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Chapter 605: The reunion of master and servant

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Seeing Long Yi lying without a care on the bed she had been sleeping on just a moment ago, the Princess of the Sea Clan involuntarily swayed her legs. She looked calm on the surface, but her heart raged turbulently while she guessed at Long Yi's purpose in coming here. In the history of the Sea Race, humankind was a life form of legends. However, at this moment, a human had suddenly appeared here, As a result, she involuntarily let her imagination run wild. She even thought that the Shark Clan had colluded with the humankind from the dry land.

"What exactly do you want to do?" The princess asked. She believed that he was tacitly agreeing with her assumptions upon seeing he refused to answer.

"Princess, did you know that you are very enchanting? Oh, that's right, I still don't know the name of this princess." Long Yi answered evasively with an indescribable smile.

The princess looked at Long Yi suspiciously. Her guesswork of just a moment ago was shaken. If this human had truly colluded with the Shark Clan, then how could he not know her name? But, if that were not the case, how did he appear here? Looking at his current relaxed expression, the idea that he and the Shark Clan had no relations truly was not too credible.

"Martha, what about yours?" The princess replied after hesitating.

"I am Long Yi. Hehe, you don't need to be formal. I and Shark Clan don't have any cordial relations. I came here just because I was curious. Running into you is just a coincidence, but I just happen to have some questions I want to ask you. This was the reason I appeared in front of you just now," Long Yi sat up and said with a smile.

A hint of alertness flashed through Martha's eyes, but she requested, "Please speak."

Long Yi remained indifferent to her alertness and said, "I heard that the reason why the patriarch of Shark Clan racked his brains to capture you is that he wanted to use you and the descendants of the Mermaid Imperial Family that was banished from Undersea City five hundred years ago to refine something, I am very curious. What exactly is the thing that the Shark Clan wanted to refine using you? What is the use of that thing?"

Martha who had been vigilant from the beginning was stunned. Clearly, Long Yi's questions had greatly surprised her.

After he had asked these questions, Long Yi carefully examined Martha's rapidly fluctuating expressions. That stunned expression was not fake at all, so he frowned and asked, "You didn't know?"

Martha came back to her senses, and shaking her head, she answered, "I always believed that the Shark Clan captured me in order to deal with my Father Emperor. This is the first time I've heard that I was captured for refining something."

Long Yi pondered while tapping the edge of the bed with his forefinger.

"Since you've asked me a question, can I ask you a question now?" Martha stared at Long Yi's handsome face and was finally unable to endure not asking.

"Mmm?" Long Yi raised his eyebrows, and his black pupils shone like shiny dark gems. This accelerated Martha's heartbeat.

"I want to know how you found Undersea City. What was your purpose in coming here?" Martha asked.

"I had someone lead me to find Undersea City. As for my purpose in coming here, it is useless to tell you. It might be meaningful to speak to Sea Emperor." Long Yi smiled and replied while watching Martha. In his heart, he, however, was thinking about how to make Martha help him meet Sea Emperor.

Martha got off the bed and walked about as a small bell around her ankle made crisp "cling, cling" sounds. However, this beautiful princess was actually methodically contemplating her plans with each measured step.

"I got it. Is it not the Mermaid Imperial Family that was banished five hundred years ago that brought you here?" The azure pupils of Martha glimmered with light as she thought of something.

She then stopped her steps and asked Long Yi, staring straight at him. The Human World was far away from the Sea Race. There had been no contact between them for over a hundred thousand years. Thus, only someone from the Mermaid Imperial Family who had been banished from Undersea City five hundred years ago could lead people here without any scruples.

Long Yi smiled and nodded his head. Although this speculation was not completely correct, it was not far from the truth. If not for Liuli, he wouldn't have thought of looking for Undersea City. He said, "Since you have guessed it, I will also not deny it. I want to meet your Father Emperor for a matter. I wonder if Princess Martha has a way to let me see him?"

Martha smiled and said, "Of course, I have one, but you must first prove your relation with the Mermaid Imperial Family."

This princess was quite shrewd. Long Yi thought for a bit before taking out the golden scale Bifei had given him from his space ring and said, "I wonder if this can prove it?"

"The Sacred Scale! Yes, this is the keepsake that was passed down from generation to generation of the Mermaid Imperial Family." Although Martha had never seen the keepsake of the Mermaid Clan in person, she could still discern whether this keepsake was real or fake with one glance. As the Princess of the Sea Race, she had her own identification methods.

Martha walked over to Long Yi and sat beside him on the bed. Then, she moved her small head closer to him.

A delicate fragrance assailed Long Yi's nostrils, and it infinitely magnified her charm. Did this princess want to throw herself in his arms at their first meeting? Long Yi stared at a white expanse of snowy white jade skin around Martha's neck; in addition, feeling a soft and tactile impression on his arm, his heart was ready to start wriggling. However, he then heard Martha whispering in his ears.

Although that fragrance of Martha lingered around him, and her warm breath blew in his ears, making him excited, the content of her words immediately snapped him out of his wild imaginations, and he carefully listened.

That's right. Martha told Long Yi the secret method to meet Sea Emperor. She didn't completely believe in Long Yi, but she was imprisoned at this moment and relatively helpless. Moreover, she knew that the matter of the Mermaid Imperial Family was very important because she knew that her Father Emperor had been secretly sending people everywhere in search of their whereabouts these last several hundred years, but the sea was very vast, and there had been no news. As a result, her Father Emperor had been endlessly depressed about this.

Finally, a blue light flashed, and a golden gem appeared on Martha's palm. Then she said, "Take this gem, and my father emperor will believe in you."

Long Yi took the gem, and then he asked with a smile, "Why didn't you beg me to take you out?"

Martha curled her lips and answered, "Why should I ask something nonsensical? You probably will refuse to take me out. In addition, if I suddenly disappeared from here, wouldn't that startle the snake to show the venom of its fangs?"

Long Yi raised his eyebrows and closely examined Martha. At this moment, he truly observed Martha, this Princess of the Sea Race, with increased respect. The intelligence of this beauty truly shouldn't be underestimated.

"You can rest assured. You will not be in danger here. Until the descendants of the Mermaid Imperial Family are found, the Shark Clan will not hurt you," Long Yi said.

Martha nodded her head and suddenly smiled brilliantly as she said, "If I escape from this place in the future, can you take me to the Human World to have a look?"

Long Yi looked straight at her and said, "Of course, Human World is a beautiful place. You will definitely like it."

In the place Liuli, Karl and Yamei siblings hid, all of them were somewhat restless with anxiety. It had already been such a long period of time since Long Yi had left, but there had been no movement from the secret base. Moreover, they had also seen quite a few heavily armored guards entering and exiting that place; thus, their hearts were in jitters.

"Long Yi has been gone for so long. Nothing could have happened to him, right?" Blabbermouth Sijiate said.

"No, absolutely nothing will happen to Young Master." Liuli bit her lower lip and glared at Sijiate.

"It should be fine. If Long Yi had been discovered, then with his strength, how could there have been no activity? It wouldn't be so calm like this," Yamei thought for a bit and decided.

At that time, the large stone suddenly flashed, and three heavily-armored guards appeared. Moreover, they unexpectedly walked straight toward the position they were hiding.

The hearts of the four people tightened, and they prepared to fight.

When those three heavily guards arrived in front of the invisible barrier, one person that seemed to be the leader used the lance in his hand to poke a thick clump of grass, and the invisible barrier unexpectedly shattered. The four people jumped up at the same time, but right when they were about to attack, they felt as if the space around them had condensed, and they couldn't move at all.

"Heh heh, are you all welcoming me like this?" A familiar voice resounded.

"Young Master!" Liuli felt like all the pressure she had been feeling disappeared, and she immediately called this out with pleasant surprise.

Long Yi rearranged the isolating barrier and took off his helmet.

Seeing that familiar smiling face of Long Yi, the four people were joyful. Without Long Yi, they had felt as if they had lacked a backbone, and now that they saw him once more, their hearts immediately calmed down a lot.

"Eh, Long Yi, who are they?" Karl noticed the slightly trembling heavily-armored guards behind Long Yi and asked.

"Them? They are the gifts I prepared for my little princess Liuli," Long Yi said with a smile.

"My gift?" Liuli had an inexplicable feeling, and she suddenly trembled as she could sense a familiar aura being emitted from these two heavily-armored guards. Her eyes brimmed with tears.

The two heavily armored guards received Long Yi's tacit signal, and accompanied by a flash of blue light, the heavy armor they wore disappeared, and Bifei and Xiaomi whose eyes were similarly filled with tears appeared in front of everyone.

"Aunt Bifei, Xiaomi…"


These three people, although they were master and servants, were very close. These three mermaids hugged each other and cried.

Long Yi happily stood at one side while touching his sour nose. No matter the race, familial affection was always an irreplaceable existence, and it was also the reason why the intelligent creatures were intelligent creatures. The most important thing was that they all had rich feelings.

At this moment, Yamei and Sinjate remembered the horrible disaster their Clam Clan had suffered through and thought of their clansmen who had died tragic deaths. Tears streamed down their cheeks. The eyes of Karl were also red, and his heart was full of forlorn emotions.

After a long time, the three women calmed down. Then, Bifei kept asking about how Liuli had fared while they had been separated. She never even said a single word about the sufferings she and Xiaomi had suffered through these past days.

"Well, it's good that everyone is fine. Now, the most pressing matter is leaving this Land of Holy Spirit as quickly as possible," Long Yi said.

Then, the group of seven people quickly disappeared into the horizon of this wilderness overgrown with weeds.

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