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“Is that true, father?! It’s really okay for me to go to the royal castle’s evening party?”

“Yeah…seems like all the young ladies of the aristocrats between the ages 15 and 19 were invited to this evening party. Apparently, it's to find the marriage partner for Duke Henry Magnaria. Maybe you too will be able to marry into money, Julia.”

I…Julia Hermiata, the Viscount's daughter, have been smiling broadly ever since I heard about the evening party in the castle. Currently 19 years old…after managing to add my name into the list of guests at the last second, I stroked my chest in relief. Viscount Hermiata is just a nameless minor aristocrat, after all.

That’s why, I don’t get many chances to be invited to an evening party of this scale. If not for the Duke Magnaria seeking a Bride, the royal castle is a place where I would never have set my feet in a lifetime. Thus, it was no surprise that my excitement naturally started to rise

“Stop it, father! Duke Magnaria is known for being graceful and accomplished in both the literary and military arts​. He's a perfect man from every perspective, who even brought triumph to the Kingdom during the war while acting as a tactician, even though he's skilled with the sword to the point of acquiring Knight's title!”

That’s right…Henry Magnaria is a Hero that everybody within the Kingdom knows about. Moreover, when it comes to his bloodline and face, no woman would leave him alone. If that kind of person can’t find a marriage partner without organising an evening party, he must have a pretty bad personality. I’m not interested in a man like that.

“I wouldn’t marry him even if he came begging with his head down. Besides, he wouldn’t even put minor aristocrat like me in his eyes.”

Looking at me, who’s refuting while pouting my mouth, up and down, father says a bit regretfully while sighing.

“Curly golden hair that you’ve inherited from your mother and purple-colored eyes like amethyst. Transparent white skin like porcelain. Raw materials shouldn’t be that bad…If only you didn’t open your mouth, I’m sure getting an engagement wouldn’t be a problem too.”

I understand that even without you telling me. Even now that I’m 19 years old, there haven’t been any romantic gossips about me.​ That’s all because there haven’t been any men who would accept my personality, that makes me unable to lie to myself. Most men are looking for obediant wives, after all.

“Don’t worry, father. I’m going to this evening party to find true love. I’m already 19…it wouldn’t be surprising for me to meet my fated person any time now. I’m sure we’re fated to meet at the royal castle, because in such a remote place like this, there is no chance of any kind of encounter.”

Hermiata peerage only has a poor fief at the edge of the Kingdom, in the remote region surrounded by the forest, where only the sheep farming is thriving. Since I’m the only daughter of the Viscount family, I must find a husband who will inherit the rank of Viscount or else we’ll have to return the title of the aristocrat to the Kingdom.

“Julia…It takes three days by carriage to reach the royal castle. I’ve asked our distant relatives, the Bourbons, to let you stay with them for 3 months before and after the evening party. Try to stay quiet as much as possible and not make any trouble.”

Stay quiet, you say?!! What exactly have I done wrong?

First groom candidate tried to marry me to obtain the rank, despite having multiple lovers. I only exposed his relationships at the public place. Well, I did gather the lovers he deceived as the proof, but the fact that they beat the shit out of him has nothing to do with me.

Next man, who possessed the rank of the Knight, with my help realised that he was romantically interested in other men and left happily while holding hands with his male lover. I only deserve to be praised for making him realise his true love.

The last groom candidate who was a civilian officer, even tried to kill me after his illegal deal with black market mechant was revealed. I managed to escape by a hair’s breadth, but if anything, I think that’s more of a feat, because if things went on, flour’s price would shoot up and many people would starve to death during the winter.

Well, all of this…means that neither of those men were my fated person.

I blew out air from my nose with anger and renewed my determination towards the oncoming evening party,

Unplanned little chapter for a novel that clickbaited me at NU…
As usual, feel free to point innaccuracies and I’ll quickly fix them.
Btw the way this chapter is only about 30% edited so keep that in mind too, I’ll edit it in one of those days.

P.s unexpectly interesting and fun read
hopefully someone will pick this up for regular releases

Title is my improvisation…..

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