past left-over few lines

Still no blowjob btw.

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